sarnoldoh great now I'm going to have those old "HELLO MOTO" commercials stuck in my head00:41
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Eickmeyersarnold: XD00:44
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gorgonHi, how do I record, view, and playback waveforms from my microphone?01:38
gorgonOh that was not an answer to me01:38
matsamangorgon: ups01:38
matsamanj/k =)01:38
gorgonha ha01:39
matsamangorgon: do you want a GUI app or commandline?01:39
gorgoncommandline is preferable01:39
gorgonI use KDE01:39
gorgonanything lightweight will do actually01:39
matsamanyou might have 'arecord' already01:39
matsamanplayback ... I would use01:39
gorgonahh thanks01:40
matsamanmplayer or mpv, but 'aplay' is probably also something you have01:40
gorgonwow how cool is that thanks!01:40
matsamanview is a special one, I don't think I would bother searching for something that would visualize a waveform in a terminal01:40
gorgonOh and do you know how I can view the waveforms?01:40
matsamanmost people use the GUI app 'Audacity' and call it a day01:40
sarnold'view' sounds a bit like you want audacity01:40
gorgonI mean I could open a Jupyter Notebook I guess01:40
matsamansarnold: indeed01:40
sarnoldheya matsaman :)01:40
matsamanI'm sure you could find a script to generate the waveform01:41
matsamanand even pass it to libcaca for an ascii representation01:41
matsamanif you like pain a lot01:41
gorgonOh and while we're on the topic of viewing01:41
gorgonsomething I wondered for a hilw01:41
matsamangenerate the waveform visual*01:41
gorgonand on the topic of console -01:41
gorgonIs there a console command that can show an image on the console?01:41
gorgonOf course, approximately01:41
matsamangorgon: as in without X running?01:41
matsamanor just in a terminal?01:41
gorgone.g. "aview abc.jpg"01:41
gorgonjust in terminal01:41
matsamanI would use 'display' from imagemagick01:42
gorgonwith as much color as possible01:42
matsamanbut there are hundreds of image viewers01:42
gorgonWow I used imagemagick I didn't know that it has display!01:42
matsamanif you want it _in_ the terminal, few terminals do that, but some do01:42
gorgonI'm gonna try it right now01:42
matsamanand you can always use something like libcaca to ascii-ize it01:42
sarnoldgorgon: w3m-img can do it01:42
sarnoldhmm, my first attempt it appeared to start an X program :/01:43
gorgonoh `magick display abc.jpg` opens an image using my X01:43
matsamangorgon: you don't want to use X?01:44
ravagegorgon: if you want to go totally crazy on the console: https://github.com/fathyb/carbonyl/releases :D01:44
matsamangorgon: displaying an image without X running is a different beast01:44
gorgonYeah I'm generally fine with X, but sometimes I want to just use the console to quickly confirm an image you know01:44
matsamangorgon: you would have to setup some framebuffer implementation, or use libcaca01:44
gorgonespecially when I'm using an ssh session01:44
matsamanprobably libcaca will be the easiest, although it's not going to be pretty frequently01:45
gorgonHuh carbonyl looks interesting!01:46
sarnoldthis guy suggests tiv or ranger https://www.baeldung.com/linux/view-images-from-terminal01:46
gorgonWill check it out later01:46
arraybolt3ravage: Sheesh, that Carbonyl thing is amazing.01:46
arraybolt3Might try it :P01:46
ravageit is!01:46
gorgonlibcaca sounds great01:47
gorgonwasn't there a different library like that earlier01:47
matsamanwell curses is a different thing01:48
matsamancurses/slang/et al, are for terminal-based UI01:48
sarnoldcurses is something else, think more menu-driven programs01:48
matsamanand libcaca is for ascii-izing imagery, basically01:48
sarnoldlibaa was the first thing like libcaca that I heard of01:48
gorgonWow libcaca is 10 years old01:48
sarnoldback in school I watched a bootleg rip of the matrix with libaa, because of course I did01:48
gorgonI mean the last release was 9 years ago: http://caca.zoy.org/wiki/libcaca01:49
gorgonbut that probably means there's nothing more to add01:49
gorgonas long as they compile it with all the recent security fixes it should be safe enough i suppose?01:49
gorgonAlso I'll install Audacity if that's the best GUI viewer for Linux01:51
gorgonThanks for all the suggestions!01:51
sarnoldgorgon: audacity is an *audio* tool btw ;)01:52
gorgonthanks it seems really good01:54
gorgonThe UI looks a bit out of place, more like Windows 3x01:57
gorgonProbably it's not a KDE application01:57
gorgonbut it seems to be well maintained despite the looks01:57
gorgonLast code merge was just 16 hours ago01:58
sarnoldit started in the same era, wikipedia says its first release was may 28, 200001:58
sarnold(I was guessing earlier than that, heh)01:58
matsamanthere is probably a KDE-oriented alternative, but you're going to find plenty of irreplaceable apps that aren't KDE oriented02:00
matsamanso probably best to get over that now (or spend ages setting up themes to make such apps look native)02:00
gorgonNah I'm good with audacity02:01
gorgonIf it's the gimp of audio, which it seems to be02:01
matsamanit is02:01
sarnoldthere's a kde non-linear video editor kdenlive that loads of people like; it *might* be able to do audio things, too, but it'd be an afterthought for them02:02
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circleThe kubuntu 22.04.2 installer ISO -> USB has a partition named "writeable". This is a great advance. Is there anything I can do short of shutting down when I insert another USB which also has a partition named "writeable". Problem is that /var/log of the running OS is written on "writeable" *by name*, and then I cannot unmount the writeable05:15
circlepartition on the second USB.05:15
rboxyouc an disable automounting05:16
circleThat would be a preventative measure, yes.   But is there a way to untangle two partitions once it occurs?05:30
rboxwell yo uahent shown any output or error messages05:32
rboxso theres only so much one cay say...05:32
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LifeIsSoEZEZEZprintf ("slave world");07:13
circleIs it conceivable that resetting the BIOS on an older machine (pre-2019) could make the recent Ubuntu installers no longer boot in secure mode?  Do they rely on a more recent key or somesuch?07:16
wwwihello, I made a Windows folder shared07:19
wwwihow do I access it from Ubuntu?07:19
accompcircle, yeah, disable secure boot and try again.07:19
accompor fix the boot with a live USB and boot-repair.07:20
accompwwwi, i think you should be able to access it from the file explorer in network, however if its not listed, try ctrl+l and enter the URL with IP of the machine like: //  IIRC.07:22
LifeIsSoEZEZEZprintf ("slave world");07:22
LifeIsSoEZEZEZoh my sex07:27
LifeIsSoEZEZEZlet 's go sex  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~07:27
LifeIsSoEZEZEZsex sex sex ggo gogo googogo07:27
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant07:28
wwwismb://IP/shared folder prompts for a domain, what do I put there?07:58
circleaccomp: is  boot-repair on the live boot menu? I do not find an apt package named boot-repair08:09
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StyXmanis there any way I can disable the notification that says "Pending update of firefox snap. close the app to avoid disruptions (8 days left)"? it keeps nagging me for DAYS08:28
akikthe new normal08:31
StyXman9:32 I close it08:32
StyXmanlet's see how long (short) it takes to appear again08:32
ice9which component I should file a bug for USB transfer speed issues ?09:36
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wwwihello, I can't connect to my Windows shared folder, I give credentials, then the credientials pop up is presented again, I type them again and then it perpetually keeps thinking09:50
wwwiany ideas?09:50
shadowhawkoh wow09:51
shadowhawkthe problems we have here09:51
shadowhawki hope we get some good answers!09:51
blackmushroomCan anyone help me?!?! too many kworkers process and mad cpu single core overload09:59
kalilinuxhii friends10:13
kalilinuxgood morning10:13
kalilinuxbest alternative of microsoft office in linux except libreoffice10:14
kalilinuxvim ?10:15
kalilinuxoo iget it10:16
kalilinuxvim is a text editor10:16
kalilinuxin linux10:16
kalilinuxbut i want some office app like word, excel, powerpoint10:17
kalilinuxi found onlyoffice10:17
kalilinuxits interface is same as MS Office10:18
kalilinuxhii otisolsen70_10:19
kalilinuxhow are you my friend10:19
kalilinuxi am fine10:19
kalilinuxand you?10:19
kalilinuxi hope ypu are well10:19
kalilinuxand doing some works in your life10:20
kalilinuxwhy in this channel no one talk10:20
kalilinuxwhen i am using linux mint last year10:21
kalilinuxmany of them were chating10:21
kalilinuxand discussing about linux and apps10:21
EriC^^!offtopic | kalilinux10:21
ubottukalilinux: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:21
kalilinuxand something realted to operating system10:22
kalilinuxmy username is kalilinux but i am on ubuntu 2010:22
kalilinuxi choose my username kalilinux bcoz its sounds cool.10:23
danjalicalhuh, its my year to this day when I told myself I would run ubuntu for good10:49
danjalicalI just realised10:49
wwwihi, I managed to access my Windows Shared folder from Ubuntu and nautilus sees it, but applications don't see it10:59
wwwiany ideas why?10:59
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ravagewwwi: usually you see them in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/gvfs11:07
ravageon a default installation that should be /run/user/1000/gvfs/11:08
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BluesKajHi all13:02
lmatWhen I   dpkg -S "$file"; I get "libace-7.0.6: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libACE_Monitor_Control-7.0.6.so". Then when I "apt purge libace", I get "E: Unable to locate package libace". Does this mean my system is broken or is there some other mechanism by which a package might be installed and providing a file, but I can't remove the package?15:05
aienaIs there a way to hide all those disk drive icons that show up in the Activities?15:06
aienaI mean mount points15:06
lmataiena: I assume you don't want to unmount the filesystems? ;-)15:07
aienalmat, the file systems are not mounted15:08
aienabut those icons show up giving a choice to mount them15:08
aienathey flood the activities sidebar15:08
aienatrash + mountpoints15:08
aienaerr mountable partitons15:09
aienamaybe something of gvfs15:09
aienae.g. mount 300gb volume, mount 41 gb volume etc....15:09
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aienathe fs's are not mounted I just dont like those icons its ok in the file manager but why in the main Activities ribbon?15:10
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aienabut it shows up in the running apps part15:11
aienatheir icons to "Other locations" in the file manager15:13
aienabut only drives excluding the os root15:14
jhutchinslmat: Try dpkg -l | grep libace15:14
jhutchinslmat: You might simply try libace-715:14
ice99.mp4 and .vid files are not playing in Videos, they only work in VLC, any idea?15:16
jhutchinsice99: Play them in VLC.15:25
jhutchinsice99: Make VLC the default app to open those file types.15:26
leftyfblmat: sudo apt purge libace-7.0.615:26
ice99I added Nextcloud account to online accounts but calendars and contacts doesn't show up in gnome even after relogin, any idea?15:27
lmatleftyfb: That worked! I'm surprised...I didn't think I needed to provide the version. Thank you!15:30
akiksnap list in 22.04 says that firefox was published by mozilla. did they create the snap?15:47
jhutchinslmat: It's hard to tell when there are version numbers that are part of a package name - and how much of the number is required.15:53
wasuttonalright, it looks like the libvirt issues started with the jump from 20.04.4 to 20.04.515:56
WeeBey98anyone ever get like... blinking windows or the taskbars on Gnome?17:03
jhutchinsWeeBey98: Does your TV ever do that?17:05
WeeBey98Used to. I just hit it on the side. ;)17:06
WeeBey98I think something is funky with graphics drivers recently, but I'm not sure what it could be. It started happening last week.17:06
jhutchinsWeeBey98: Remember there's a huge variety of hardware combinations out here.17:08
jhutchinsWeeBey98: Although that sounds like it could be a hardware issue.  Loose connector or something.17:08
WeeBey98I know. Just sometimes something gets pushed out with some bug.17:08
WeeBey98jhutchins, Nah. it's only certain windows or panels.17:08
WeeBey98As if the rendering of that windows is acting up.17:09
WeeBey98not too serious. Just checking if anyone saw a siimlar thing recently. It happens.17:09
oerheksWeeBey98, on wht graphics card?17:10
WeeBey98oerheks, nvidia rtx 3070 mobile17:11
oerheksWhat kernel version? uname -a17:12
WeeBey986.1.12 (imma get in trouble lol)17:13
oerheksno, this is a known issue for windows too, often  too high refreshrate 14417:13
WeeBey98this display is 165hz17:14
oerheksup to 120 it could work fine..17:14
WeeBey98next time i'll see it i'll change the refresh and see.17:15
WeeBey98Thanks for the tip oerheks17:15
supaywhat does it mean when the dependency says `gnome-shell >= 40.0`?17:48
supaydoes it mean >= 3.40.0 or something else?17:48
supayalso, can i upgrade my gnome-shell to 3.40.0 on ubuntu 20.0417:49
tomreynsupay: it means version 40.0 or higher.17:56
tomreynand no, you should not try to upgrade gnome packages without also upgrading to a newer ubuntu release.17:58
tomreyn20.04 LTS can be upgraded to 22.04 LTS17:58
tomreyngnome moved to version numbers 40 and higher for what could also have been the 4.0 release, similar to other software such as some web browsers (firefox, chromium) https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gnome-shell18:00
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supaytomreyn: ahh, i see. that makes a lot of sense. thank you! :)18:46
tomreynyou're welcome18:47
Floating4whats the eqiv of ping -t in ubuntu terminal?19:36
sarnoldping -t ?19:37
Floating4its -b  -- continious19:37
ravagethat should be the default19:38
ravage-> ping19:38
Floating4well look at that - learn something every day19:38
ravageand b is broadcast ping on linux19:38
Floating4I see that now19:38
jhutchinsFloating4: There's a man page for ping - man ping19:57
tim95Does anyone here know how to interpret dbus-monitor output?20:13
saundersmy keyboard:  https://askubuntu.com/q/1449887/847449      an old question, but never figured out how to take a screenshot with the "printscreen" key as "windows-shift-s" on Microsoft Windows.  The "print" key is rather odd on this keyboard.20:24
Gallomimiapardon me... how can i verify a USB stick is bootable, using ubuntu20:27
Gallomimiai guess i could always try to boot from it...20:27
akikGallomimia: you can try to boot it with qemu-kvm20:29
Gallomimiawell i installed that easily enough. but here we hit a wall. got manual?20:31
akikGallomimia: i think the minimal set of options was: sudo qemu-kvm -m 1024 /dev/sdX20:31
akikor if you fix the permissions on /dev/kvm, just: qemu-kvm -m 1024 /dev/sdX20:31
Gallomimiaoddly enough, of all the commands available starting with qemu now, kvm is not one of them20:32
akikGallomimia: yea i noticed that earlier. try to use qemu-system-x86_6420:33
arraybolt3Gallomimia: qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -m 4096 -smp 2 -hda /dev/sdx20:34
arraybolt3^ that should work fairly well with Ubuntu Desktop, there are other variants on that command if you need something specific or less resource-intensive.20:35
Gallomimiawow. yeah i'm giving up on that. just trying to get a USB that's bootable. used dd on another machine to flash an iso, but that machine won't boot it20:35
arraybolt3Gallomimia: Is it a BIOS machine? And by "won't boot", does it not even try, or does it try but freeze during bootup?20:35
Gallomimiathanks for the suggestion. i'll read more about qemu later. it sounds like it will do some other things that i'd like20:35
Gallomimiayes, yes20:35
arraybolt3Ah, that's a known bug, just leave it "frozen" and it will figure itself out in 10 minutes or so.20:35
akikGallomimia: if the iso image is not for uefi boot, change your uefi to boot in bios or csm mode20:36
arraybolt3Only affects booting the ISO, the installed system won't have the slow boot.20:36
arraybolt3I'll try and find the bug report.20:36
Gallomimiano it won't. the machine in question is like 12-15 years old, and we're trying to boot win720:36
Gallomimiait's running manjaro but it's pretty darn slow, and the fellow who wants to use it is not too interested in linux at all. so... now we're off topic20:36
arraybolt3Gallomimia: Ah.20:37
leftyfbGallomimia: manjaro is also offtopic here20:37
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arraybolt3leftyfb: They're trying to test a bootable USB on Ubuntu I assume, that would be on-topic regardless of the OS on the ISO or the final target system, since whether it boots or not is the problem, not what it is that is being booted.20:38
arraybolt3And Ubuntu's qemu-system-x86_64 can do that.20:38
Gallomimiayeah i'm trying to use my ubuntu machine to check and see if the USB stick is bootable20:38
leftyfboh, it looks like they had a manjaro machine trying to test a win7 installer usb20:39
akikGallomimia: there's a command isohybrid that converts non-isohybrid isos to isohybrid20:39
Gallomimiaas in.... efi/bios hybridness?20:40
Gallomimiawrong window20:40
arraybolt3isohybrid I think makes a "can only boot from a DVD drive" ISO file also bootable from a USB drive when you dd it.20:40
arraybolt3But also, Windows doesn't take too kindly to being straight dd'd to a drive - WoeUSB might be better.20:41
Gallomimiathat's probably a big deal20:41
Gallomimiawhat is a woeUSB20:41
arraybolt3It won't need isohybrid. I've used it several times.20:41
arraybolt3(Not officially supported, but if that's what you're doing anyway, may as well give an easy option.)20:41
arraybolt3s/twice/thrice/ (ok so it was several :P)20:41
Gallomimialots of options to look into. sounds like Future-gallo's problem20:42
arraybolt3or whatever, I'm mis-remembering things. You know what I mean. Use that tool, will make bootable Windows stick :D20:42
arraybolt3Anyway, /me stops going off-topic20:42
akikGallomimia: i have the commands to make a windows iso able to boot from a usb stick if you need those20:43
akikGallomimia: it's a matter of copying the files20:43
ravagethe woeusb script really does a good job and is easy to use20:43
akikravage: it's just a script with many dependencies?20:44
ravageit has some dependencies yes20:44
ravagei think most required for basic operation are part of a default ubuntu desktop install20:45
ravageif not all20:45
arraybolt3I had to install wimtools to make it work.20:45
arraybolt3Everything else was there.20:46
ravagethat is not required for a simple iso to usb transfer20:46
ravage(to a ntfs usb)20:46
arraybolt3I was flashing Win10 ISOs to what I believe was a FAT32 USB (that was what it did by default), so it needed it for me. Win7 is smaller and might not need it.20:47
ravageyep. should not be needed with --tgt-fs ntfs20:48
arraybolt3OK, brb, trying something real quick...20:49
akikravage: is --tgt-fs a woeusb option?20:53
nsaundersis there something like monitors.xml for wayland?  Previously available resolutions are no longer available.21:25
telmacchrome is crashing every time I start it, sometimes it lasts for a few seconds, sometimes it dies immediately21:51
telmacone sec i'll post a log21:51
matsamantelmac: try chromium, I don't think any chrome you'd get would be anything but a really terrible upstream binary21:52
matsamanthat is: built by google21:52
telmacI'm figuring it's line 721:52
telmacthere was some actual reason why I wanted chrome proper21:52
telmacmy recollection is that I used chromium on debian maybe 7 years ago and it was noticeably worse than google's chrome packages21:53
telmacmaybe this is moot now21:53
matsamanon the one hand, yes, you're more likely to get Google's upstream features working in chrome21:54
matsamanon the other hand, the build is going to be really bad21:54
telmachum hum21:55
sarnoldwhat an unhappy log :/ each of those could have been a cause for the failure21:55
matsamananyone it should be easy to try chromium and see if it's missing something, now21:55
telmacyeah I'm setting things up now21:56
telmacI see it's on the same official version number which is reassuring21:56
matsamananyway* it should, wow21:57
telmacI have a chrome adjacent question, unrelated21:57
* ogra agrees that anyone shoudl try chromium ....21:57
ograonce at least21:57
telmacso there's a problem with wayland support in vscode21:57
telmacinb4 you say to use vscodium21:57
matsamansome old backstory if you're bored: https://spot.livejournal.com/312320.html21:57
sarnoldwow, that is *the* spot21:58
matsamantelmac: use vscodi... aw21:58
telmacI *believe* I actually tried ubuntu's vscodium packages and they have the same problem, but apparently the packages in arch's repos *don't* which is interesting21:58
matsamanso what's the problem?21:58
telmacbasically, you can pass electron apps a flag to use wayland natively21:58
telmacthis is relevant specifically for hidpi support, otherwise I wouldn't really care21:59
telmacand this works fine with obsidian and slack, but it's broken in vscode21:59
telmacI think it's actually some larger problem that vscode is like refusing all flags or something21:59
telmacah, ok, a legitimate reason not to use chromium: it doesn't support google's sync22:00
matsamandoesn't it?22:00
telmac(I also can't find a login button anywhere in the interface)22:01
ograi use a hidpi (4k 13" dell laptop) here and had to recently tst the code snap for someone ... it was totally fine WRT scaling and resolution on wayland22:01
telmacI'm not using the snap, I think I'm using MS's .deb lol22:01
ograthat shouldnt really make a difference one would hope ...22:02
telmacone would hope22:02
telmac@ogra, I just reinstalled it with snap, doesn't seem to help, let me try the electron flag again22:05
telmacwhat version do you have? (of vscode)22:06
ograi didnt have to use any flag ...22:06
telmacso indeed it doesn't help with the flag, same error as I was getting a while back:22:07
ograit was a few weeks ago and i tested for someone else, it is uninstalled again ... but back then i installed from the latest/stable snap channel whetever was recent in there22:07
telmac~$ code --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland22:07
telmacWarning: 'enable-features' is not in the list of known options, but still passed to Electron/Chromium.22:07
telmacWarning: 'ozone-platform' is not in the list of known options, but still passed to Electron/Chromium.22:07
ograthats fine, just a warning ...22:07
telmacwell, but then it just didn't open anything22:07
telmacI'm not very knowledgeable about snap, is the repository the "same" for everyone?22:07
ograits a single package per channel for every distor/relese you install it on22:08
ogra*distro or release22:08
ogratechnically it should work the same everywhere22:09
telmac(and like, out of the box looks like it's rendering at a lower res etc)22:09
telmacwell I'm running 22.1022:09
ograah, 22.04 here22:09
telmacoh interesting22:09
ogramight be related to gnome shell  ?22:09
telmacwait what compositor are you running22:10
ogradefault ubuntu desktop22:10
telmacso I think this *was* fine in gnome shell but I think I was also running at 100% in gnome shell with some stupid "large text" thing on22:10
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ogra(well, a bunch of extensions and hacks ... but largely default 🙂 )22:10
telmacand then I switched to sway recently and now this is broken22:11
telmacI mean I could go check in gnome if it has this problem with fractional scaling22:11
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telmacok well now chrome is no longer crashing22:13
telmacho hum22:13
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saundersIs there something like lspci to show my monitor details?23:34
sarnoldedid-decode or read-edid perhaps?23:37

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