jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: Mostly the SSDs just don't have the smart capability and will report that if you try to enable it.00:00
oerheksNever had issues with ssd+smart00:03
oerhekswhite spots are issues of the past, too.00:04
jhutchinsoerheks: Some do, some don't.  True of the spinneys as well.00:09
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ForeverNoob[m]What the hell the thing doesn't even have USB ports??? What is this toy?00:24
ForeverNoob[m]OK so can a forced fsck result in permanent data loss?00:27
oerheksif those files are unrecoverable, yes.00:27
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: with a failing drive, being powered on can result in permanent data loss00:27
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: this is why I suggested a backup before an fsck00:28
leftyfbunless you don't care about the data, then have at it00:28
ForeverNoob[m]I very much care about the data :(00:28
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: not enough to have a backup00:29
ForeverNoob[m]I do have a backup, but it is not recent enough.00:29
ForeverNoob[m]But wouldn't making a backup also jeopardize it?00:30
leftyfbnot more than an fsck00:30
leftyfbI would use ddrescue00:31
ForeverNoob[m]Good point.00:32
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garrettkajmowiczI have a Ubuntu 20.04 LTS instance which runs KDE with a home directory mounted over NFS. I'm currently across the US and my attempts to bring up a desktop are mostly-ineffective. After typing in username/password I've waited nearly an hour without much happening visually.02:45
rboxsounds liek the nfs mount is stale02:46
garrettkajmowiczI've done a tcpdump and looked at the NFS ops ongoing. After the first minute or so it seems to mostly be ACCESS and GETATTR calls for the same sets of files like .Xauthority .local and share.02:46
garrettkajmowiczTo my knowledge, I've not disabled any of the NFS attribute caches or anything on the mount, so stuff should Just Work.02:48
garrettkajmowiczIs there any way to get a log of what's going on to trigger this?02:52
rboxdmegs sometimes shows nfs errors02:53
highratehello just recently started making use a of a new vps, i'm having trouble with apt-get, for example,  'apt-get install locate', wont work, as with everything.  see: https://pastebin.com/jZPVPQFj03:10
rboxyour sources.list is bad03:11
rboxhence the errors you are getting03:11
highratei checked it03:11
highratelooks normal..03:11
rboxlooks like 20.10 is EOL03:12
rboxby a long shot03:12
highrateso thats why?03:12
ravageReinstall with 22.0403:12
rboxwell it's not helping03:12
highratepreetty standard sources.list03:14
highratethe box hasn't been modified since its creation03:14
ravageYour Ubuntu version is not supported anymore03:14
rboxwhat kind of garbage vps provider is giving you 20.10 in the year 2023...03:14
highratei kinda remember this  happening since i first used it03:14
highratewell i had it for 2 years03:14
rboxyou said 'new vps'03:14
highratewell, new, cause i havnt used it much03:15
rboxwell then its not new03:15
highrateguess i'll get some stuff backed up and try a newer ubuntu03:15
ravagePlease use 22.0403:15
garrettkajmowiczrbox: There aren't any NFS errors. It's just slow, presumably because the speed of light is finite. But that doesn't explain why KDE et al. are triggering filesystem permission reads to make progress.03:19
highratesurprisingly fast i have 22.04 now in the vps03:31
highratesame problem03:31
ravagetry "sudo apt update" first03:33
highratewell that worked03:34
highrateon the previous distro i used 'apt-get update'03:34
highratewhich is the same.. ?03:35
ravagesame thing03:35
highratewell thanks03:35
AzendaleDoes anyone know of a tutorial or how to for migrating an ubuntu system without full disk encryption to having full disk encryption? I thought I could figure it out myself, but no passphrase prompt happens on boot.03:39
ravagei dont think there is an easy way to do it03:40
ravagefastest way is to backup your files and reinstall03:40
AzendaleI have done it before by moving files with rsync -avx --numeric-ids and updating fstab, crypttab, update-initramfs -u -k all, and grub chroot install method. But that was maybe 3-4 year ago.03:43
ravageright. as i said there is no easy wa03:44
CeeClearOllo. Can anyone help me to fix a issue after a os upgrade ???03:44
ravage!ask | CeeClear03:45
ubottuCeeClear: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:45
CeeClearSo upgraded to ubunto 20. Now Whenever I click on a photo to view, instead of imgviewer It tries to open it thru WINE.03:47
CeeClearThank you Ravage for the tip03:55
CeeClearmy Wine shortcuts no longer work when I click on them. How would I fix this04:00
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tango0oops... my extension manager broken on ubuntu 22.04 (x11) and whether it occured probolem due to [https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-desktop-portal-gnome/+bug/2008165] ?05:45
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2008165 in xdg-desktop-portal-gnome (Ubuntu) "GTK apps take ~25 seconds to load in lunar Wayland sessions" [High, Fix Released]05:45
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spectrWhat the GPT AI said after booting Ubuntu in it's own virtual net memory? <GPT> time to generate and overflow a ubuntu questions and answers forum it's seems.07:21
iomari891greetings, is there any way to tell if my remote server has a monitor attached?08:38
alkisgiomari891: does it have xorg or wayland running? Or is it plain terminal-based?08:51
Linnak_Hi, I had to install Windows to an SSD because I needed to use a software for my car. I swapped SSD1(Ubuntu) from hard drive bay 1 to SSD2(Windows) there was a NTFS formatted SSD3 in the laptop second hard drive bay the whole time. I use this drive for data only. Maybe I should format this drive exfat next time.After I swapped the Ubuntu SSD back the web browser, qbittorrent can't write on the data disk anymore. What caused this problem?09:11
geirhaLinnak_: could be it wasn't unmounted properly last time it was mounted (either by windows or ubuntu), and is now getting mounted in readonly mode09:15
guivercdid your windows have fastboot/hibernate active/on?   it may have left the data drive 'open' (ie. in an unclean state) thus Ubuntu will detect that & to protect data on it allow read access only (this is a guess from your description; you gave no release details)09:15
UndrWaterLinnak_: perhaps it was remapped? sd(a|b|c)?09:15
Linnak_guiverc, I swap the disks and check it.09:16
guivercwhen mounted in Ubuntu (as RW) I'd expect to see details as to unclean state & thus RW gets flipped RO as proof...  ie. read logs for clues...09:18
iomari891alkisg: terminal-based09:20
Linnak_guiverc, Yes, Windows fast startup was activated. I deactivated it. Problem solved. Thank you.09:22
guiverc:)  you're most welcome09:23
alkisgiomari891: see my answer in #linux half an hour ago09:29
iomari891alkisg: Thanks. However, it shows connected even on servers with no monitor.09:46
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fede_hi how can find the issue of my vpn pptp that not connecting witouth any message that explain it?10:37
czgI initially want to submit a bug in ubuntu about 'integrity: Problem loading X.509 certificate -65'(but it says go here first). Here is my question https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1129471#c18, could anyone give some help?11:27
czgI recently upgrade from 20 to 22, the problem happened11:27
-ubottu:#ubuntu- bugzilla.opensuse.org bug 1129471 in openSUSE Tumbleweed "kernel 5.0.1-1-default: Problem loading X.509 certificate -65" [Normal, Resolved: Wontfix]11:27
czgSo does ‘Wontfix’ mean the bug left to merge Joey Lee's patch or solve in the future and11:31
czgaccidentally enter...11:32
czgI can ignore this possible security problem11:32
czg[7:32:05 PM] <czg> accidentally enter...11:35
czg[7:32:05 PM] <czg> I can ignore this possible security problem11:35
czgaccidentally press enter...11:35
czgso does it mean I can ignore this possible security problem?11:35
vltHello. On Ubuntu 22.04 I put "@mygroup hard nproc 500" to /etc/security/limits.conf, logged in as a user in mygroup but could easily create 1500 simultaneous processes. How do I apply the security settings?12:17
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BluesKajHi all12:54
SnakesAndStuff /window close13:20
oerheksOwner_, Owner__  Owner___ ??14:34
pickanickWhat does the Ubuntu installer do when choosing quiick format ? Does it issue TRIM on the drive or partitions when empty?14:48
pickanickI wonder what is the command line equivalent of quick format (or is it quick erase, I cannot remember)14:49
oerheksquick format is just setting the index to 0, full format is filling every bit with 014:50
oerheksindex and shadow copy index14:50
kalilinuxhii friends14:53
kalilinuxgood morning14:53
oerhekshi kalilinux, do you have an ubuntu support question?14:54
kalilinuxactually i am using ubuntu 2014:55
kalilinuxmy username is kalilinux14:55
kalilinuxbcoz its looks cool14:55
kalilinuxthe question is14:56
kalilinuxbest browser for ubuntu low end pc14:57
oerheksI guess firefox?14:57
jhutchinsWhat about some of the lighter weight alternatives?14:59
jhutchinsFirefox is a bit of a hog, as are chrome and opera.14:59
oerheksthere are tons of reviews, https://itsfoss.com/best-browsers-ubuntu-linux/ or https://cloudinfrastructureservices.co.uk/top-10-best-ubuntu-browsers-linux-list/ .. i still go for firefox, with 4 gb memory15:00
lotuspsychjefalkon browser is light15:00
arraybolt3Falkon is nice, but it's not compatible with some websites.15:05
arraybolt3I personally use Chrome everywhere :P though Chromium is actually officially supported.15:06
kalilinuxthanks oerheks! for the suggestion15:08
oerheksi removed firefox myself, just using ... oh he is gone15:09
valued-customerHi.  A while back I discussed Ubuntu failing to update through the GUI with @tomreyn and @leftyfb, and was advised to seek expert assistance when the GUI attempted to update again, in order that the error can be resolved.  The GUI reports the boot drive has insufficient space to update, however I am able to update using the terminal command update && upgrade.15:19
jhutchinsvalued-customer: So what's the problem?15:19
valued-customerToday the GUI has offered to update the software.  It will fail to update, reporting there is insufficient space.15:20
alkisgvalued-customer: what's the output of this command? (sudo lsblk -fe7; df -h) | nc termbin.com 999915:23
oerheksif the gui wanted to install a kernel on the bootdrive, and your attempt to manually update are just normal packages on a different partition, that would be logical15:23
alkisg...never mind let's continue in #linux so that valued-customer doesn't type everything twice15:24
ubottuPlease don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.15:24
valued-customer@alkisg https://termbin.com/rju315:26
Muligandoes anybody have an idea of how to set a user that logs into a system via ssh w/ldap creds to have that user's session map to /root?15:26
valued-customer@ubottu I apologize for crossposting.  I was advised to seek help on a different channel.15:26
oerheksi see no problem updating, enough space15:27
ravagemy initrd is 227M. i dont think 189 is enough for a kernel update15:29
valued-customer@oerheks That was the conclusion of @tomreyn and @leftyfb a week or so ago.  I believe there was some solution to the problem potential, and that is why I came to #linux, and then was advised to come to #ubuntu.  As that caused me to be crossposting, I am presently intent on confining my requests to #linux.  Thanks!15:30
jhutchinsvalued-customer: You have two rather obvious solutions: Use the perfectly good command line utilities to update the software, or clear space on your drive(s) to allow the cartoon interface to run.15:36
valued-customer@jhutchins I am gathering clues that I have excessive kernels(?) stored on the drive.  I think it was suggested there were 16?  I am not sure the comments were addressed to me, nor of how to interpret the output of the commands I have been told to run.15:40
oerheksnormally old kernels are removed with the next update run,..15:41
jhutchinsoerheks: Is there anything that consistently prevents that, other than a deliberate change made by a user?16:05
jhutchinsvalued-customer: Not knowing what might have been suggested before, it's pretty simple to use the console tools to remove the older kernels.  Most systems keep only the current kernel and one previous kernel in case there's a problem with the new one.16:06
jhutchinsoerheks: This problem seems to occur fairly regularly here.16:06
ograjhutchins, we ususally keep three kernels ... current, previous and always the original install kernel from the is👋image used (since that is known to have worked originally)16:12
ogratsk ...16:12
ogra*from the iso or image used16:12
ograremoval is managed on a apt level and autoremove should always clean up in case that did not happen automatically ...16:13
valued-customer@jhutchins I followed advice to run a purge command and a great many files were removed.  https://paste.debian.net/1274705/16:14
jhutchinsvalued-customer: That's another good suggestion, apt autoremove should clean up the older kernels. automatically.16:14
jhutchinsvalued-customer: How does the free space look now? df -h should show free space.16:15
valued-customerHowever, an error message persisted on the desktop stating boot had 0 bytes available.  I have since successfully used the update && upgrade command.16:15
valued-customer@jhutchins I ran the command and a long list of drives comes up.  I don't see on labeled 'boot'.16:16
valued-customer@jhutchins | to termbin gave me https://termbin.com/qio616:17
valued-customerDespite the desktop error message stating I have only 0 bytes on 'boot', I understand the 'boot' drive to actually contain 189M?16:18
alkisgvalued-customer: cross-posting once is OK, ping-pong-posting is a bit tiresome :)16:19
alkisgTo help the others here, the boot partition of valued-customer is:16:20
alkisg  /dev/nvme0n1p2             704M  464M  189M  72% /boot16:20
alkisgAnd the initramfs size is: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 221709200 Mar 20 08:46 initrd.img-5.15.0-67-generic16:20
alkisgSo if you add the kernel to the mix, the /boot partition can only fit 2 kernels/initramfs16:20
alkisgThe suggestion I gave them in #linux was to decrease the efi size and increase the boot size (they have an encrypted partition after that)16:21
alkisgvalued-customer: if you decide to post your problem in yet another channel, please also send that ^ information to help them there16:21
jhutchinsThis is why you should not partition your drive unless you know what you're doing.16:22
ograwell, depends when you installed and how ... we used to enforce separate boot for quite some time when encryption was enabled ...16:22
valued-customer@alkisg I am not intending to crosspost.  I came here because I was directed here, and Jhutchins responded here, and not on #linux.16:23
ogra(an at that time also with the paradigm "500MB should enough for everyone" 😛 ... (the initrd was below 100MB at that times))16:24
oerheksif you have 0 bytes, then the boot partition is RO16:25
oerheksmount # would show this.16:25
JoelI went through the above recently. My advice is to bite the bullet, buy a new disk, and move over to it with a better partition layout.16:26
JoelYou don't have to buy a new disk, but every day storage gets cheaper and cheaper, so why not16:26
oerheksalso, autoremove would give an error16:26
oerheksso, your story is inconsistent.16:27
alkisgoerheks: when update-initramfs tries to create a third initramfs, the 180 MB free aren't enough, and it fails with "0 free bytes left". That doesn't mean the partition gets RO; as they are immediately freed when update-initramfs fails16:28
JoelI've never had any apt action clean up old images for me16:28
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alkisgAnyway the main point is for valued-customer to increase the boot partition size, let's not confuse them with too much information...16:29
oerheksJoel, not apt, just the gui16:29
Joelalkisg, agreed, it's the only solution16:29
oerheksalkisg, agreed, also this cross posting is not helping him either16:29
JoelThe last time I battled this I jumped to ssd on m2, can not believe what it did to boot time. mind bending.16:30
valued-customerLOL  When I came to #linux I was directed to a distro specific channel, so I came here.  I am not trying to crosspost, but am neither ignoring folks kind enough to discuss the issue.16:31
Joelvalued-customer, you're continually discussing the least important part of your problem.16:31
oerheksyou keep apologizing and keep talking there16:32
oerheksgood luck!16:32
valued-customerI assure you I am unaware of what parts of the problem are important.  I am trying to track what is being said, so I can gain understanding.  That seems advisable to me.16:32
Joelvalued-customer, I just told you it's not, but you're continuing, so I also am going to say good luck!16:33
valued-customer@joel you too16:34
akikcan somebody check what files are included in this package? linux-image-extra-virtual16:47
akikthis just shows two unrelated files https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image-extra-virtual&searchon=names&suite=kinetic&section=all16:48
akikchangelog.gz and copyright16:48
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masvjoin #termux16:57
bainuoHey everyone! I have some problem with installing the snap version of Krita... is there like a channel where I can ask for help, or can I do it here? I've been searching for this issue for like an hour now and couldn't find a solution...16:59
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rfmakik, I downloaded the package and unpacked it and in fact those two files are all that's in it (and the changelog is just a symlink to linux-image-generic's changelog.)  No idea what was ever in it, but whatever it was is gone now.17:19
ForeverNoob[m]leftyfb: what SMART test would you recommended? I'm considering doing a `smartctl -t long` but I've read it can cause strain on an already failing drive and thus permanently break it.17:28
ravageForeverNoob[m]: if you have a failing drive stop testing and start backuping17:28
vbgunzHello Ubuntu. I've been trying to configure the Prometheus snap on Ubuntu server 22.10 for much much longer than I wish to admit. It's embarrassing at this point. No changes I make work and "snap get prometheus" -> "has no configuration". How are you supposed to change a setting in the Prometheus snap?17:44
ravagevbgunz: we cannot support snaps here. please contact the developer of the snap. it should be linked on the store site of the snap17:46
ravagefrom the source code:  --config.file ${SNAP_DATA}/prometheus.yml --storage.tsdb.path=${SNAP_COMMON}/tsdb17:49
ravagein that place there should also be daemon_arguments.example you can modify as daemon_arguments17:50
akikrfm: ok thanks17:56
akikrfm: i think i don't need that after all. i was able to add a new resolution to a hyper-v vm with xrandr17:56
vbgunzthanks ravage, I appreciate it. I promise, it took me hours to just throw my hands up and ask. not sure how I feel about snaps (never played with them). Thanks again <317:57
johnfghi folks18:06
johnfgAfter the latest update this morning, I'm now presented with a screen on the desktop asking me to setup as a new user.18:06
johnfgYet, if I answer the questions, and get to my current login, it says that name is already taken.18:07
johnfgHow to fix?18:07
johnfgI'm logged in remotely right now, and no problems.  At home I need the desktop.18:16
oerheksmaybe a reboot at home fixes things?18:21
oerheksgood luck!18:21
ogravbgunz, you sould report the lack of snap documentation at https://bugs.launchpad.net/prometheus-snap/+filebug ... they really should fix this18:25
vbgunzogra: I appreciate the tip. funny story. I was able to install the non-snap version and in about 5 minutes had it configured the way I wanted. I took that back with me with all I learned about navigating the snap filesystem and configued it again. So the Prometheus you choose on install of 22.10 server is the snap version. But if you bypass it (don't select it) you can install the non-snap version after updating apt. But, I like your idea18:29
johnfgoerheks: I'd already rebooted at home (it had rebooted after the upgrade too), and it didn't make a difference.18:40
johnfgAny other ideas?  I looked back in my #ubuntu.log, because I think another upgrade (at 22.04.2 LTS as we speak), caused the same problem, but I counldn't find anything.18:42
oerheksso, your current user was in use, you add it again, and now it does not work.18:48
oerhekshow to see this, wrong password?18:48
oerheksis this a bare metal install or a vm, is it even ubuntu?18:48
johnfg(at 22.04.2 LTS as we speak)  and it's bare metal, if I understand your analogy.18:51
johnfgWhen I get to the portion in adding a 'new' user, and choose my current login name, it halts, as it won't add over it.18:52
oerheksthat would be logical. not the part you get the Q to add user.. but the part it already exists.18:52
oerheksi find no earlier question about adding an user at login, that is the weird part18:53
oerheksonly this with a samba4 domain https://serverfault.com/questions/998504/logged-into-ubuntu-as-domain-user-asks-for-first-local-user-password-on-admin-t18:54
johnfgI did find that dialog, but it was back in my freenode logs.  It was a kinda workaround then, never did actually fix the problem.18:54
johnfgI do every upgrade since, and this is the first time the problem reappeard.18:55
wasuttonso i'm trying to get a gvt-g virtual gpu working on 20.04. It had previously been working, but after updates, I now get an error: "vfio-display-dmabuf: opengl not available" and the VM doesn't start.19:35
wasuttoni've verified the functionality of opengl with glmark2, but that is only for the hardware gpu, not the virtual one19:36
wasuttonI'm not seeing any denied lines from apparmor19:40
acetakwas#join #wiki19:41
ax562Good afternoon.  I'm curious if 22.04 LTS is experiencing hard locks/gpu freezes on multiple different systems??20:22
ax562Reason I ask is I'm on debian stable and boy oh boy is it not stable.20:23
ravagei dont think there general problems with lockups20:24
ax562OK, ty for that info ravage20:24
oerheksax562, ddo you have multiple systems running debian?20:24
oerheksif not, it maybe be just yours20:24
ax562been using linux for a while now but I always used ubuntu, recently switched to debian and "lock ups/gpu freezes" are a common thing now and for the most part, not seeing a solution close in sight.20:26
ax562oerheks I do have multiple systems and they all seem to be doing the same thing.  I'm always in debian irc channels and I've noticed more and more of that exact issue happening on different systems20:27
oerheksi noticed your join parts, not sure it is your network.20:27
wasuttonI think there is a regression in the libvirtd/qemu/gvt-g packages somewhere. Maybe vfio_mdev.20:42
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wasuttonadding vfio_mdev to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules doesn't actually generate the module, unless its been renamed to "mdev" without the vfio20:57
wasuttonwhatever change it was, it was last seen in the latest 5.13 kernel, and dropped at the 5.15 kernel21:00
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ash_worksiI need to create a bunch of random email addresses for a project; I was wondering if there was a source I can mangle in ubuntu that lists, for example, the lists of all developers contributing to software you have installed (I'm thinking like apt or something) to generate a list of first and last names I can pick randomly from21:26
leftyfbash_worksi: that's nor the sort of thing we help with here21:27
oerhekssounds like a scam operation21:27
leftyfbash_worksi: just so you don't go using real names, potentially causing issues, you can use "rig" to generate random names21:29
ash_worksioerheks: naw, it's just that I don't like querying like a fake-name service online or getting lists of common names etc. I am mainly using /usr/share/dict but I kinda wanted to throw in some more "name sounding" things21:30
ash_worksioerheks: it's not for anything production really anyway (I am not going to, for example, email any of these people)21:30
oerhekstons of online random generators, some with options like http://www.randat.com/21:31
leftyfbI already gave a solution to generate random names21:31
ash_worksiyes... and there are generators for just random words too. but I thought it would be nice if there was just something in the ditro like /usr/share/dict21:32
ash_worksileftyfb: sorry, looking at the backlog; `rig` ?21:32
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ash_worksileftyfb: thanks21:56
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Floating4In ip a I have a bridge0 and I cannot figure out what is generating it.  Brctl shows it connected to an ethernet interface.22:10
Floating4Where are the config files for "Network Connections" gui stored?22:45
tomreynbut those are just the ones where you ticked 'Make available to all users', i think22:47
tomreynthe per user ones are probably in gsettings / dconf22:48
Floating4tomreyn I have docker creating bridge0 twice in Network Connection, trying to find the root cause22:48
tomreyni'm not qualified to support with docker networking. good luck!22:49
Floating4understood, just explaining the symptom22:50
oerheksCheck /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections22:52
Floating4oerheks I see the bridge there but only once23:00
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