ahoneybun[m]I updated my blog link on https://planet.ubuntu.com/ but it seems to still be pointing to something NSFW...12:30
ahoneybun[m]Not sure what's going on there.12:30
arraybolt3[m]And I added my blog there and nothing is showing up from it. I think probably whatever handles the linked blogs broke or died.14:59
oerheksarraybolt3[m], url?15:00
arraybolt3[m]Blog is at https://arraybolt3.substack.com/, place where it should show up but doesn't is https://planet.ubuntu.com/15:01
arraybolt3[m](Yes I linked an RSS feed, not just the main link.)15:02
arraybolt3Oh wow and now I've shrunk the text in Konversation to be unreadable. :-/15:03
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