BluesKajHi all13:02
ahoneybun[m]Heyo BluesKaj 13:17
BluesKajhey ahoneybun[m]13:18
arraybolt3mmikowski: Well, despite switching to the PWA of Element, I still get kwin crashes if I have notifications enabled. I turned them off again and it's stable for me. Also, I have noticed one small regression - *sometimes* when I press Ctrl+{1|2|3|4} to switch virtual desktops, Plasma will ignore it. It will usually work if I press the same Fn key again while still hold Ctrl.16:19
arraybolt3And lastly, Chrome removed the Vulkan rendering feature. :-(16:19
arraybolt3Anyway, /me -> food16:21
mmikowskiVulkan removed? Whoa. The work around for broken text however is strong with this one:18:41
mmikowskiThere's a pointer on how to fix common i915 issues.18:44
mmikowskiHi ahoneybun[m]!18:44
mmikowskiI gotta get something to eat too, so bbaib18:44
ahoneybun[m]Heyo mmikowski 19:06
arraybolt3mmikowski: Nice, just enabled it. Thanks!19:12

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