rbasakI'm still on leave and so I'd appreciate if someone else could chair please19:01
seb128who is around?19:02
tewardseb128: *burps*19:03
seb128k, let's get started, I can try to chair19:03
seb128#startmeeting Developer Membership Board19:03
meetingologyMeeting started at 19:03:50 UTC.  The chair is seb128.  Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology19:03
meetingologyAvailable commands: action, commands, idea, info, link, nick19:03
seb128#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/Agenda19:04
seb128#topic PPU Applications19:04
seb128#subtopic Andrea Righi19:04
tewardcan i make a note first19:05
tewardif we want to have applications we need to have easy links to their applications, possibly even as part of the agenda page.  because sometimes emails doesn't show those links (i.e. junkmail thanks to how mailing lists work)19:05
tewardthat's all just something to make a note of forward in the process19:06
seb128#links https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndreaRighi/DkmsUploadApplication19:06
seb128for Andrea's one, but yes I think have the reference on the agenda section would make sense19:06
seb128arighi, hey, you are around?19:07
arighiseb128, yes, hi everyone19:07
seb128arighi, could you start by maybe introducing yourself?19:07
arighiMy name is Andrea and I am a member of the Ubuntu kernel team since 2019, my primary focus has been on kernel development / kernel packaging and, as a part of the team, I maintain the Ubuntu development kernels19:08
arighiI'm applying to get dkms upload rights so that we can speed up the release of new kernels in Ubuntu, since often new kernels are blocked by dkms fixes that need to be sponsored19:09
rbasakI see you have a pile of sponsored uploads for DKMS build fixes. Thank you for that work!19:09
arighiand also because of personal interest of contributing more in Ubuntu :)19:09
seb128so do we have questions for arighi?19:11
seb128it's quite an impressive list of uploads on the wikipage19:11
rbasakarighi: are there times when it might be inappropriate to upload DKMS fixes to the development release?19:11
kanashiro[m]sorry for the question, but someone could tell me which packages are part of the DKMS package set?19:11
rbasakkanashiro[m]: https://ubuntu-archive-team.ubuntu.com/packagesets/lunar/kernel-dkms19:12
rbasak(and similar for older series)19:12
arighirbasak, yes, after feature freeze it would be quite inappropriate to upload dkms fixes19:12
kanashiro[m]rbasak thanks19:12
rbasakarighi: what freeze applies to Lunar at the moment, and where can you find that information?19:12
arighirbasak, for lunar we can find all the relevant information about the release schedule here: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/lunar-lobster-release-schedule/2728419:13
rbasakarighi: great, thanks. And do you know where to find the rules that determine what is and isn't permitted during feature freeze?19:14
arighirules are reported in the wiki, for example feature freeze: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze19:15
rbasakNote that I think most DKMS packages fixes would be permitted during feature freeze.19:15
arighiyeah, dkms are following a bit the kernel release, since they are still pieces of kernel in practice :)19:16
rbasakAnd DKMS package build fixes for DKMS packages that are in universe would also be acceptable to be uploaded after final freeze.19:16
rbasak(in universe and also unseeded I mean)19:16
rbasakDetails here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FinalFreeze19:16
rbasakOK, final question from me: to fix packages in the stable release, where is the process and policy documentation?19:17
arighirbasak, packages in the stable releas follow the SRU process, that is documented here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates19:17
rbasakPerfect. That's all my questions. Thank you!19:18
kanashiro[m]no question from me, rbasak already covered what I had in mind19:19
tewardno questions from me19:19
seb128I've one question19:20
seb128arighi, taking a recent example of upload you did, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/librem-ec-acpi/+bug/2009511 you wrote19:21
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Launchpad bug 2009511 in librem-ec-acpi (Ubuntu Lunar) "librem-ec-acpi-dkms FTBS with linux 6.2" [Undecided, Fix Released]19:21
seb128> [ resync with Debian is not really needed to support linux 6.2, but it's better to keep this package aligned ]19:21
seb128which is true19:21
seb128but it seems your added a delta which wasn't forwarded to Debian (unless I'm checking the wrong place), any reason it was not forwarded to keep the package in sync?19:21
seb128https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?repeatmerged=no&src=librem-ec-acpi is empty and salsa doesn't have recent commits nor open merge requests19:23
arighiin this particular case I think I opted for the resync + patches to support 6.2 on top, because the upstream code was carrying also some fixes19:23
seb128any reason you didn't forward your debdiff to the BTS?19:23
seb128one part of the change at least is in debian/ so could probably benefit them and reduce our merge work19:24
arighino specific reason, except that I got distracted by other high-priority tasks, it would have been better to send the debdiff upstream indeed :)19:24
seb128alright, thanks19:24
seb128no other question from me19:25
arighiusuall I try to fix in debian and then request a resync when possible19:25
arighithat means less work for us :)19:25
seb128k, maybe I just got unlucky in the example I picked in your uploads, sorry about that!19:25
seb128anyone else still having a question?19:25
utkarsh2102none from me.19:25
arighiseb128, no problem, it was actually a good question19:25
utkarsh2102I hope my messages are visible this time?19:26
utkarsh2102Can someone on the IRC side confirm?19:26
tewardstop breaking your client utkarsh2102 ;)19:26
rbasakI don't think it's a requirement for upload rights for this packageset, but do you know how to bring forward an Ubuntu delta to a newer Debian or upstream version should that be necessary?19:26
seb128utkarsh2102, :)19:26
utkarsh2102lmao :P19:26
arighiutkarsh2102, I can see your messages :)19:26
utkarsh2102super, thanks all19:26
rbasakAh it looks like you've done that before eg. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/librem-ec-acpi/0.9.1-4ubuntu119:27
rbasakNever mind!19:27
seb128#vote Andrea Righi to get upload rights for the DKMS packageset19:28
meetingologyPlease vote on: Andrea Righi to get upload rights for the DKMS packageset19:28
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, -1 or +0 in channel (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1|-1|+0 #channelname')19:28
meetingology+1 received from seb12819:28
meetingology+1 received from kanashiro[m]19:28
arighirbasak, in some packages we carry specific ubuntu patches (usually in debian/patches), when we move to a new Debian / upstream version we usually need to re-apply our patches (to provide certain specific ubuntu features for example) - not sure if this is what you were asking19:28
utkarsh2102+1, very happy with the work. Keep it up!19:28
meetingology+1, very happy with the work. Keep it up! received from utkarsh210219:28
rbasak+1 excellent track record of DKMS fixes, and good endorsements from relevant people. Thank you for your contributions!19:28
meetingology+1 excellent track record of DKMS fixes, and good endorsements from relevant people. Thank you for your contributions! received from rbasak19:28
rbasakI have one request for DKMS fix SRUs: please could you make sure to be explicit in a Test Plan in the SRU documentation which kernels the updated package will be tested against? For example in LP: #1981993 the SRU documentation didn't state it, but it looks like multiple kernels were tested in the end anyway. I think SRUs would have less chance of getting blocked on review if this was explicitly19:28
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Launchpad bug 1981993 in r8125 (Ubuntu Kinetic) "r8125-dkms fails to build on kinetic with latest kernel 5.19" [Undecided, Fix Released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/198199319:28
arighirbasak, ok, got i, I'll make my test plan more explicit19:29
utkarsh2102teward: there?19:30
meetingology+1 received from bdmurray19:30
meetingology+1 received from teward19:30
tewardhad to type from my phone, irccloud froze on my computer19:30
meetingologyVoting ended on: Andrea Righi to get upload rights for the DKMS packageset19:30
meetingologyVotes for: 6, Votes against: 0, Abstentions: 019:30
meetingologyMotion carried19:30
seb128arighi, congratulations!19:30
arighithank you for your time!19:31
utkarsh2102teward: tch tch, stop breaking your client :P19:31
seb128#action seb128 to send the mail about arighi 's approval19:31
meetingologyACTION: seb128 to send the mail about arighi 's approval19:31
sil2100Sorry for being late o/19:31
utkarsh2102arighi: yay, congratulations!19:31
utkarsh2102sil2100: o/19:31
seb128k, so we are just on mid meeting mark and we said we would try to reduce the backlog by reviewing Amin's application if we had time19:31
arighiutkarsh2102, thanks!19:31
seb128so let's care on19:31
seb128#topic Ubuntu Contributing Developers Applications19:32
seb128#subtopic Amin Bandali (bandali)19:32
seb128bandali, hey Amin, do you want to introduce yourself?19:32
seb128#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/bandali/contributing-developer-application19:32
seb128sil2100, hey Lukasz :-)19:33
bandalihey seb128, sure :) i'm Amin Bandali (or just bandali), and i'm part of the Desktop Team at Canonical since November 2022. i work mainly on the maintenance of Ubuntu's firefox packages (both deb and snap), as well as increasingly some other parts of Ubuntu (and its desktop)19:33
bandalioh, and hi everyone else too! thanks for considering my application today :)19:33
seb128is anyone having questions for Amin?19:35
seb128no question from me at least19:36
seb128so, who is still around, can you state question/no question?19:37
seb128bdmurray, kanashiro, sil2100, teward, utkarsh2102 ?19:37
rbasakThat's what I think we need to consider for this application19:38
sil2100bandali: quick question: how was your +1 maintenance rotation? How did it go? Did you have more than one?19:38
rbasak"have demonstrated significant and sustained contributions in the area of UbuntuDevelopment" is the only real criterion I think.19:38
sil2100bandali: and hope you want to participate in the next ones!19:38
bandalihey sil2100, so far i've only done one rotation, but i do indeed hope and plan to participate in more of them going into the future :) i think as my first one, it was pretty good19:39
bandalii felt there wasn't too much work i could do in that particular week, but i did unblock a few packages and forwarded fixes to Debian and upstream projects19:39
bandali(per bottom of https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2023-February/042457.html)19:39
sil2100Thanks o/19:40
bandalicheers =)19:40
sil2100No further questions from me19:40
rbasakbandali: the earliest work I see is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tiff/4.4.0-5ubuntu1 from 2022-11-2319:40
rbasakDo you have any earlier examples than that?19:40
bandalirbasak, i believe that would indeed be my very first [sponsored] upload/work in ubuntu19:40
bandalii did participate a bit in debian circa 2020 (and am doing more of it now as well)19:41
rbasakI think your examples demonstrate significant contributions - thank you for that!19:41
bandalithank you for kind words rbasak19:41
bandali*your kind words19:41
kanashiro[m]no question from me19:42
rbasakThere is a requirement for "sustained" though, and the usual rule of thumb historically is six months or so AIUI.19:42
rbasakI think I would be very happy to +1 your application for contributing developer if you had the track record you do, and had sustained it for six months.19:42
seb128I feel like that rule-of-thumb could be mentioned on the wiki19:42
seb128as a side comment19:42
bandalioh? i wasn't aware of a particular minimum time length. and fwiw i do plan on sustaining my contributions going into the future, per my application :) but i understand where you're coming from, thanks19:43
seb128it would be a valuable hint for applicants19:43
seb128any else having questions there?19:44
rbasakYeah agreed.19:44
rbasakIt's mentioned at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember19:44
rbasakWhich is sort of what contributing developer is, specifically via the Ubuntu development route.19:44
seb128ah, right19:44
rbasakSorry, I definitely agree the documentation and written guidance could be better there.19:45
seb128should we vote or does that mean the application is technically invalid?19:45
rbasakbandali's contributions do look excellent though, and if he continues to sustain his existing work, I'd definitely be +1 at six months.19:45
rbasakIt's not technically invalid at all.19:45
seb128sorry I'm still new on the board and it's partially my fault for now realizing that Amin should have waited a bit more to apply19:46
rbasakExceptions are at our discretion, AIUI.19:46
seb128k, so let's vote19:46
meetingologyPlease vote on:19:46
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, -1 or +0 in channel (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1|-1|+0 #channelname')19:46
meetingologyRemoving item from minutes: LINK19:46
rbasakI'm not sure I have a good reason for an exception in this case though, sorry.19:46
seb128#vote Amin Bandali application for Ubuntu Contributing Developer19:46
meetingologyPlease vote on: Amin Bandali application for Ubuntu Contributing Developer19:46
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, -1 or +0 in channel (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1|-1|+0 #channelname')19:46
rbasakBut I do want to emphasize that I'm basically automatically a +1 at six months unless bandali suddenly stops contributing or disappears or something :)19:47
seb128+1 even if the it has been a bit less than the usual period I've confidence that Amin isn't going to vanish and he's going to keep contributing19:47
meetingology+1 even if the it has been a bit less than the usual period I've confidence that Amin isn't going to vanish and he's going to keep contributing received from seb12819:47
rbasak-1 for reasons above, but please keep up the good work and you'll have an automatic +1 from me soon!19:47
meetingology-1 for reasons above, but please keep up the good work and you'll have an automatic +1 from me soon! received from rbasak19:47
kanashiro[m]+1, it seems to me that the 6 months is a recommendation and not a requirement, Amin has a good track of work and I believe he will keep it up the good work19:48
meetingology+1, it seems to me that the 6 months is a recommendation and not a requirement, Amin has a good track of work and I believe he will keep it up the good work received from kanashiro[m]19:48
meetingology+1 received from bdmurray19:49
seb128utkarsh2102, sil2100, teward ?19:49
meetingology+1 received from teward19:49
tewardreasons are already stated by everyone and i'm still typing via phone so lazy19:49
meetingology+1 received from utkarsh210219:50
seb128sil2100, one minute if you want to vote still?19:51
meetingology+1 received from sil210019:51
meetingologyVoting ended on: Amin Bandali application for Ubuntu Contributing Developer19:51
meetingologyVotes for: 6, Votes against: 1, Abstentions: 019:51
meetingologyMotion carried19:51
rbasakCongratulations bandali!19:51
seb128thanks everyone19:51
seb128bandali, congrats!19:51
bandalimy apologies about the minimum time length; i'd indeed missed that. but thank you very much to all of you folks, really appreciate it :)19:51
bandalithanks seb128 rbasak (et. al) :)19:52
seb128#action seb128 to announce bandali's being accepted as an Ubuntu Contributing Developer19:52
meetingologyACTION: seb128 to announce bandali's being accepted as an Ubuntu Contributing Developer19:52
seb128#topic Review of previous action items19:52
rbasakNo problem, and apologies it's not better documented! I'll edit the wiki at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers#ContribDev now.19:52
seb128rbasak, thanks!19:53
seb128teward follow up to get all application process wiki/docs to explain the process to be able to edit wiki pages, for applicants who don't yet have wiki edit access19:53
tewardthat's continually held over19:53
seb128teward, should that be carried over again?19:53
tewardbecause there's never enough cycles19:53
seb128right, I know the feeling19:53
seb128#topic Outstanding mailing list requests to assign19:53
teward(and that's not a "task" problem that's just everyone has a ton to do)19:53
bandalirbasak, thank you, and np :) coincidentally, helping improve the general state of ubuntu's docs is one of the contributions i'm hoping to make going into the future19:53
seb128I don't think there is anything pending from the list19:54
seb128oh, I forgot that one19:54
seb128#topic Vote on Keeping IRC meetings moving19:54
seb128are we ready to vote on that?19:55
seb128let's give it a try19:55
rbasakI think we got five +1s via the ML19:55
rbasakSo I think it might be considered done and agreed already, unless others object?19:56
rbasakI can take an action to document it.19:56
seb128#action rbasak to document the Keeping IRC meetings moving decision19:56
meetingologyACTION: rbasak to document the Keeping IRC meetings moving decision19:56
seb128rbasak, thanks19:56
seb128#topic Open TB bugs19:56
seb128no bug in the list19:56
seb128#topic AOB19:57
utkarsh2102good and super meeting!19:57
utkarsh2102everyone around, too19:57
tewardupdate the wiki to say "please include a link to your application as well"19:57
seb128teward, yes?19:57
tewardas i mentioned earlier19:57
sil2100+1 on that19:57
seb128ack, I can do that19:57
seb128#action seb128 to update the wiki to ask for an url to the application19:58
meetingologyACTION: seb128 to update the wiki to ask for an url to the application19:58
seb128anything else?19:58
tewardbut that's more an easy housekeeping request/task/ask ;)19:58
tewardnope i'm good19:58
tewardi actually have to disappear (hard stop!) for a meeting at DAYJOB so19:58
seb128alright, that's a wrap just on time then, thanks everyone!19:58
meetingologyMeeting ended at 19:58:58 UTC.  Minutes at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2023/ubuntu-meeting.2023-03-20-19.03.moin.txt19:58
rbasakThank you for chairing seb128!19:58
kanashiro[m]thanks for chairing seb12819:59
sil2100Thanks seb128 !19:59
EickmeyerI'll never live up to the amount of greatness I saw today.19:59
bandalithank you all again so much :)20:04

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