guivercarraybolt3, another day & no openbox crashes... (last was @Mar 16 09:46 my local time; then I switched to other DEs... then back to LXQt but xfwm4 instead of openbox... been using openbox again since your PPA)02:14
* guiverc back shortly... box complaining it wants reboot for some reason...02:14
arraybolt3guiverc: Nice! I guess I'll upload the patch to the archive then.02:31
arraybolt3My brain needs a break from what I was going anyway (Bash script headache is setting in :P)02:31
arraybolt3Fix pushed to archive, should be rolling out soon if all goes well.02:52
arraybolt3(Here's hoping I have upload access to Openbox...)02:52
arraybolt3Darn. I don't.02:52
arraybolt3OK, so...02:52
guiverc[m]<arraybolt3> "guiverc: Whenever you see this..." <- I just read this....  My prior update was just I felt it time... still no crashes till now too 🙂04:46
arraybolt3I did some edge case testing a bit ago (I lack the proper upload rights so I'm trying to get the patch sponsored and other devs aren't quite sure the patch is correct - hopefully if it's not we'll catch it, and if it is, we'll get it into further testing soon)04:52
guivercthanks arraybolt3, yeah I read the bug report log...   I could report my testing of your PPA 'fix' on that bug report if you feel worthwhile too04:55
arraybolt3That could be helpful, thanks!04:56
guivercack... i just started a QA test of lunar.. i'll complete that; feed birbs & write something post-that..04:59

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