penguin42right, lets see; backup restore works, VM reboots, mail is flowing, whatelse...13:33
daftykinsooh are you doing a migration today as well? i just moved a Nextcloud instance with many users but only 16 GB data13:36
zxmpiwow... that'd fit on my dumb nokia 3310 :-)13:37
penguin42daftykins: I've just finished my VM migration from bytemark to mythic13:39
daftykinsah haaa13:39
penguin42daftykins: I'm seeing Nextcloud pop up in public - there's a chemist near me where the advertising signage sometimes flashes up a Nextcloud page13:45
daftykinsooh i spy a user using his personal macbook on an EOL macOS release to access company resources, tut tut13:45
daftykinsoh interesting, it really is a cool platform for sharing data between users without surrendering to subscription services13:45
penguin42I don't know where they're actually running the service13:46
daftykinsyeah i can't think how that'd help signage really13:46
daftykinsauto play a gallery of images provided via a share maybe13:47
daftykinsi've seen companies, such as my own vets, playing youtube videos on loop - you can see the quality degrade throughout the day13:47
daftykinswhy they didn't just get the source video i don't know13:47
penguin42do they end up getting adverts as well?13:48
daftykinsnot that i recall, but of course things do change regularly on that... for quite some time Guernsey was a kind of ad-free zone because nobody was paying to advertise here13:49
penguin42oh nice13:49
daftykinslately though, if i use android based official YouTube i get adverts from my local power company, a watch/jewellery shop and telcos13:49
daftykinsi.e. places that my router based / browsed addon based blocking don't help13:49
penguin42ublock seems to stop most youtube ads here13:51
daftykinsyeah perfect when on desktop13:52
daftykinsi'm thinking of phone + my lounge nvidia shield on the TV13:53
daftykinshmm this naughty IP is at Reading University, so that narrows down who it is for me :D13:56
penguin42tsk, Northerners13:58
daftykinsnot native at all, i can tell you that13:59
daftykinsthis one had been talking about having 20+ years of experience working with data in R and SQL databases and yet his work seemed to be the product of browsing stackoverflow posts xD14:01
daftykinshe also couldn't work out how to reference data file paths even when given the equivalent root directories to a network share14:02

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