mwhudsonYou submitted an invalid request: python-flake8/5.0.4-4 is not published in PPA danilogondolfo/icdiff lunar00:14
danilogondolfowhat... wait, I have proposed enabled in the PPA dependencies... how do you trigger a PPA test with something from proposed?00:18
mwhudsondanilogondolfo: i think you need to copy the thing from propsoed (and then wait for it to publish :/)00:36
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arraybolt3Can I get someone to sponsor an upload to Openbox for me real quick? It's a critical bugfix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openbox/+bug/2011751 that I would really like to get in before Beta Freeze if at all possible. The debdiff is attached to the bug report.02:58
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 2011751 in openbox (Ubuntu) "openbox crashed with SIGABRT" [Critical, Confirmed]02:58
arraybolt3tsimonq2, teward: ^02:59
arraybolt3(in case anyone's wondering, yes, I am about to write to devel-permissions to ask for that to be added to the Lubuntu packageset.)02:59
dbungertarraybolt3: looking03:00
arraybolt3(btw the code added in that patch has been tested by one of Lubuntu's testers for a couple of days and it resolves the bug for him.)03:05
arraybolt3dbungert: Saw your comment, and followed up with some extra rationale and some testing.04:13
rbasakcpaelzer: sergiodj's (excellent) dep8 test for mosh goes out of its way to run the upstream test suite against the installed system binaries. But is that overkill? I thought the request was to hack the autopkgtest rdep trigger to rebuild and rerun mosh's upstream test suite but against its own built binaries instead?12:35
rbasakThe only catch doing it this way is that it's a bit fragile to upstream testsuite changes.12:35
rbasakSo I'm wondering if it's worth it, in case it wasn't actually the MIR team's request.12:36
cpaelzerwe usually want to test what is in the package12:59
cpaelzerI mean you know the argument best from the SRU POV13:00
cpaelzeryou do not want the thing in the PPA to be tested, the actual build that lands13:00
cpaelzerrbasak: ^^13:00
blucacould you submit those changes as a MR on salsa too please? I'd like to reduce the delta between debian and ubuntu13:01
blucasorry that was for hallyn ^13:01
blucareg. the libsystemd static stuff13:02
rbasakWell, OK. For mosh, it seems required to rebuild the source tree to get the test suite (or else we'd need a separate mosh test suite binary package or something).13:06
rbasakAnd at that point, it feels like a hack to use autopkgtest for this, rather than just requiring rdep build testing before proposed migration for some packages.13:06
rbasakBut fine :)13:06
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enr0nbluca: hallyn: I was planning to do so13:39
hallynbluca: enr0n: oh, great, thanks13:40
blucagreat, thanks13:42
ahasenackin ubuntu-hints, what's the difference between force-badtest and force-skiptest again?16:08
tumbleweedforce-badtest means assume the previous test for a given package had failed (so failing again isn't a regression)16:12
tumbleweedforce-skiptest says don't wait for the reverse-deps of a package to pass autopkgtests16:12
tewardddstreet: NACK on memtest86+ backport of 6.10-2 - see my note on the bug and why i'd like it to be updated to -4 instead of -2 for backporting18:58
teward(updates in -3 and -4 to match EFI spec)18:59
tewardmapreri: ^^ (see #1998834 for reference)19:01
danilogondolfoanybody available to review and sponsor (or not) a workaround for icdiff autopkgtest? https://code.launchpad.net/~danilogondolfo/ubuntu/+source/icdiff/+git/icdiff/+merge/43941019:22
danilogondolfoahasenack_, ^ I commented out that test for now, will try to submit a fix upstream19:23
ahasenack_danilogondolfo: ah, cool. Any idea what the fix will be yet? :)19:23
danilogondolfonot rely on the file descriptor number I guess hehe19:24
danilogondolfoahasenack_, that was the first workaround https://code.launchpad.net/~danilogondolfo/ubuntu/+source/icdiff/+git/icdiff/+merge/43936019:25
ahasenack_did you run that in an autopkgtest env?19:25
ahasenack_I'm wondering if you are closing fds that are needed by the infra19:26
danilogondolfono, I didn't. It requires python-flake8 from proposed and apparently I'd need to create a PPA of it to run the test, and I ended up not doing that.19:27
danilogondolfoI think it's safer to just disable that particular test19:29
sergiodjdanilogondolfo: sorry for jumping into the conversation, but can you reproduce the problem locally?  I forgot19:29
danilogondolfosergiodj, yes, the test never works on autopkgtest19:29
sergiodjdanilogondolfo: gotcha.  so since we're talking about workarounds, another one is to adjust the expected fds if running inside autopkgtest19:29
sergiodjof course, this is ugly and all, but I think it's safer than closing unknown fds19:30
danilogondolfoso, it will try to match the fd it gets from <(cat somefile.txt) with the content of another file that has the /dev/fd/63 hardcoded19:31
sergiodjugh, what an ugly way to test things :-/19:33
danilogondolfomy idea was to just disable it for now and work with upstream to find a better solution and also incorporate another patch present in the package19:33
sergiodjI think it's better to skip the test for now, indeed19:34
mwhudsonhooray for a less broken linux-libc-dev20:14
ddstreetricotz lp: #2009944 LGTM, feel free to ping me once the backport-from version moves from kinetic-proposed to kinetic-updates and i'll approve the backports20:31
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 2009944 in libreoffice (Ubuntu Jammy) "[BPO] libreoffice 7.4.6 for bionic, focal and jammy" [High, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200994420:31
ricotzddstreet, thx, ack (jfyi https://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs//main/libr/libreoffice/libreoffice_7.4.5-2_changelog)20:46
ddstreethmm so, ubuntu is ahead of debian for libreoffce?20:48
ddstreetwell, i guess we are ahead of unstable20:48
ddstreeti mean, hey if you get it into kinetic-updates, that's good enough for me ;-)20:49
tewardddstreet: i wasn't sure if you saw my NACK note here, but we have a way forward for memtest86+ for backports - when -4 is available Just Do It for the upload + approve for -backports pocket20:58
teward*goes back to poking things in -proposed*20:59
ddstreetteward yep! thanks :)20:59

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