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youngbin_Hello, I'm thinking about adding UbuCon Asia 2023 on https://events.canonical.com/ I think Community Conferences category should be suitable for UbuCons?03:15
Bashing-omyoungbin_: UWN had picked up the notice. See: https://ubottu.com/y/uwnprep - Meet with full approval or suggestions to edit ?03:33
youngbin_<Bashing-om> "youngbin: UWN had picked up..." <- Hi, sorry i couldn't fully understand. Should i check if the ubucon part looks good and let you know?  03:41
Bashing-omyoungbin_: Yes - Give you the opportunity to make any edits :D03:43
youngbin_Bashing-om: Got it :) I'll check and put edit suggestion if ther's anything to modify :)03:44
Bashing-omyoungbin_: Great - We make up the final tommorrow. 03:45
youngbin_<Bashing-om> "youngbin: Great - We make up the..." <- Just added some edit suggestions. thanks :)03:56
Bashing-omyoungbin_: Looking :D03:58
Bashing-omyoungbin_: Will make the release as you have it :D // And good that you corrected the "hold" tense.04:01
guiverc(page https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-community-team altered so it points to libera & has webchat option; it still had freenode)23:12

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