Eickmeyermorgan-acer: Google chrome or chromium?00:02
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jhutchinsmorgan-acer: Somehow, even after your experience, you have a beief in a universal platform on which an application can successfully function.01:05
jhutchinsmorgan-acer: Hardware varies.  Even for the same chip from the same factory of the same manufacturer.  It varies.01:05
jhutchinsmorgan-acer: Perhaps once we get AI working well enough we will be able to write code that always works perfecty on ALL hardware platforms.01:06
jhutchinsmorgan-acer: I doubt it.01:06
jhutchinsI've told clients "'fixed' is expensive enough.  There's no way you can afford 'why'".01:07
sowsonhello, do you know why amd instinct mi25 gpu does not work with latest and previous drivers on ubuntu server? The amdgpu is blacklisted in modules. Do you know how to enable it? When I install and remove from blacklist a lot of errors are in dmsg like related with firware. This machine is in Azure Cloud. Can someone help me?02:26
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Guest73they stamp https://singlelogin.me as library of the world ... . congrats to all author ... .03:06
morgan-acerjhutchins, i appreciate your statement about Fixed and Why.03:19
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BillingMeSoftlywhy does firefox not start all of a sudden?03:46
BillingMeSoftlyI run strace on it, and find that it gets stuck waiting in loops of  "futex(0x557f6c1e7e08, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 0, NULL) = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)03:46
BillingMeSoftlyfutex(0x557f6c1e7e08, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 0, NULL) = 0"03:46
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akikhi, i read that rtkit-daemon's purpose is to give processes realtime scheduling privileges. how do i use it to do the same from shell?05:08
akiknow i use chrt for that purpose but i need to run chrt with sudo05:10
lotuspsychjehmm, im getting an update-manager popup the software has been updated, without having actual updates pulled neither GUI or via apt, that shouldnt be happening?05:18
lotuspsychjeon 22.04 desktop05:18
akikwow i asked bing ai the same question, and it told me to use rtkitctl05:18
akik"rtkitctl --no-privilege --activate-cmd='chrt -r -p 99 %p' --deactivate-cmd='chrt -r -p 0 %p' -p 1234"05:19
akikso as not needing me to run chrt or schedtool with sudo05:20
akikbing ai's suggestion for rtkitctl was a total failure. the command doesn't even have those options :)05:46
matrixyit must not be that smart05:52
|8lurry|hi, me using ubuntu 22 LTS. I am trying to set the pin entry app for gpg-agent to pinentry-tty. it seems to be not working, i did update-alternatives --config pinentry06:21
|8lurry|any suggestions06:21
eax_Blurry: what's your gpg agent06:28
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bluejaypophello, i just did a fresh install of ubuntu 22.04 LTS on a lenovo thinkpad x1 nano gen 2, and my screen is flickering randomly, it seems something is not ok with the video drivers or some kernel bug, is this a reported bug already?07:32
lotuspsychjebluejaypop: wich kernel version are you on currently?07:33
bluejaypop5.19.0-35-generic #36~22.04.1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Feb 17 15:17:25 UTC 2 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:33
lotuspsychjethe intel flickering bug should not occur anymore on 5.19, so we can rule that one out bluejaypop07:34
lotuspsychjebluejaypop: check sudo lshw -C video to see if driver picked up?07:34
akiklotuspsychje: what is the intel flickering bug?07:36
lotuspsychjedriver seems to be loaded07:37
lotuspsychjeakik: bug #195819107:37
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1958191 in linux-hwe-5.19 (Ubuntu) "[i915] Screen flickering in Ubuntu 22.04 (until i915.enable_dc=0 intel_idle.max_cstate=2 are added) (fixed in 5.17.7 and later)" [High, Fix Released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/195819107:37
akikwhen i had some issues with the intel graphics, i changed from the modesetting xorg driver to the intel xorg driver07:37
akiknever looked back07:37
bluejaypopok, let me try07:38
lotuspsychjebluejaypop: your flickering would need a deeper investigation07:38
akikbut this was on my old acer i3 laptop07:38
akikyou have a brand spanking new x1 :)07:38
bluejaypopyeah :)07:38
bluejaypop[  463.120512] thinkpad_acpi: unhandled HKEY event 0x131a ... [  463.120522] thinkpad_acpi: please report the conditions when this event happened to ibm-acpi-devel@lists.sourceforge.net07:41
bluejaypopwell.. same is happening even that I added i915.enable_dc=0 intel_idle.max_cstate=2 in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT07:46
lotuspsychjebluejaypop: on 5.19 thats not needed anymore07:47
bluejaypopoh, gotcha07:47
lotuspsychjebluejaypop: maybe its lenovo only related, you could try a bios/firmware update07:48
akikbluejaypop: there's this kernel parameter acpi_osi= that you could try to change07:51
akikbluejaypop: as your error message says thinkpad_acpi07:51
akikbluejaypop: https://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html07:52
akikhuh? there's a bug in the ubuntu 22.04.2 mate installer. it formats the existing 1GiB efi esp /dev/sda1 so that when mounted, it shows up as a 1MiB partition and grub-install then fails with being unable to run08:20
akikif i mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1 and mount it, it shows as 1GiB partition/filesystem08:21
akikthe ubuntu installer in uefi mode wants to use secure boot and maybe some combination made that efi esp 1MiB. not that i was able to install in uefi mode with secure boot, the problem is gone09:54
akikand i mkfs the efi esp before the installer09:54
BillingMeSoftlyHello, I'm on Kubuntu 22.10 and did an apt-get dist-upgrade in the last couple of days.  Why does firefox not start all of a sudden?10:28
BillingMeSoftlyI run strace on it, and find that it gets stuck waiting in loops of  "futex(0x557f6c1e7e08, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 0, NULL) = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)10:28
BillingMeSoftlyfutex(0x557f6c1e7e08, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 0, NULL) = 0"10:28
respawnBillingMeSoftly: use dpaste.org for more than 3 lines10:28
BillingMeSoftlythanks respawn10:29
respawntry opening in terminal10:29
BillingMeSoftlywill do going forwrad.10:29
BillingMeSoftlyrespawn: I did, it just hangs there10:29
respawnand see what error do you get10:29
BillingMeSoftlydoesn't display any info10:29
BillingMeSoftlythat's why I ran strace on it10:29
BillingMeSoftlyit just hangs at that futex() call10:29
BillingMeSoftlyand it also displays "futex(0x557f6c1e7368, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 0, {tv_sec=0, tv_nsec=100000}) = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)"10:30
BillingMeSoftlychromium also exhibits this10:30
BillingMeSoftlyI haven't run strace on chromium's startup, but it also just hangs there at the command line10:31
respawnyu upgraded from what to 22.1010:31
BillingMeSoftlyok, I just ran strace on chromium-browser, and it also hangs at a similar  futex() call10:31
BillingMeSoftlyrespawn from 22.04.  This just happened a couple of days ago10:31
BillingMeSoftlyI upgraded to 22.10 a few monhs ago though10:32
respawnhm why upgrading from 22.04 that is lts to non lts 22.1010:32
BillingMeSoftlyI mean I've been running apt-get update & apt-get dist-upgrade10:32
BillingMeSoftlyso in the lsat apt-get dist-upgrade from a few days ago, this started happening10:33
respawnyou know you have totaly fine gui update manager10:33
BillingMeSoftlyI mean I just do it from command-line10:33
respawnyou can but you did dist upgrade so it meesed it up10:34
BillingMeSoftlyyes correct10:35
respawnso if you have snapshot to return to before that happend10:35
respawnhelping some Noobs in Ubuntu Channel10:38
BillingMeSoftlyrespawn:yeah Ishould have the snapshot..how do I revert?10:45
respawnit should be in the menu snapshot app open it and return to state on date before that10:46
BillingMeSoftlyok... which app?10:46
BillingMeSoftlyI'm on kubuntu btw.10:46
respawni know10:47
respawnor systemback10:49
respawnBillingMeSoftly: https://www.google.com/search?q=kubuntu+system+restore+default&biw=1366&bih=606&sxsrf=AJOqlzVJRxPwB9pleOMEj_hhPohooK7k1w%3A1679136539546&ei=G5cVZNH4IMmJ9u8P0JGt0A8&ved=0ahUKEwiR8t-Hp-X9AhXJhP0HHdBIC_oQ4dUDCA8&uact=5&oq=kubuntu+system+restore+default&gs_lcp=Cgxnd3Mtd2l6LXNlcnAQAzIFCCEQoAEyBQghEKABOgoIABBHENYEELADOgYIABAWEB46CggAEBYQHhAPEAo6CAghEBYQHhAdOgQIIRAVOgcIIRCgARAKSgQIQRgAUMEFWIMXYLkYaAFwAHgAgAHGAYgB3wmSAQMwLjiYAQCgAQHIAQjAAQE&sclien10:50
BillingMeSoftlyok thank you respawn10:51
BillingMeSoftlyif I get a browser working, I'll look that up10:51
BillingMeSoftlyrespawn: timeshift says no snapshots found :P10:52
BillingMeSoftlyStatus : No snapshots on this device10:52
BillingMeSoftly(I just intsalled it now)10:53
BillingMeSoftlybtw will bbiab10:53
respawnor you can backup and reinstall10:53
respawn22.10 end of life is July 202310:54
respawnso better use 22.04 that is lts10:55
Unit193...So wait, the question is "How do I fix this crash?" and you're already at "reinstall"?10:57
tomreynBillingMeSoftly: have you tried to remove and reinstall firefox?11:01
respawnread up11:01
tomreyni believe i did, and it wasn't discussed, did i miss it?11:02
Unit193chromium and firefox, it's likely under it.  If they're bot snaps, perhaps something in there?11:02
Unit193Both, rather.11:02
respawnhe did upgrade from 22.04 to 22.1011:04
respawnfrom lts to non lts11:05
tomreynyes, this doesn't mean that web browsers no longer work, though, right?11:06
tomreynnot a reason to reinstall anyways, unless there is a preference for LTS and this decision was unintentional / uninformed.11:07
pickanickI'm confused by the Ubuntu documentation, there is Ubuntu Pro and Ubuntu Advantage, what is the difference?11:21
tomreyn"Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure is now rebranded to Ubuntu Pro (Infra-only). The features and price have not changed. " https://ubuntu.com/pro11:22
ubottuCanonical Ltd. is committed to the development, distribution and promotion of open source software products, and to providing tools and support to the open source community. It is the driving force behind the Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu Operating Systems. Canonical's website is at http://www.canonical.com/11:23
tomreynoh i meant to point out that these are commercial offerings and you'd best talk to their sales folks to get what you need.11:23
tomreyn'although there is a free tier11:24
Floating4Can an ubuntu box be made to strictly "forward" an internet connection to, thus becoming a WAN?  I have a stupid situation, this is an option to solve it.  Nobody supports the drivers of my NIC, just ubuntu (or flindows) so is this a reasonable thing to do?  Or what?11:32
tomreynyou can configure it as a router, optionally with NAT and port forwarding, if that's what you're asking11:34
tomreynwhich NIC does you have there?11:34
Floating4i'm not asking that tomreyn, but I tried like hell to do it11:38
Floating4its an asus xg-c100c11:38
Floating4I just want the internet connection to come in via this card, then directly out a 10G optical port on the same machine, thus becoming a passthru.... I can stick a router on the 10G optical port, then all works as I want! Sorta!11:39
tomreynso that's a bridge setup, i guess11:42
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ravageFloating4: try #networking11:43
Floating4Its as simple as a bridge tomreyn?11:44
Floating4ravage will do, thanks11:44
tomreynFloating4: well, it dpends on whether the optical network device will work in this configuration, i guess. but generally speaking this setup, if uncommon, should be possible, i would think.11:47
tomreynit's also possible that what you really lack is just an optical module / transceiver11:48
Floating4tomreyn -- I lack my wifes willingness to spend $800 on a card11:49
hiyaUbuntu non-LTS is released every 6 months but not always, how come?12:05
hiyaUbuntu LTS has a persistent 2y release cycle like Debian Stable12:06
hiyaCan someone help me understand? Why is it yearly sometimes?12:06
ravageit is never yearly12:06
hiyaoh I see the problem now12:07
hiyawhen it is time for LTS12:07
EriC^^hiya: it goes 18.04 (lts) 18.10 19.04 19.10 20.04 (lts)12:07
hiyathat is also counted12:07
hiyaLike 19.10 to 20.10 took 1y12:07
hiyaso non-LTS can be 1y gap, if LTS comes in between12:08
tomreynwell but you still don't get a full year of support12:09
tomreyn(on 19.10 in this example)12:10
hiyaso tomreyn what does a non-LTS guy do then?12:10
hiyaAfter 9 months?12:10
ravageupdate to the lts release12:10
EriC^^hiya: what's the difference between non-lts and 20.04 in that case?12:10
EriC^^you're fixating on titles12:11
hiyahehe, what if he is too stubborn and doesn't want LTS?12:11
ograthen that user needs to update every 6 months ...12:11
ravagethen you will run a release without updates and will probably have to reinstall after a while12:11
EriC^^hiya: 20.04 would have newer software than the 19.10 .. it's a "non-lts" if you want12:12
hiyaTrue, I am shocked to know that Debian is only supported for 3y vs 5y in LTS Ubuntu12:12
ograyou can pick your update stragtegy in the settings ... either LTS to LTS or non-LTS to non-LTS ... once the upgrade path you picked has a new release available it will be offered to you automatically12:12
hiyaI mean standard support + Security12:12
hiyaUbuntu LTS is solid for years now12:13
hiyaEven Ubuntu 18.04 LTS has one more month left before end of the support12:13
ravagehiya: what is your actual support question now?12:13
hiya20.04 and 22.04 has come after that12:13
ravageif you want to talk about Ubuntu in general use #ubuntu-discuss please12:13
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hiyaravage: question is why doesn't Ubuntu loan OEM kernel by default when it detects a supported certified hardware?12:14
ravageyour OEM manufacturer should do that for you12:15
hiyaEsp. when Ubuntu puts so much of work into OEM kernel and hardware certification12:15
hiyaI read about it and it is no easy process and helps whole Linux community with general component support for GNU Linux12:15
hiyamy laptop came with no OS :(12:15
hiyaWhat to do12:15
ravageinstall an OS12:16
hiyaOf course I did, latest LTS + c version of OEM kernel12:17
hiyaall the issues that were on 22.10 are slowed12:17
hiyaOne real question, does OEM kernel package auto-update?12:18
hiyalike other packages?12:18
hiyaI have no idea about it. For other topics I knew little, was just confirming12:18
ravagehiya: all packages from the ubuntu archives get updates12:20
hiyaWow. Great!12:21
pickanickIf Dell hardware can come with windows or ubuntu, but came with Windows, how to get the OEM kernel? Dell support says they only provide Windows.12:36
tomreynoem kernels are available from the default ubuntu repositories12:37
pickanickdo you mean they can be requested by apt ?12:38
tomreynbut oem iso / install images can be customized. and if you bought the windows model you probably have no access to dell's ubuntu iso.12:38
tomreynyes, you can install oem kernels using apt12:39
pickanickCorrect I did not anticipate they would say "No Ubuntu for you!"12:39
tomreynwell, they do, in terms of the ISO12:39
tomreynanother question you'll want to answer is "is the -oem kernel a better choice for my needs than the -generic / -hwe one?"12:40
pickanickHow to answer that question?12:41
pickanickWhy is there an OEM kernel?12:43
ravageto support OEM hardware12:43
pickanickAnd Dell does not put in into upstream kernel source?12:44
BluesKajHi all12:54
StupidLikeAFoxbeen looking into getting a Magic Mosue 2 working, most of what I see is about the original magic mouse13:02
StupidLikeAFoxso still no dice13:02
pickanicktomreyn and ravage, thank you for the information13:14
pickanickhttps://ubuntu.com/pro/dashboard  gives me a token for five machines.  Will this token be visible on later logins (or do I have to save it elsewhere?)13:20
pickanickAfter attaching machines  can I detach/unenroll machines from the dashboard?   Can I expire the token and get a new one if it gets compromised?13:23
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ograpickanick, the dashboard only shows what you attached, if you detach a machine locally (using "pro detach ...") or if it vanishes (because you deleted a VM) it will vanish from the dashbard too (after some expiration time) ...13:49
oehmananyone who knows when ubuntu 20.04.6 will be out for downloding?15:42
oehmangetting tired of just wating for that ubuntu 20.04.5 will be the last :P15:44
leftyfboehman: 20.04.5 is the last https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule15:46
ice9the file /etc/resolv.conf has nameserver  however I cannot ping that IP address, any idea?16:10
leftyfbice9: that mean you don't have a loopback interface. I'm surprised a lot more isn't broken for you.16:14
leftyfbice9: or you removed systemd-resolved16:14
ice9modifying "DNS=" in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf will use the defined DNS nameservers for any network connection?16:20
leftyfbice9: is this a server or desktop(with Network Manager)?16:21
ice9leftyfb, desktop16:21
leftyfbice9: then why are you messing with systemd-resolved and resolv.conf?16:21
ice9leftyfb, because I need to use Google's DNS for all connections without setting it manually in every new wifi network16:22
leftyfboh, that again16:22
leftyfbice9: why this requirement?16:23
ice9leftyfb, why do you think there are many DNS servers and people needs to use specific one of them instead of the ISP?16:23
leftyfbice9: if you could explain why you have this requirement, there might be a much easier solution to accomplish the same end goal16:24
jlucI installed a 22.04 Lubuntu16:26
jlucon a laptop16:27
jlucand connected it to a video projector16:27
jluci had to tweak the screen settings16:27
leftyfb!enter | jluc16:27
ubottujluc: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.16:27
jlucthe default installed  screen setting tool is quite basic and doesnt offer ability to state "same picture on both screen"16:28
leftyfbjluc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/MultiDisplay16:29
jlucbut enables to position them relatively, so i put them with same pixel size and position them on "top" of each other so as to see same picture on both16:29
jlucwhen i switched off and on again, without the screen projector, it kept the previous settings and i cannot work anymore (without the projector)16:30
jluci havent the lubuntu laptop here so i cant check the proposed tool16:31
jlucbut there is one ; so the community Lubuntu Multidisplay page doesnt seem right ; but i'll try to install that Arandr in case it isnt allready16:32
bigMouthCommiei'm experiencing **very high** systemd-journal cpu usage17:06
bigMouthCommieplease help17:06
bigMouthCommielaptop cores consistently 50C-60C17:06
rboxbigMouthCommie: well look at wahats being written to the log...17:07
bigMouthCommierbox: how do i find that?17:11
rboxread the journal...17:12
bigMouthCommiecan you give me a line to type into bash?17:12
bigMouthCommiecat the journal... doesn't do anything17:12
leftyfbbigMouthCommie: journalctl -f17:12
bigMouthCommiethank you leftyfb17:12
bigMouthCommiejournalctl -f17:13
bigMouthCommieMar 18 13:13:19 [SYSTEMNAME] tumblerd[952442]: gst_poll_read_control: assertion 'set != NULL' failed17:13
bigMouthCommie 17:13
bigMouthCommieabout 1000 lines of that17:14
leftyfbok, kill tumblerd17:14
bigMouthCommie... whats it do? like... what am i killing?17:14
leftyfbbigMouthCommie: it seems to be part of the "tumbler" package which is "D-Bus thumbnailing service" which isn't installed by default17:15
leftyfbbigMouthCommie: try sudo killall tumblerd17:16
leftyfbyou might have to install killall17:16
bigMouthCommiewell then it's kill -9: no more cpu time17:16
leftyfbbigMouthCommie: sure, if you can get the PID of tumblerd, that will also work17:17
bigMouthCommiethanx leftyfb17:17
bigMouthCommiei have obstinately refused to learn systemd ever since everyone started implementing it (including debian?!)17:18
leftyfbbigMouthCommie: your issue had nothing to do with systemd and everything to do with an application doing bad things to your system and filling up logs17:19
bigMouthCommieleftyfb: right, but familiarity with systemd would have let me diagnose it as you did.17:20
bigMouthCommiecores pulled back to 33C. that's nice.17:21
iseneI need to list directories AND certain file types in a directory (e.g. .pdf and .png AND all directories - including . and ..) How?17:29
rboxisene: find command17:31
isene... forgot: Using ls17:31
rboxso round peg square hole instead of doing it correctly17:31
rboxhave fun17:31
iseneSnide comment received. Got an actual answer?17:32
rboxyes... use find17:32
leftyfbisene: ls -R and egrep with some regex17:33
iseneleftyfb: Thanks17:33
leftyfbisene: you're writing a small script, most of which can be replaced with the find command that was already suggested17:34
leftyfbisene: why the "ls" requirement?17:34
iseneBecause I'm already using that in my ruby script and want as few dependencies as possible17:37
rboxcalling system binaries from a programming langauge17:37
rboxtahts the ultimate round peg square hole17:38
leftyfbisene: https://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.6.3/libdoc/find/rdoc/Find.html17:38
fede_hi, I want configure (with network manager) a vpn pptp on ubuntu 22.04, but when I add new vpn there is'nt this profile in the option. how can i do for find this option? I have just installed from apt-get install command the pptpd packet18:16
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bluejaypophello guys, akik, lotuspsychje, this solved my problem with the flickering in lenovo x1 nano gen2 with ubuntu 22.04 latest kernel: https://askubuntu.com/a/137696321:08
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bray90820So in my app launcher there is an app called hello and for the life of me I can't find the .desktop file associated with it23:04
bray90820Anyone know a way I can actually find it?23:04
rboxdid you look in /usr/share/applications and ~/.local23:05
Sven_vBhi :) in focal, how can I measure the fragmentation of an ext3 file system while it's mounted?23:05
rboxtune2fs maybe?23:05
Sven_vBthanks, I'll check its man page.23:06
bray90820rbox: Yes23:07
bray90820It's not in ether23:07
Sven_vBcan't find anything about measuring in man tune2fs. it just says that reserved blocks help reduce fragmentation.23:07
rboxi think there are XDG variables which can tell it to searhc in other directories23:07
bray90820Oh nevermind I found it23:08
bray90820Thanks for the help23:08
Floating4can anyone explain the distinction between NetworkManager and setting up a bridge in /etc/networking/interfaces ?  I cant make sense of this.23:19
Floating4They seem to do the same thing, so why are they both there, and which should I be using?23:19
matsamannetworkmanager is a big gui/backend system for ... managing your network23:21
matsamanI believe you can do bridging with it23:21
Floating4Argh... like MSFT having a gui and a command line?23:21
matsamanum, well23:22
matsamanI mean a config file isn't quite a commandline, but sure, kinda23:22
matsamanyou have a networking stack23:22
Floating4does network manager affect the slash interfaces stuff?23:22
matsamanand it can handle bridging23:22
matsamanand networkmanager is just a big manager for helping people manage many networking things23:22
matsamanFloating4: I forget. I wouldn't think it would alter that file but it might read it and make its own version somewehre23:23
rboxthe interfaces file is an alternateive to using network manager23:23
rboxor network manager is an alternative to using the interfaces file23:23
matsamannetworkmanager would be better than a custom hardcoded config when you want to change your setup frequently and/or arbitrarily23:23
Floating4argh... and if they are both configured?  It made more sense from matsaman lol23:23
matsamanor if your wireless config is just a complicated mess23:23
Floating4I see... I will stick with network manager... thanks folks23:24
matsamanyou should choose either manually configuring yourself or using networkmanager23:24
matsamannot both23:24
matsamanit has some significant GUI deps in general, but not for ordinary Ubuntu, which already has them23:25
Floating4Hey matsaman and rbox -- I have a bridge with 2 NICs attached, both are connected, and the pc downstream is getting an IP -- is this the expected result? I thought somehow passthru meant the IP was passed along downstream23:38
rboxits bridging the traffic23:38
rboxso the downstream pc sends out a dhcp request23:39
rboxit gets bridged to the server23:39
rboxand vice versa23:39
rboxthe ip of the device hosting the bridge is irrelvent23:39
Floating4rbox ok understood, many thanks - I have the built in ethernet NIC... I wanted to make it a "management nic" so I can remote desktop into the machine, how do I keep that NIC isolated?23:42
Floating4rbox - I have 3 NICs - WAN in, WAN out (bridge) <-- PCI cards, and motherboard NIC23:43
Floating4WAN in and WAN out are doing what I want, can the other NIC be isolated and be ONLY for management?  This box is right at the WAN and I dont want it to be a hackers best bud23:44
rboxyou can configure any nics you want as whatever you want23:51
Floating4rbox nmcli wouldnt work, what is the mechanism for restricting internet, ufw?23:54
rboxwhat do you mean "restricting internet"23:55
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