Eickmeyerok, I don't know the factoid.00:06
EickmeyerIt's part of Ubuntu Pro.00:06
ubottuUbuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/3101800:07
sarnoldhallyn: I think this will show you what's been installed from universe: apt list '?installed?section(^universe/)'00:10
hallynhm, but if i'm on 20.04 that shouldn't apply, right?  standard lts should apply?00:21
hallynguess i'll read those links, thanks :)00:21
hallyni see, universe.00:21
sarnoldhallyn: we support universe now! :)00:24
hallynneat :)00:25
hallynok, got it - thanks Eickmeyer  and sarnold 00:26
sarnoldyeah :) all the little one-offs that we'd been asked to do over the years sort of added up to a "hey maybe we should just make this an offering and pool the work", etc00:26
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rbasakssh-keygen defaults to "-t rsa". Is that still the right thing to do?14:26
sarnoldI've wondered that time and time again14:31
sarnoldafaik it's not the wrong thing to do; I sort of expect upstream folks will change defaults if they think there's a Good Reason to do so (though I'll be honest I don't know that for sure, hopefully it's not generating 512 bit rsa by default? :)14:32
rbasakI wonder if we should separate recommended practice from what is default, since there are both legacy and "don't mismatch from upstream" reasons not to change the default.14:32
rbasakWhat should our recommendation be for new SSH key generation?14:32
sdezielupstream defaults to RSA 3072 bits with the latest version. Personally, I always go with `-t ed25519`14:48
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