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NintenHi, folks! Hope you're doing well. I'm in need of technical support, as I plan to upgrade  Xubuntu from 20.04.5 to 22.04.2 LTS. Since 20.04 uses BIOS, but 22.04 uses UEFI, will the upgrade get me a bootable computer? Last time I tried it, I got into Emergency Mode every time I attempted to  boot. It's true, though, that now I have a vfat partition, from a previous clean install of 22.04.1 that18:25
Nintendidn't go well. For the record, I have two flash drives: one for backup, and one for Xubuntu 22.04.2, in case something goes wrong. Thanks in advance!18:25
rfmNinten, I've never had trouble booting 22.04 from BIOS.  What made you think 22.04 required UEFI?18:55
Nintenrfm, What made me think 22.04 required UEFI was the clean install I did last September, which created a vfat partition.19:02
rfmNinten, pretty sure the installer always creates an EFI partition now even when booted from BIOS.19:05
rfmNinten, yep, just checked a recently installed vm that just has bios and it has an EFI partition.19:09
Nintenrfm, okay! I'll backup my data and try to  upgrade! Thank you so much for the clarification19:18
rfmNinten, you are doing the upgrade by running do-release-upgrade, right?  Not trying some strange thing like booting the 22.04.2 and installing over the old install?19:20
rfmNinten "boothing the 22.04.2 iso" I meant19:21
Nintenrfm, rest assured I'm doing do-release-upgrade. If things go awry, I'll just format the Linux partition and install from a flash drive. Methinks this is the way to go19:24
NintenI couldn't help but notice this line during do-release-upgrade: "Could not execute systemctl at /usr/bin/deb-systemd-invoke line 142" Am I in trouble?22:16
NintenI guess this is it guys! Upgrade is complete, I only have to restart my computer. Wish me luck!22:36
NintenIt worked! Thanks, rfm and everyone involved with Xubuntu development and support!22:43
rfmThat deb-systemd-invoke message just looks like a minor sequencing glitch, probably in restarting stuff.  doesn't matter since you were going to reboot at the end of the upgrade anyway22:46
Nintensystemctl reminded me of Emergency Mode, so I thought I would end up there on reboot. But I'm gGlad it was just a minor glitch!22:51

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