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Rajputwhat is inside third party software while ubuntu-mate install21:52
sixwheeledbeastthey are additional third party packages 22:06
guivercA Ubuntu-MATE install will include only packages from Ubuntu repositories; MATE being a flavor includes packages from 'universe' (Ubuntu Desktop/Server does not)22:06
sixwheeledbeastusually stuff like mp3, graphics and wifi drivers22:07
JanCbasically stuff that is not open source and/or has patent issues in some places22:20
tomreynin case there are any channel ops here - you might want to  /mode +b *!~YukioMish@*.bredband.tele2.se$##fix_your_connection23:34
tomreynsee the longer "channel ban" explanation at https://libera.chat/guides/channelmodes for details23:34

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