hallynstgraber: i'd like to push the (version-fixed) lxc 5.0.2 package in my ppa:serge-hallyn/jammy to lunar.  Would you want to take a look at it before I do that?  I'd then like to backpro that, or a 5.0.3 if you release it, to jammy.01:34
hallyn(been waiting on backporting, even though container starts are broken, because of the static library issue, which now is fixed)01:34
stgraberhallyn: go ahead, I'll take care of importing that into the packaging repo once it's done but I'm sure you've tested it more than I would ;)01:51
hallynok, thanks.02:00
nteodosioAnyone who would like to sponsor this simple patch in bug 2007568?11:46
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Bug 2007568 in vsmartcard (Ubuntu) "vicc results in modules not found" [Critical, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200756811:46
seb128nteodosio, uploaded, I' ve just tweaked the changelog to include the lp: # bug reference and let a line between the entries in the changelog which is the standard formatting11:53
nteodosioI see, thanks seb128!11:53
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ubottubdmurray, kanashiro, rbasak, seb128, sil2100, teward, utkarsh2102: DMB ping19:02
hallynenr0n: (since you pushed the last few updates to systemd pkg) i'm intending to open a bug (with debdiff) to add libsystemd.a in libsystemd-dev, as in https://pastebin.com/QPfzSQzL  .  Do you yourself have objections to that?19:10
enr0nhallyn: I guess I don't see a problem with it in principle, but I am curious what the motivation for this is. In particular why do you think it needs to be SRU'd to jammy?19:19
hallynOh - while I *would* like it SRU'd to jammy eventually, I would only push it for lunar right now :)  jammy was just the ppa version I had built (a few months ago) for testing19:30
hallynsorry, what i showed in the diff there was just to show how minimal it is, it isn't hte debdiff i woudl post with the launchpad bug19:31
arraybolt3Silly question, but *why* do we not have the Beta Freeze Wiki page linked to in the release schedule? All the other freezes have links to their documentation, and the lack of an easy Beta Freeze link tripped me up when I was being interviewed to become a Lubuntu Developer (thankfully it wasn't enough to throw me too far off course).19:31
enr0nhallyn: Oh okay, I think it would be fine to ship in lunar19:33
bdmurrayarraybolt3: I'll fix it thanks20:07
hallynenr0n: ok, thanks, i'll probably post something tonight, else tomorrow20:20
bdmurrayI've fixed Lunar and the template20:24
danilogondolfoHi there. May I ask someone to run this test for me, please? https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/request.cgi?release=lunar&arch=s390x&package=flake8-import-order&trigger=pycodestyle/2.10.0-1&trigger=flake8-import-order/0.18.2-1&trigger=python-flake8/5.0.4-423:23
mwhudsondanilogondolfo: done23:29
danilogondolfomwhudson, thanks!23:29

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