Floating4rbox - sorta like a switch has a management console, I would like the motherboard NIC to act that way, just for access to the machine, nothing else00:15
Floating4similar... https://superuser.com/questions/305844/is-it-possible-to-permanently-disable-internet-access-under-ubuntu00:17
Floating4sorry wrong link00:18
Floating4what if I set the network gateway on the nic to something bogus?00:19
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tomreynFloating4: if you're familiar with network diagrams, you could draw your intended setup here https://app.diagrams.net/ and share it.02:42
tomreynalso discuss whether you actually want a GUI or a shell / terminal is sufficient02:43
pickanickI'm interested in the gnome disk utility feature of testing I/O of connected drives including USB flash drives.  Is there a special package that does that? Or what's the apt package name of the GNOME disk utility? I'm in KDE (Kubuntu) and would have to install it separately, as I am unaware of the KDE equivalent.03:13
Floating4tomreyn I managed to make it work, I just gave the "management" nic a bogus gateway so it can resolve internal but not external.  Not ideal but open to other ways to ensure no internet leak can happen on that nic03:19
Floating4tomreyn I'm basically going to call this my DMZ now03:20
akikpickanick: google says it's gnome-disk-utility03:28
arraybolt3pickanick: This isn't ideal, but you might be able to do something similar using `dd` on the command line. Something like "cd /path/to/USB_Drive; dd if=/dev/zero of=./test.img bs=4M count=256" and that will write a 1 GB file to the drive. dd should tell you the speed statistics when it finishes. There's probably a more ideal way of doing that, especially since that's liable to be thrown off by disk caching, but that's maybe a possible03:29
arraybolt3starting point.03:29
arraybolt3Adding "oflag=direct" to the above dd command might give you more accurate results.03:31
pickanickBased on my recollection of writing .iso to USB by dd, dd does appear to report write speed to cache, being fast initially then slowing down... aha thank you for the oflag=direct suggestion.03:32
pickanickDon't know if there are any Ubuntu release devs around, but I noticed that the checksums internal to the .iso file are md5sums ... I thought md5 was no longer considered a secure verification by itself.03:35
arraybolt3The md5 checking is only for *integrity* checking, and md5 is pretty good for that still. And it's a secondary check - there are sha256 checks that are supposed to be used as a primary check.03:36
arraybolt3For the on-ISO hashes, security isn't a concern - a malicious actor could just change the checksums if they wanted to. The ISOs have SHA256SUMS files distributed alongside them, and those files are detach-signed with an additional SHA256SUMS.gpg file.03:37
arraybolt3So if you need to do a really thorough check, you download all three, use GPG to verify the SHA256SUMS file, then use sha256sum to verify the ISO file. I always do that.03:37
arraybolt3The md5 sums are handy for if you flash a good ISO to a flaky drive and it corrupts the data.03:38
arraybolt3pickanick: btw if you find yourself downloading a lot of ISOs and constantly have to verify them, this might help: https://github.com/ArrayBolt3/vm-isotest03:40
arraybolt3It's primarily a virtualized testing tool, but it can be used as an ISO downloader.03:41
* arraybolt3 just noticed I have some serious problems in the help guide for that tool, fixing now...03:45
arraybolt3Fixed, now the instructions will actually work :P03:47
arraybolt3*should actually work, assuming I didn't make any other mistakes03:47
pickanickThanks for the suggestion and the quality check ... Always so nice when the instructions work ;)03:51
pickanickI noticed that ubuntu offers as a downloading option, zsync, which can update changed files. Is zsync smart enough to efficiently update a previous release ISO? Or just use it to download a fresh image from scratch?03:54
arraybolt3pickanick: zsync is smart enough to download just the changes from one ISO to another.03:58
arraybolt3I use it very frequently for updating daily experimental ISOs.03:58
arraybolt3However, the differences between ISOs from one *release* to another are frequently large enough that it's not really worth it - the data that can be kept is little, and the compute time needed to find the delta is large.03:59
arraybolt3It's efficient a lot of times, but from release to release, I usually download fresh.03:59
pickanickarraybolt3: great thanks05:40
pickanickIs there only one OEM kernel shared by all OEMs?06:09
rboxpickanick: huh?06:12
pickanicktomreyn: I read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/OEMKernel and it gives the impression that there are generic kernel, -hwe, -oem , so only one OEM kernel package shared by all hardware.  No OEM-Dell, OEM-Toshiba, OEM-Asus, etc.06:13
arraybolt3pickanick: From what I understand (and I could be wrong here), the OEM kernels are simply a method of getting a newer kernel on an older version of Ubuntu before HWE provides a newer kernel. For instance 22.04 started with kernel 5.15, but kernel 5.17 was available as an OEM kernel.06:19
arraybolt3Such a kernel may be useful for equipment manufacturers who are distributing cutting-edge hardware that may not work well (or at all) with the older kernel.06:19
arraybolt3I believe that yes, all OEMs use the same kernel, since the function of the OEM kernel is to provide newer kernels early.06:19
arraybolt3(I may be misunderstanding here, if so someone please correct me.)06:19
arraybolt3I see there are several other features of OEM kernels, so I didn't get everything right in the above, but it does look like all OEMs use the same kernel.06:21
arraybolt3And I think I was mostly right based on the doc you linked to.06:22
arraybolt3(it is a newer kernel on an earlier release, but it's also got other "new" stuff on top, not just a newer kernel version.)06:23
pickanickarraybolt3: thank you for the confirmation and clarification.06:54
arraybolt3Glad to help!07:01
pickanickSome hardware have a BIOS option of SATA/NVMe vs RAID on.  Windows was installed by OEM with the RAID On setting. Apparently I could boot linux, (perhaps Ubuntu?) with a linux VMD driver.  In the past I've always changed to RAID off because my understanding of RAID was purely theoretical, RAID seemed to only ofterr more setup complexity, and I was fairly comfortable with having a boot drive and separate data drives. and I wasn't sure whether thre was any07:38
pickanickperformance cost to having RAID on in BIOS when one was not actually using RAID. , in the chance that one might later.07:39
pickanickQuestion: If I install (on a system with *one* drive) Ubuntu in either RAID on or SATA/NVMe, will it still run under the other setting?  [Obviously if one have multiple drives and stripes Ubuntu across drives then that won't boot when changing BIOS option to SATA/NVMe !]07:41
arraybolt3pickanick: Not sure what version of Linux you were using back then, but Ubuntu is *incompatible* with the "RAID" setting you're seeing when working with an NVMe drive.07:51
arraybolt3That "RAID" setting is Intel Rapid Storage Technology, which is... a mess. I won't get into the details (mostly because I don't know all of them since I'm not a kernel dev :P) but the Linux kernel devs really do not like some of the problems Intel RST causes with NVMe drives - and so they have chosen to not support Intel RST NVMe *at all*.07:52
pickanickwell I always would switch to SATA mode.07:52
arraybolt3Makes sense. But if you switch from SATA to RAID, Ubuntu will just fail to boot.07:53
arraybolt3(Windows can, with some fiddling, be made to switch back and forth, Ubuntu not so much so.)07:53
arraybolt3pickanick: Interesting tidbit, there actually is a patch to enable Intel RST NVMe on Ubuntu's kernel. It's used by Endless OS, so it might actually work if you switched into RAID mode.07:54
arraybolt3(You can also apply the patch to an Ubuntu kernel if you're willing to do the work.)07:54
arraybolt3(it being Endless OS in the above)07:54
pickanickoh right, that is important to know. The BIOS did advertise "Linux Kernel VMD Driver" as an alternative to Intel RST.07:55
arraybolt3That's odd, never heard of that.07:55
arraybolt3Is this an Intel 10th Gen machine?07:55
pickanickprobably ?07:57
pickanickmaybe 11 actually07:58
arraybolt3Hmm. Yeah, no clue there. I see a vmd.c file in the Linux kernel.07:58
pickanickI do too ;)07:59
pickanickhttps://www.kernelconfig.io/config_vmd which may not be relevant as it says "CONFIG_VMD is not available for the default architecture x86."  nevertheless has the comment "Adds support for the Intel Volume Management Device (VMD). VMD is a secondary PCI host bridge that allows PCI Express root ports, and devices attached to them, to be removed from the default PCI domain and placed within the VMD domain. This provides more bus resources than are otherwise possible08:02
pickanickwith a single domain.08:02
pickanickI dont have the hardware expertise to know whether it's a significant advantage.08:06
pickanickarraybolt3: it sounds like RST and VMD are separate technologies and drivers, does that match your impression?08:07
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ice9on optimus laptop, if I chose nvidia prop driver; after login it shows a blank screen10:28
sofachillaxhello, im encountering random freezes on xorg with 100% cpu load using nvidia version 525 on gtx 960, i still got ssh acces though.10:35
sofachillax1 core is at 100% load10:35
Guest7028https://allods.com/ guys try this a new free game from Lord Jesus Christ10:47
Guest7028is so nice10:47
zaggynlat least fix your certificate mr christ10:50
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sebastieni am in Lubuntu, why my scroll barr is hidden on lxqt terminal ?11:52
lotuspsychjesebastien: can you screenshot that, and wich lubuntu release does that happen on?11:53
sebastienqterminal 0.1711:59
sebastienhow to show scroll barr ?11:59
sebastienhow to display the scrollbar?12:02
sebastienwhere i can change the color of the scrollbar ? (qterminal, lxqt, lubuntu)12:07
lotuspsychjesebastien: looks like its theme related to me, maybe try out some visual tweaks on your lubuntu settings12:12
lotuspsychjesebastien: this is what i get when installing qterminal 0.17 ontop gnome; https://imgur.com/a/xAfIary12:13
sebastienlotuspychje: basic theme linux12:13
sebastieni have breeze !12:15
sebastienand when i click fusion, i have the scroll !12:16
lotuspsychjesebastien: https://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/customize-the-lxqt-desktop/12:16
sebastienthanks !12:18
sebastienso i use fusion to show...12:20
sebastiengood day12:26
ice99systemd resolved is not same as resolvconf?12:39
BluesKajHi all13:01
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WeeBeyHi! I would like to set my pymouth theme back to default. Should I just reinstall plymouth-theme-ubuntu? or edit plymouth.default?14:17
premkumari cann't copy/paste and create a folder in linux mint emergency please help any one14:20
WeeBeycopy paste text or files?14:22
lotuspsychje!mint | premkumar14:22
ubottupremkumar: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/14:22
premkumarfile brother14:22
premkumari don't know brother ubottu14:24
premkumari am in emergency sutition14:24
premkumarplease help14:25
lotuspsychjepremkumar: we can only support Ubuntu and its flavours here14:30
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lotuspsychjeanyone else getting a system is up to date update-manager popup when no updates have been running neither gui or via apt, on jammy desktop?14:51
BluesKajlotuspsychje, does gnome have "unattended updates" installed by default ?15:04
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: well ive checked /var/log/dpkg logs and no new packages installed15:05
BluesKajok, it's installed on kde/plasma by default for security packages15:06
lotuspsychjei checked apt, and got 2 packages that are upgradeable, but then update-manager should say there are updates, instead of system is up to date15:06
BluesKajwell, unattended means automatic update without notification afaik15:07
lotuspsychjeindeed, but they would show in dpkg logs then15:08
BluesKajI haven't checked the logs :-)15:09
lotuspsychjeill keep an eye on it15:11
evertoni am just installed ubuntu studio 22.0415:28
evertonbrowsers cant launch15:28
evertonit is a mistake??15:28
litera53everton, try to open a terminal and start the browser from there firefox<tab> or chromium or others15:29
litera53and see what it writes.15:29
evertonlitera in pvt i paste15:33
litera53everton, i don't take privates, please use Pastes to https://paste.ubuntu.com/ for pasting and link here so that anyone can try to help --- i don't know you have an issue with your snap version of firefox and its modules.15:38
evertoni cannot paste15:38
litera53if you need a working browser quickly try to install epiphany or falkon, apt-get install falkon - someone else might help you with that firefox snap15:39
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:42
jhutchinsHm.  I know there's a non-browser method of creating an on-line paste, but I haven't made a note of it.15:45
jhutchinsAh, here it is: echo <blah> |nc termbin.com 999916:02
jhutchinsYou can also use pastebinit, but that requires installation.16:02
WeeBeyI just accidentally did rm -r folder/*16:08
WeeBeyand nuked the current working directory16:08
arraybolt3WeeBey: A directory with important info I assume?16:09
respawndont use random commands16:09
arraybolt3If so, you're probably going to need PhotoRec at this point.16:09
arraybolt3WeeBey: First thing to do would be to shut down the computer entirely before you accidentally overwrite what's left of the data.16:09
leftyfbWeeBey: restore from backup16:09
WeeBeyarraybolt3: Yes. Stuff I didn't want to delete.  I was using autocomplete and it was a mistake.16:09
arraybolt3WeeBey: OK. If you don't have backups, turn off the computer now and boot from a live USB. The sooner you do, the better.16:10
arraybolt3PhotoRec can attempt to reconstruct the deleted data from what's left on the disk, but the OS may overwrite that stuff if it's still on and doing things.16:10
WeeBeyah dang it.16:10
WeeBeyThat suuuuuuuuucks16:10
arraybolt3rm is permanent. There's no undo button.16:10
WeeBeyyes. I'm aware. it was a mistake. I've been using the terminal for like a decade. It was just a slip for the fingers really.16:11
arraybolt3I've done that before. It's... yeah. Sorry that happened.16:11
WeeBeylol that's so silly. Photorec sounds interesting. let me have a look.16:11
arraybolt3It's available in Ubuntu, however it can't scan a mounted drive so you will need a live USB to use it.16:12
arraybolt3Once in the live USB, you can do "sudo apt update && sudo apt install testdisk" to install it in the live environment.16:12
leftyfbWeeBey: the longer you run your pc and the more you write and delete (logs, etc) the less likely you are to recover anything. Even then it's not guaranteed16:12
fede_hi with wich command can I start a just configured vpn?16:13
arraybolt3fede_: Depends on what VPN you're using. ProtonVPN? Wireguard? OpenVPN?16:13
mvnspeak rus??16:13
arraybolt3Something different entirely?16:13
arraybolt3!rs | mvn16:13
ubottumvn: Molimo udjite u #ubuntu-rs za pomoc u vezi sa Ubuntuom na srpskom jeziku.16:13
leftyfb!ru | mvn16:13
ubottumvn: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:13
fede_pptp vpn16:13
WeeBeyleftyfb: yea... </316:13
WeeBeyThanks arraybolt3 ugh.16:13
leftyfbfede_: Network Manager is your best bet16:14
leftyfbfede_: other than that, nmcli16:14
* arraybolt3 makes a note that "rs" is not the language code for Russion16:14
fede_arraybolt3: I have tried to start the connection with Network Manager, but it tell me can't connect without any seggestion to find the problem, I have think to start the connection with terminal for see the details of failure16:17
WeeBeywould testdisk work on an encrypted drive?16:19
jhutchinsWeeBey: Encrypted drive with zero backups?16:20
WeeBeyjhutchins: Yes? haha16:20
WeeBeyOk, so this is a VM that I was using for some media editing stuff cos of I needed to install so many apps and libs that I didn't want to mess up my own underlying system.16:21
arraybolt3WeeBey: Yes, actually.16:21
arraybolt3You have to use cryptsetup to get access to the encrypted container.16:21
arraybolt3But then you can use PhotoRec on the mapped device.16:21
arraybolt3(LUKS works by making a "container" on your drive that then holds your data encrypted, You can "mount" that container without mounting the filesystem using cryptsetup.)16:21
jhutchinsWeeBey: Why was it encrypted?16:22
arraybolt3Then you can throw PhotoRec at the container and see what you get.16:22
arraybolt3jhutchins: They probably encrypted it intentionally with LVM + encryption, which Ubuntu gives you the option of doing.16:22
arraybolt3WeeBey: You may have to get into the LVM volumes first if you used LVM+encryption. Can't remember the commands to do that off the top of my head, but it's doable.16:23
WeeBeyAh boy.16:23
WeeBeyThansk for the help arraybolt316:24
jhutchinsarraybolt3: Well, yeah, I doubt anybody encrypts stuff accidentally.16:24
WeeBeyI like encrypting and testing things16:24
WeeBeyI do it on VMs so I don't mess up my own system. Then sure, i forgot and was using the VM for other stuff.16:25
jhutchinsWeeBey: Once you get things stabilised again, one of the great features of VMs is that you can take a snapshot of the virtual hard drives and save those as backup.16:25
jhutchinsStorage is cheap these days.16:25
WeeBeyjhutchins: yep. Amazing if I had one. haha. Like I said, it was a silly slip that has never happened before. i was just typing too fast to free up space.16:26
WeeBeyand oh boy did i free up space.16:26
jhutchinsWeeBey: Well, I once deleted the contents of a commercial muti-site web server, so it's not like you're the only one.  You have my sympathy.16:27
WeeBeyjhutchins: ooof. This was personal stuff and not critical just crappy. I can't imagine THAT stress.16:28
jhutchinsExperience is proportionate to data destroyed.16:28
WeeBeyWell. I would say that now I should make a snapshot but... it's kinda sad to make a backup of an empty drive16:29
WeeBeyThis is my command: rm -r clang+llvm-15.0.5-x86_64-linux-gnu-ubuntu-18.04/*16:30
WeeBeywait no. this one rm clang+llvm-15.0.5-x86_64-linux-gnu-ubuntu-18.04 *16:31
WeeBeyWell, lesson learned. Thanks fellas. But I will definitely have a look at that testdisk app. looks interesting. Maybe i'll snapshot then try that application in case i mess something else up.16:32
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:51
teomondinaI would like to connect my PC through the LAN home network to the smart TV as I did in Windows16:53
teomondinaI've tried them all16:54
jhutchinsteomondina: What application did you use in Windows?17:00
teomondinaI no longer use windows 1017:02
teomondinaNow I use Lubunto17:02
teomondinaI was using Windows to share video files from an external HD17:04
teomondinaI tried to use SAMBA, but I failed17:06
teomondinajhutchins, However, I would like to thank you for your interest17:07
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WeeBeyI just remembered. I do have a backup. It's inside a cloned disk copy that i made a month ago using dd ! It's possible to mount this bit-by-bit copy and access my file, right?17:48
WeeBeyI'm seeing answers that say yes, but they reference a dd copy of a partition not the entire disk.17:48
ravageWeeBey: if it is a single partition you can use mount -o loop17:49
WeeBeyravage: yeah, that's the info that I was seeing. But it's the full drive.17:50
ravageif you image has multiple partitions you can use kpartx for examle17:50
ravagesudo kpartx -av disk_image.raw17:50
ravageand then something like: sudo mount /dev/mapper/loop0p2 /mnt17:50
ravageafter umount also do kpartx -d disk_image.raw17:51
ravageto remove the loop devices17:51
WeeBeyHmm. that's interesting. I had not heard of this.17:51
WeeBeyI appreciate the help.17:51
code105is Exploiting Tool TheFatRat safe to use and download from github ?17:59
oerhekscode105, not supported here. so we can say anything18:01
oerheksyou better look for pentesting channels18:02
WeeBeyravage: another question... is it possible to mount these .img files from DD on a VM (Vbox or Vmware)?18:05
ravageif your virt. solution supports to add disk images as storage devices then ye18:05
WeeBeyravage: hmm. I'll look into this. Thanks !18:06
code105Newbie Question , there's an antivirus for ubnutu ? if yes what is the best one ?18:19
oerheksthere are scanners, but pretty useless.18:19
ubottuAn "antivirus" is primarily a concept from the Windows ecosystem and usually a program like that is not needed on Linux because the threat model is different. Malware on Linux does exist, however. Google up "rkhunter" and "linux intrusion detection systems". Also look up !clamav18:20
code105How to install tar.gz file18:23
oerheksseriously, you could not find that answer?18:23
rboxstep 1 read the instructions18:23
oerheksseems like we are doing your homework?18:24
code105Is newbie Questions now allowed here?18:24
jhutchinscode105: You don't.18:24
WeeBeyah boy. Im reading that I gotta convert my 1tb dd img file. Ugh. Nope. Data gone.18:25
jhutchinscode105: A tar.gz file is just compressed data. It can be one or more files or folders.18:25
oerheksquestions are allowed, but you should investigate the web first.18:25
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jhutchinsWeeBey: Convert it to what?18:30
WeeBeyjhutchins: some vm-readable format. Suggested using qmu to turn to vmdk etc.18:38
code105I'm sign in as a root - But when i open the Disk of System (C) , I can't do any action to files or folders like move - copy - cut - remove !18:40
EriC^^code105: signed in to where as root? typically the root account is locked in ubuntu18:45
oerhekssudo -i # gives a session as root, but if your system is RO read only, one cannot do anything.18:47
Macwinnerhi, i see openssl 3.0.8 is latest patch release18:53
Macwinnerbut my system version is 3.0.2?18:53
rboxMacwinner: and?18:53
tomreyn!latest | Macwinner18:54
ubottuMacwinner: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.18:54
Macwinnerhaving some issues across cluster of servers.. lots of troubleshooting leading to theory maybe we are facing some weird vulneratbility with haproxy and libssl.. just shot in dark.18:54
Macwinnersorry, super vague.. have tried lots of different things18:55
Macwinnergoing to eliminate a openssl issue by building haproxy against latest patch release18:55
tomreynyou're welcome to ask again once you have details you can share.18:57
oerheksopenssl 3.07 release date feb 7, jammy version https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssl/3.0.2-0ubuntu1.8 https://www.openssl.org/news/openssl-3.0-notes.html18:58
oerheksyour are patched ...18:58
oerhekssee cve numbers18:58
oerheksMacwinner, ^^18:58
oerheksversion numbering is not equal, so i understand the confusion18:59
Macwinnergot it18:59
Macwinnerthanks oerheks!18:59
oerhekshave fubn!18:59
oerhekserr fun19:00
Macwinnersorry for vagueness.. been a couple days of very little sleep trying to figure this out..19:01
Macwinneroerheks: if the 3.0.8 changes haven't made it into jammy, is it because the the team has not determined them to be a significant vulnerability? or just maybe timing thing?19:03
oerheksit has been made, patched.19:04
oerheksonly Lunar has the new version numbering https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssl19:04
oerhekstake a read why https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AutoStatic/PackagingVersioningScheme19:05
Macwinnerthanks.. sorry for ignorance.. we recently switched from centos to ubuntu so still getting up to speed19:05
z_ge moder19:17
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jhutchinsWhat do peope still use the PC card interface for?21:10
leftyfb!ot | jhutchins21:11
ubottujhutchins: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:11
travisghansenI have an apt source which I only want a couple packages from, currently it installed updated versions of stuff *over* official ubuntu packages which I would like to revert (purge the versions installed from the 3rd party repo and ensure official versions are installed). Also I would like to pin/prevent any further updates from that repo except for21:14
travisghansenthe specific packages I allow. Is this possible and if so how? Thanks in advance!21:14
travisghansenthe instructions floating around on the internet seems to be pretty hacky things and generally don't instill a lot of confidence in the desired outcome :(21:15
rbox"seem hacky"?21:16
rboxapt pinning is how to do it...21:16
travisghansenyeah, really random scripts piping through 4 or 5 things etc...I don't want to *purge* the packages, I want to make sure the packages are there but installed from ubuntu repos21:19
travisghansenif I pin is there an apt command that I can use to 'downgrade' to the proper repos?21:20
rboxjust set the pin and reinstall the pacakge21:20
rboxdoing a dist-upgrade shoudl get them to the correct version21:21
travisghansenlemme see if I can get a pin configuration that does what I want then and try a dist-upgrade21:23
webchat52hi everyone i'm effe21:29
webchat52i've a problem a few minutes ago..open a video file with the standard video player on ubuntu crash and then the folder disappear but with the terminal i can see the folder and the video file!21:30
oerheksubuntu crashed on a video file?21:33
rboxlike dave matthews? crash... in to me... yeah...21:34
oerheksubuntu or just the videoplayer?21:35
oerhekswebchat52, ??21:39
z_Helllo everyone! Does anyone know how to write a bash script which would loop if either no input is given or too many inputs are given?21:48
z_Say I have this command: nmap some-ip-here -p 1-99999 | awk "/\/tcp/" | cut -d/ -f121:49
leftyfbz_: try asking in #bash21:49
z_how do I get there xd21:49
z_I opened this chat from ubuntu website...21:49
leftyfbz_: /join #bash21:49
z_ty let me try21:50
RajputHi all21:51
Rajputwhat is inside third party software while ubuntu-mate install21:53
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats21:54
Rajputif VLC can play everything than still we need to install codecs like things ?21:56
hiyaIs Telemetry enabled by default on Ubuntu Desktop and server systems including docker containers, kubernetes pods?21:56
oerheksno, but you still need to install dvd stuff, that is not included in VLC21:56
Rajputthanks sir21:57
oerhekshiya, yes, but manually. but it is easy to disable; ubuntu-report -f send no22:01
hiyaoerheks: But during first boot it asks you for reports to be sent to Canonical which defaults to yes, if we say no to it, it should be all, right?22:02
oerheksyou still would get the Q if a problem occurs, to send it.22:02
hiyaoerheks: so if we click yes again, telemetry is on?22:03
ravageif you enable an option.. it is usally on yes22:04
Rajputis telemetry good thing,what professional says?22:05
oerhekstin foil hats say no.22:05
oerheksit just helps detecting issues. anonymously22:06
Rajputhmm like usage date collection of users22:06
Rajputso thats why FSF/GNU recommending other distros22:08
oerheksyes, about applications on your hardware, and network/internet issues that are a problem22:08
oerheksbrowsers do this too...22:08
RajputWhile Ubuntu offers many features, there are also many privacy issues people are concerned about.22:09
ravageRajput: you can discuss any concerns your may have in #ubuntu-discuss22:10
ravagethis is a support channel only22:10
webchat52when i said what crushed is the video player standard, and then the window manager22:10
travisghansenrbox: this really isn't working...dist-upgrade isn't re-installing from the ubuntu repos and further more it's going to remove the 1 package I *do* want from the repo (which isn't in the ubuntu repos at all)22:12
webchat52called "file" hide one folder where i was attempt to open a video file..sorry, thanks a lot and good job byez22:12
oerhekstravisghansen, without details what repo you added, it is hard to tell what to do to reverse.22:13
oerheks' generally'  rbox is right22:13
oerheksoh pop-os .. they add very special stuff to ubuntu, hard to reverse. and using some of their packages is questionable22:17
ravageburn that installation. start fresh. dont add unsupportted PPAs22:17
leftyfbtravisghansen: if you added the pop-os repo and did updates, you are not longer running ubuntu22:18
oerheksand kernel 6.2 .. not supported here, yet.22:18
leftyfbnor pop-os22:18
travisghansenI'm not interested in flame wars, I need the power package and only have 10-15 pop-os packages22:18
leftyfbtravisghansen: reinstall ubuntu22:18
oerheksagain; using some of their packages is questionable..22:18
travisghansenI rarely use ubuntu/apt-based distros22:19
leftyfbtravisghansen: it's not a flame war, adding the pop-os repo installs half the OS over Ubuntu, but leave out just enough to make a complete mess22:19
=== maygic is now known as maygic23
leftyfbtravisghansen: you have a broken OS now22:19
travisghansenthat's utter bullshit, it's a server and has only minimal packages installed...forget it's pop os, how do I get apt/dpkg to (re)install the ubuntu versions for the 10 packages I don't want22:20
ravageplease watch your language22:20
oerhekstravisghansen, with kernel 6.2?22:21
leftyfbtravisghansen: remove the pop-os and try to: sudo apt install --reinstall <package:verson> # for every package, finding the version by looking through apt-cache policy <package> for each version22:22
travisghansenI still have 5.15..and yes I would like that gone as well. I don't get how coming from pop-os repo matters vs the kernel generic ppa22:22
travisghansenleftyfb: lemme give that a try real quick and see what I get22:22
leftyfbtravisghansen: because the kernel came from pop-os22:22
ravageif it is a minimal server install a reinstall should not take longer than 30 minutes22:22
oerheksjammy + HWE gives 5.19 ..22:22
travisghansenravage: I have my reasons to not want to re-install..22:23
leftyfbtravisghansen: at this point, you have a mess of an OS, as much as you assume otherwise. Trying to fix it is going to take more effort and time than just a reinstall of Ubuntu22:23
ravagegood luck :)22:23
leftyfbtravisghansen: and note, you're basically outside the type of support typically given here with unsupported core packages and kernel installed22:23
travisghansenit's basic package management features, I'm not asking for support for kernel 6.2 or any other garbage actually installed by the repo22:27
hiyaravage: but if we said no on first boot, why does it ask again and again about reporting?22:29
ravagenot sure what you mean by again and again22:30
oerheksyou still would get the Q if a problem occurs, to send it.22:31
oerhekseven when you say no22:31
oerheksdisable whoopsie22:31
hiyaoerheks: but if we say yes for this specific problem, would it enable telemetry?22:32
oerheksno. it sends just that one time.22:32
leftyfbtravisghansen: ( for i in `apt list --installed 2>/dev/null|awk -F/ '{print $1}'`; do echo $i $(apt-cache policy $i|grep -A2 Version|tail -n1);done|grep pop-os ) | nc termbin.com 999922:33
hiyaoerheks: I can't find Telemetry page for Ubuntu, what should I search?22:33
oerheks[23:07:32] <ravage> https://ubuntu.com/legal/data-privacy/2013-03-2522:35
oerheksoops you know my timezone now22:35
arraybolt3the other link is an older version22:37
ravageoh i read 2023 before22:37
ravageyep 2013 may not be accurate anymore :)22:38
jhutchinsWhat kind of PC cards (the credit card sized ones) are supported by current versions of Ubuntu?22:43
rboxyou mean laptops from the 90s? probalby none22:44
leftyfbjhutchins: you know that's a loaded question. Why do you ask? I can think of at least half a dozen different types of "PC cards" all with their own purposes and drivers22:44
jhutchinsleftyfb: The question is whether they are still supported.22:44
jhutchinsIn Ubuntu.22:45
leftyfbjhutchins: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jammy/en/man4/pccard.4freebsd.html probably22:45
oerheksPCMCIA ?22:46
oerheksall of them, since kernel 2.4 ?22:47
jhutchinsoerheks: Isn't that more of an internal bus?22:47
jhutchinsoerheks: The ones I have are labeled "PC Card".22:47
leftyfbjhutchins: it would help if you would divulge why you want to know if PCMCIA card will work in ubuntu. They could be a modem, serial, ethernet, wifi, storage, custom interface for a device, etc22:48
oerheksIn the past, the cards were known as PCMCIA cards, but they are now referred to as PC cards22:48
leftyfbjhutchins: a model# would help22:48
jhutchinsoerheks: So none of them have been deprecated as far as you know?22:48
leftyfbjhutchins: plug them in and try them22:48
oerhekscards need to be plugged in, before boot.22:49
jhutchinsoerheks: Ok, I think the standards might have been a little different too.  PC Card may be an inclusive term.22:49
elias_aI actually tested last year if an old firewire card still works. As much as I can remember, the bus worked but firewire was not supported by the kernel anymore.22:53
elias_aReason for testing: tens of hours of HDV cassettes and the only output in the camcorder is firewire. :)22:54
oerheksit still is ....22:55
elias_aoerheks: Firewire?22:57
oerheksmaybe some cards are not supported.22:58
oerheks!find libavc139423:00
ubottuFound: libavc1394-0, libavc1394-dev, libavc1394-tools23:00
elias_aoerheks: TY. I'll check the nature of the problem tomorrow.23:01
elias_aLuckily I have several firewire cards with different chipsets...23:02
oerheksthere are changes to come .. https://www.phoronix.com/news/Linux-6.1-Staging23:03
travisghansenleftyfb: finally found a sane solution based on priority explanation spelled out here: https://gist.github.com/JPvRiel/8ae81e21ce6397a0502fedddca06850723:07
travisghansenI just set the ubuntu repos to priority 1001 and did an 'upgrade' which downgraded packages that were 'upgraded' by the pop-os repo...all clean now23:07
leftyfbtravisghansen: ( for i in `apt list --installed 2>/dev/null|awk -F/ '{print $1}'`; do echo $i $(apt-cache policy $i|grep -A2 Version|tail -n1);done|grep pop-os ) | nc termbin.com 999923:08
travisghansencommented out the priority after that as I have already lowered the priority on the pop repo23:08
leftyfbtravisghansen: that will show all the packages installed from pop-os23:08
travisghansenit seems not perfectly no: https://pastebin.com/zTXktQgr23:11
leftyfbyou definitely want to roll those back, and remove the system-76 packages23:11
travisghansenI can't remove the system76 packages..I need a functioning fan lol23:12
travisghansenthat's the whole reason I have the repo to begin with23:12
oerheksso you are not on 5.15?23:13
leftyfbtravisghansen: you'll at least need to roll back the rest including the kernel23:13
travisghansenI'll remove the remaining kernel packages and reboot shortly to 5.1523:13
travisghansenleftyfb: yeah, will do23:14
travisghansenseems to give me legit details: https://pastebin.com/mhq1NxAE23:15
leftyfbmore code and less accurate results, but sure23:16
travisghansenleftyfb: than your command? or something else?23:16
travisghansenleftyfb: your command is not valid results..so not really helpful23:17
leftyfbhow do you figure?23:17
travisghansenthe 'not perfectly' pastebin shows why23:17
travisghansenyour command give ubuntu-drivers-common in the output which as shown is *not* installed from their repo23:18
travisghansen(among others)23:18
leftyfbtravisghansen: fixed ( for i in `apt list --installed 2>/dev/null|awk -F/ '{print $1}'`; do echo $i $(apt-cache policy $i|grep -A1 -- "\*\*\*"|tail -n1);done|grep pop-os ) | nc termbin.com 999923:22
travisghansenleftyfb: those results seem sane yeah23:27
travisghansensignificantly slower than the dpkg command but if the results are better I'll keep it23:27
leftyfbit's slower because it's looping through the entire list of packages23:28
EriC^^travisghansen: if interested https://github.com/ericj112/ppa-tool23:39
ravageEriC^^: does that work randomly added sources?23:40
EriC^^yeah, that was the whole idea of making it cause ppa-purge only used to work with launchpad23:41
leftyfbEriC^^: damn, even accounted for added repo's that are commented out23:42
leftyfbEriC^^: very nice code, albeit a bit pythony ;)23:43
EriC^^total amateur coder here, just getting it done type stuff :)23:43
hiyaCan I share the post I wrote about choosing Debian or Ubuntu here?23:43
ravageEriC^^: i get "Error: ppa list file doesn't exist, try apt-get update first" for all my PPAs23:44
leftyfbhiya: try #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic23:44
leftyfbEriC^^: hm, yep, same her23:44
EriC^^ravage: i wonder if the ppa's are added straight to the soruces.list ? i remember it only looking at .list files23:45
leftyfbthey're not23:45
leftyfbI can dig into it more a bit later, gonna get back to not doing this type of stuff before I actually have to do some planned maintenance at 11pm tonight23:46
EriC^^ravage: getting same thing here, wonder what's changed23:49
ravagemaybe it cant handle the new signed-by flags in the list files?23:50
ravageok. its not "new" but the last script update also was a while back :)23:50
ForeverNoob[m]Hi, FS went RO, rebooted and was met with this:23:52
ravageEriC^^: ppa list file /var/lib/apt/lists/https:__apt.syncthing.net_dists_syncthing_stable_*_Packages doesn't exist23:52
* ForeverNoob[m] uploaded an image: (3892KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/aennsefNmTEcRdMujQNoeTrK/20230320_003646_3294930677515730742_20230320003854.jpg >23:52
ForeverNoob[m]I can't clone my drive right now. Is it safe to run fsck manually like it says?23:52
ravagei added $i to the output. i guess we have to look at those cut commands a little deeper23:52
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: I would run a SMART test before doing anything.23:53
EriC^^ravage: it's cause of the https23:53
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: and then take a backup if you don't have one23:53
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: and THEN try an fsck23:53
oerheksfsck -f /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root23:54
ForeverNoob[m]leftyfb: aren't SMART tests notoriously unreliable on SSDs?23:54
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: I don't know about notoriously23:54
oerheksseems like bionic, support ends soon23:55
leftyfbend of April23:55
oerhekswhy would smart be unreliable?23:56
ForeverNoob[m]Yeah was about to upgrade :(23:56
oerheksas studio switched to KDE, do a fresh install23:57
ForeverNoob[m]It was my understanding that SMART was more a thing for spinning drives. Because of SSD controllers that would give unreliable representation of things.23:57
ForeverNoob[m]OK so there's a Mac near me. I can try to flash a USB stick with sysrescuecd or something in order to do a SMART test.23:59

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