IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> Hello in kubuntu 22.10 i got this problem i still cant solve already trying lots of commands00:16
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> "Could not enter folder /media/username/KUBUNTU 22_." and "Loading Cancelled"00:16
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> im trying to access to my usb stick and says that happends also i try to access to my other hard disks inside my pc same problem00:16
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> already tried the below comands and nothing happened00:16
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /media/mydisk00:16
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> chmod u+rx,go-w /media/username/mydisk/00:16
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> algo i got to report that since the release of Kubuntu 22.04 upgraded from Kubuntu 20 LTS00:20
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> after sussesful upgrade o 22.04 all worked fine till i updated to 22.04.2 the sistem broke coult not boot also could not boot Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS from usb stick so i had to re install kubuntu 22.10 without formatting00:20
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> algo i got to report that since the release of Kubuntu 22.04 upgraded from Kubuntu 20 LTS00:20
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> after sussesful upgrade to 22.04 all worked fine till i updated to 22.04.2 the sistem broke coult not boot also could not boot Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS from usb stick so i had to re install kubuntu 22.10 without formatting00:20
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> algo i got to report that since the release of Kubuntu 22.04 upgraded from Kubuntu 20 LTS00:20
IrcsomeBot<THExWARR1ORSxNEW> after sussesful upgrade to 22.04 all worked fine till i updated to 22.04.2 the system broke coult not boot also could not boot Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS from usb stick so i had to re install kubuntu 22.10 without formatting00:20
aidendoes anybody here know if an easy os virtualization software other than virtualbox?00:41
arraybolt3aiden: For what OS?01:01
arraybolt3Are you trying to run a Kubuntu or other VM on Windows? If so, Virtualbox is probably your best bet sadly. If you're on Linux, try out GNOME Boxes.01:01
aidenarraybolt3, im on kubuntu01:01
arraybolt3Yeah, the Boxes should work. (GNOME Boxes will work on Kubuntu.)01:02
aidenits just that peacock sadly doesnt support linux!01:02
arraybolt3You might also try out virt-manager if you're looking for something more powerful.01:02
aidenwhich is more lighter?01:02
aideni have an intel i7 processor with 21.2gb01:03
arraybolt3Both use QEMU+KVM+libvirt in the background, so they should be equal in "weight". Boxes is easier and looks nicer IMO, virt-manager has a lot more features.01:03
arraybolt3With the power of your system, you probably don't need to be too worried about lightweightness anyway though :)01:03
aidenarraybolt3, hey you know more than i do about these things!01:04
arraybolt3:P Studied a lot trying to figure out how to do stuff.01:04
arraybolt3(My setup is a bit of a mess - I use Boxes and virt-manager both, sometimes in tandem since virt-manager can modify Boxes VMs. And I also have to pull VirtualBox out every so often, though it's my least favorite VM software.)01:05
aidenarraybolt3, did you try toinstall windows 11 on virtualbox!01:06
arraybolt3Not yet, never used Win11.01:06
aidenit was a nightmare for me!01:06
arraybolt3If you're trying to install Windows 11, use virt-manager. GNOME Boxes probably won't have the needed features.01:06
aideni didnt have sound of my music players01:06
aideni had to use alsa01:07
arraybolt3(Unless you intend to use the well-known registry hacks to get by without a TPM.)01:07
arraybolt3aiden: ! Yikes.01:07
aidenarraybolt3, sorry forgetting off topic01:07
aidenthis is a support channel!01:07
aideni am so sorry!01:07
arraybolt3(If you're OK with using the registry hacks to get Win11 installed, you can install Win11 in GNOME Boxes most likely. But virt-manager has all the features to do so without having to hack anything.)01:08
arraybolt3aiden: Heh, no problem. There's no one else talking atm.01:08
arraybolt3*at the moment01:08
aidenarraybolt3, so this is yout fortress!01:08
aidenyou hide in the shadows like satan perhaps?01:09
arraybolt3I just like doing tech support stuff.01:09
arraybolt3(I'm not an op, I've just been around for a while.)01:09
aidenwhat  is your businuss!01:09
arraybolt3I help contribute to Ubuntu and its flavors including Kubuntu.01:10
aidendo you program?01:10
Eickmeyeraiden: Please calm down.01:10
aidenernstp, sorry01:10
arraybolt3That may have been a bit *too* off-topic. :)01:11
aidenEickmeyer, sorry01:11
aidenwrong user select!01:11
arraybolt3Anyway, try Boxes first if you want something easy, virt-manager if you need something powerful. Those are the ones I usually use.01:12
aidenarraybolt3, we cant talk anymore about that offtopic!01:12
arraybolt3Yes. And at this point talking more about it is going further off-topic. I should have specified, we try to not go too far off-topic in any of the support rooms. Anyway, back on track.01:13
jtI wanted to say thank to everyone working on KDE or Kubuntu. Just switched from Gnome/Ubuntu and found that KDE Plasma actually allows me to configure things to work nice, whereas Gnome is opinionated which would be ok if it wasn't so wrong.06:03
jtTwo of my favourite Plasma/KWin feaures are being able to put applications menus in the titlebar as a button, and being able to have titlebars go behind the 20pix panel at the top. This combination results in a similar efficiency of screen area use as Unity. Yay! At last.06:06
arraybolt3Nice, glad you're liking it! Also, you and I share a similiar opinion on GNOME :P06:13
arraybolt3It's not bad, but I like KDE way more.06:14
jtThe Ubiquity installer is a pig though. I gave up trying to get it to install reasonably, and ended up just ripping the filesystem it dropped out of a VM and then writing my own scripts to install that filesystem into LVM on luks the way I like. Painful.06:14
arraybolt3It has its uses, but definitely if manual partitioning *and* encryption are involved, that's not its strong point in my experience.06:14
jtNO, I'd say it was downright buggy, and definitely too inflexible.06:15
arraybolt3Depends on how you use it. I can get through many different install types with it without problems.06:15
arraybolt3But last time I tried to set up encryption with manual partitioning... yeah I ended up giving up.06:16
jtAnyway, super happy with Plasma tweaked to look like Unity. Actually I think it's better than Unity for my purposes, but perhaps not so friendly for the family members I support.06:16
arraybolt3Because it's still not quite Unity, or because it's too far from what they're used to?06:17
arraybolt3Because if your family wants Unity in particular back, Unity is still maintained and Ubuntu Unity is an official flavor that ships it.06:17
jtMainly because I currently have only a thin panel at the top, letting titlebars of windows underneath. This unfortunately loses access to window controls unless you know the keyboard shortcuts. I can do that to my family. ;-)06:19
arraybolt3oh lol, if this is a shared system, then there I cannot help you.06:20
jtThe official Unity flavour is poo, sadly. Maintained by too few people to keep it working consistently and smoothly. Basically it has much of the downsides of Gnome (with fat buttons in titlebars that won't merge into the top bar) and yet none of the good points that recent Gnome has.06:20
arraybolt3I used it for about a month and really liked it during that time. Ended up coming back here though.06:21
jtI saw something in the Add Widgets sidebar that mad eme curious06:21
jtIt sounded (but probably wasn't) a widget to put the window controls of the current window in the panel. If that was what I thought, then I could perhaps reproduce the Unity experience even more closely, and family wouldn't have to rememeber the keyboard shortcuts for toggling or closing the window.06:23
arraybolt3lol, I just tried to do something like that and... uh... now I need to fix my desktop :P06:26
jtBy the way, the Discover app keeps showing me a "UEFI dbx" update, but every time I say "go ahead make my day", it come back with a small error box saying "The input is not of cabinet format" and the package remains not updated. Any idea what that's about?06:26
arraybolt3Not sure. I think the UEFI dbx update is something that fwupd would manage? I'm guessing that's what Discover is trying to use and something's going wrong with it.06:27
jtSounds right, but I have no idea what to do about it.06:27
jtI'll check that out, but first I must config the new browser for sanity.06:29
arraybolt3It would be wise to have your system connected to power before applying any firmware updates or firmware-related updates, since firmware is not known for having mercy if you interrupt an update of it.06:29
jtHa! You think I know what it means to be able to unplug the power? Battery so degraded by now that I can barely make it from one side of the room to another to replug it in.06:30
arraybolt3Heh, been there, done that, hated it. In that instance be really careful to not trip on the cord :P06:30
jtThanks for your help. I'd better focus on the browser config now.06:31
arraybolt3Nice. Good luck!06:31
jtOh, one last question. What is a good solution for simple calendar with audible popup reminders? The calendar on the clock widget doesn't seem to let you click on a date to set a reminder.06:34
arraybolt3I have no clue :P06:37
arraybolt3Only calendar app I know of is Thunderbird, and that is the opposite of simple. I'm not even sure how to use it yet.06:37
arraybolt3(The calendar feature, that is.)06:37
mmikowskiarraybolt3: Imagine me stopping at this very moment ;)06:38
mmikowskiSo got an article on that.06:38
mmikowskibtw, currently wrestling with ubiquity jt, and I completely agree.06:40
arraybolt3Will look into that in the future should I start using Google Calendar. Thanks!06:40
mmikowskiI don't use it. Web is just find for me.06:40
mmikowskiBut thunderbird is great for sorting and cleaning up email.06:40
jtNooooo not Google. I want to own my data, not be a slave to somee BigTech oligarchy.06:40
mmikowskijt: None of us do.06:41
mmikowskiBut there's a lot that don't have any choice.06:41
jtYeah, I've always been the stubborn one that other people roll their eyes about.06:41
arraybolt3IT would be nice if there was just some "click a day, click a time, write a reminder" app out there. Thunderbird (and I think Outlook too?) are just so complex.06:42
arraybolt3Maybe I should write one :P06:43
mmikowskiCalendy is out there, and getting lots of traction.06:43
mmikowskiInterestingly, it is almost exactly like the demo app I proposed to use for my JS Web-app book,06:43
mmikowskiWe ended up doing a chat client instead though.06:44
mmikowskiWhat about nextcloud? They have calendars IIRC. lemme see ...06:44
jtI cannot understand why the clock applet calendar desn't already do this. Surely *every* new user says "Oh good a calendar, how do I enter an entry in it?"06:44
mmikowskijt: I think thr problem is what the backend is. There are so many.06:46
jtReally? Are you being sarcastic?06:47
mmikowskino. Sure the package is mostly standardized, but in reality, you've got to work through lots of different vendors.06:47
mmikowskiI used to run my own mail server, for like 15 years. Not any more.06:48
mmikowskiIt's still all standard, but the big boys shut me down with their "anti-spam" controls.06:48
mmikowskiWhich was a very convenient way to lock in their hierarchy.06:48
mmikowskiI expect this is the same with calendaring these days.06:49
jtIf the clock applet would just provide a hook, a config option to run a command when a date is clicked on, I could probably just write my own script using zenity to add a reminder, and add it to cron or something.06:49
mmikowskiIn fact, the calendar messages are usually delivered via email, so you are kinda back where we started.06:50
mmikowskiWell on your own desktop, sure.06:50
mmikowskiI was thinking of hooking up to other calendars, as you can see above.06:50
jtI see no reason to be compatible with the big platforms. I just want a local app that won't let me forget to send a birthday card, or similar.06:51
mmikowskijt, you are hard :)06:51
jtHard as in awkward, or hardcore as in badass?06:51
mmikowskiyeah, that's easy, and fun.06:51
mmikowskiLike full metal jacket, "born-again hard."06:51
mmikowskiIt's a compliment!06:52
mmikowskiLike principled, tough.06:52
mmikowskikk, I gotta go try to patch ubiquity and about 30 other things.06:53
jtThese days the young ones look first for a web app, before looking for a local app to do that same thing. Boggles my mind. I wouldn't put my stuff on someone else's computer if they paid me.06:53
mmikowskiI don't know if you saw it, but there is a nasty bug that still isn't fixed.06:53
jtI think there are many.06:53
jtWhich one?06:53
mmikowskijt: most kids can't code their way out of a paper bag.06:54
mmikowskiI have tried to teach kids what an file system is. Foreign concept.06:54
mmikowskiLike, wtf do we have friggn air-drop?06:55
mmikowskiThanks tc.06:55
mmikowskibecause apparently a nested hierarchy is "hard".06:55
mmikowskiso here's the bug ...06:55
-ubottu:#kubuntu- Launchpad bug 1990196 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Lunar) "oem-config-kde crashes when buttons clicked" [High, In Progress]06:56
mmikowskiThis is a double bonus: First, the slide show got removed that used to keep people engaged.06:56
mmikowskiThen the <Back> and <Continue> buttons are 100% reliable crash-bombs.06:57
mmikowskiSo if it take more than 10s, even with the installer details flashing at the bottom, people click one and boom, entire install is pretty much guaranteed broken.06:58
jtYeah, I've hit that one a few times already. I just decided to let it to the simplest possible install in a VM, then take the filesystem it makes and do what I want with it.06:58
mmikowskiYeah, but grandma isn't going to do that.06:59
jtSeems to me that Ubiquity has become over complex internally, but not flexible enough on the front end.07:00
mmikowskiIn any event, we'll see. I gotta run, it's midnight here.07:00
mmikowskiNice to meet you jt. Hope to see you again soon.07:00
FravialisHi all. I cannot edit my default applications in Firefox on Kubuntu, and from the terminal I get errors such as: http://paste.debian.net/hidden/a41b64bc/12:33
BluesKajHi all13:02
IrcsomeBot<jonny1_3> EFM014:26
IrcsomeBot<jonny1_3> EFMO14:27
IrcsomeBot<jonny1_3> Hi14:27
IrcsomeBot<jonny1_3> I just upgraded to new version of Ubuntu. After restarting it is giving error.14:33
IrcsomeBot<jonny1_3> Error : The current theme cannot be loaded due to the errors below please select another theme14:33
IrcsomeBot<jonny1_3> file:///usr/share/sddm/themes/Monterey-dark/Main.qml:27:1: module "org.kde.plasma.components" is not installed file:///usr/share/sddm/themes/Monterey-dark/Main.qml:28:1: module org.kde.plasma.extras is not installed14:33
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> they should be supplied by the plasma-framework package17:36

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