nsaundershow do I detect the details for the VGA monitor?  Something like lspci?00:17
sarnoldnsaunders: < arraybolt3> xrandr? < sarnold> edid-decode or read-edid perhaps?00:18
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khadasHey guys, whose all here00:55
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LifeIsSoEZEZEZprintf("Sexbuntu slave World ~")01:28
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five6184if I have gdb:amd64 and gdb:arm64, how can I choose which one to run?02:17
five6184in the case of multiarch system02:17
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lmatfive6184: What, pray, is a multi-architecture system?02:19
five6184just one that has "sudo dpkg --add-architecture amd64" and "sudo dpkg --add-architecture arm64"02:20
five6184in my case it's an M1 mac with Rosetta 2 emulation02:20
five6184but I think I got an answer, gdb:arm64 replaces gdb:amd64 and vice versa02:20
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arraybolt3OK, this is going to be a pretty silly question, but... how on earth is Bash's autocomplete feature so... powerful? I mean it makes sense that it can tab-complete directory names, but on my system it can even autocomplete Git subcommands and branch names. How. On earth. Is it doing that.02:39
arraybolt3This is only out of curiosity, so if it's not enough of a "support" question to be on-topic here, I can take it elsewhere.02:40
e25gnome-software won't show me anything in any category, its just blank.  however it works fine if i search, works fine to install stuff, remove stuff, do updates.  the only thing i cant do is browse by category....03:19
lotuspsychjee25: seems to work here on 22.0403:22
lotuspsychjee25: are you using default snap store, or did you reinstall the old gnome software?03:23
leftyfbe25: don't use gnome-software. Use "Ubuntu Software"03:23
e25I am not sure what to do is why I ask here.  I tried deleting .cache/gnome-software03:23
e25I am using gnome-software not snap store.  I am not using standard ubuntu flavor, i started with ubuntu-server and installed lightdm then enlightenment then a few other things then now trying to figure out gnome-software03:24
leftyfbe25: don't. Use the supported software store03:25
leftyfbe25: sudo snap install snap-store03:26
e25I'm trying to solve problem with gnome-software, which is part of ubuntu, no?03:26
e25I don't want to install snap store, but thanks for idea leftyb.03:27
e25I already have an idea for alternative if this doesnt work, but I don't understand why it doesnt work...03:27
e25I can search and find everything ,just not browse by category.03:27
lotuspsychjethere's always good ol synaptic you can use e2503:28
e25Okay I'm not looking for alternatives, but thanks.03:28
e25Nor would synaptic be an actual alternative, plasma-discover is what I'll try next if for some reason I can't get gnome=software to work.03:29
e25synaptic is a gui package manager, not an app store anyway.03:29
leftyfbe25: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1248599/ubuntu-software-shows-only-editors-picks-20-0403:30
e25Mine not only shows the editors picks, but also shows the categories....03:31
e25Its just when I click on the categories, the content is blank... at first it shows a kinda outline, then goes to pure blank after 5 mins or so03:32
lotuspsychjeyou can file a new !bug if you like e2503:36
e25well i assume its not a bug, just a setting or something im missing or something, somebody earlier said it works fine for them, so i doubt a bug03:36
e25oh it was you that said it worked for you....03:37
lotuspsychjee25: no, i tested it on snap-store03:37
e25https://i.imgur.com/iAYiWk6.png  https://i.imgur.com/5t2Xof0.png  https://i.imgur.com/iGBksum.png03:41
e25I just took some screenshots incase it wasn't clear explanation. If anyone has idea please lmk I will stay online few more hours.03:42
lotuspsychjee25: you could bootup a liveusb of an ubuntu flavour that used gnome-software by default to compare its not user related or a result of your frankenubuntu tests03:46
lotuspsychjee25: and/or create a new user to test it on, or try it on gnome itself03:47
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blahboybazif someon is familar with the cloud image or the docekr image based on it..  In that past, when installing ubuntu on bare metal (not docekr image) I recall having to `sudo apt update && sudo apt apgrade` and (often) a great many packages would have to get upgraded - so much so that you would step away and do something else for a while until it completes. Is upgrading not necessary for the cloud06:08
blahboybazimage/docker image? Is it somehow implemented in a way that it is assured to be up to date on any given day that you use it? If so how?06:08
rfmblahboybaz, afaik the process that generates the images is going to do a update before it spins the image out, and that runs ~daily, so generaly images should be pretty much up to date.07:37
circleHi I am using (K)Ubuntu 22.04.2 live installer [USB] on an 2019 laptop with Secure Boot Enabled. I get a "Verification failed: (0x1A) Security Violation screen, which I guess means that the signing key used for the Ubuntu boot process was not preinstalled in 2019, since the next screen says "Perform MOK management" and offers to enroll a key from07:49
circledisk, and offers to browse the EFI directory. Where is the key on the live install image?07:49
circleI should say that the USB booted in secure mode previously, but stopped, perhaps because I reset the BIOS X-(07:50
circleOh it only lets me browse EFI/boot and there are only 3 .efi files, when "Only DER encoded certficate ... " is accepted.07:53
circleSomeone yesterday mentioned boot repair, but I don't see it on the Live/Installer08:04
toddccircle: on first boot you must enroll in MOK  enroll MOK enter continue enter enter secureboot password then reboot08:17
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toddccircle: for boot repair see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair08:18
toddccircle: this video shows correct MOK enrollment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8VwTYU0Mec&ab_channel=PhilipYip08:22
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circletoddc in that video Secure Boot is on, and the USB boots without difficulty08:34
circlethen it shows how to add keys for third party hardware,08:36
circleWhat's missing is the key for the Ubuntu boot shim or grub shim or something like that.08:37
circleCan I do the same process for the shim as the third party drivers?08:38
toddccircle: yes it will accept them after MOK is activated09:13
circleon boot of live/install USB I get bad shim signature09:13
toddcI have never had to repair reinstall but I am sure it can be done. boot repair last time i used it was a bit limited at secureboot not sure if it is better now--09:16
toddccircle: search ubuntu Mok repair there are several guides but I have not tested as it worked on each install I had so far live does not use MOK so may be a issue with your live media09:19
toddccircle: I am no expert but I have installed it 20+ times with out a issue during fresh install09:21
circleI think there was a key update distributed in recent years, and the Ubuntu shim is signed by an updated key. So I think the issue is how to install the updated key, rather than just to sign each OS install.09:21
circleDoes this make sense?09:21
circleUbuntu booted fine in Secure Boot until I reset the BIOS, and lost any updated keys09:21
toddcnot that I have seen  I use MOK on 20.04 and 22.04 I think updating the bios may hace wiped to path to the key so finding the path to the key may be the issue. during a fresh install MOK sets the path automaticly09:24
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circle-tootoddc: I am previously known as circle.09:28
toddcI did see a update for uefi dbx but it worked for me on all my computers soooo no idea there09:28
circle-tooThank you for the ideas. Have to disconnect for a bit, then I'll try them out.09:29
toddcyou may need some with a more in depth knowage of secureboot or create new media and reinstall09:29
toddcor disable secureboot as it not a hude security issue on linux as I have heard09:30
circle-tooI'm pretty sure it's not the media fault, its my UEFI - SecureBoot key database, which I understand poorly.09:32
toddcif live media fails shim test then I suspect live media09:34
circle-tooDo we know what key is used to sign the shim, and when that key was universally distributed among hardware manufacturers? I thought this was only in recent years.09:40
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toddccircle-too: ubuntu has their own signed key and as far as I know one and only key. bios needs the path to the key in the dbx file09:43
ice9I deleted .local/share/keyring by mistake now apps can't save their passwords when I enter them again, I rebooted but still same issue10:21
ice9when I try to start google chrome I get: libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null); any idea?10:23
migratHey, i can't seem to find Atari800 or UAE amiga emulators, aren't they packaged in the official Ubuntu repositories>?11:07
guivercmigrat, i see "Atari 8-bit emulator for SDL" packaged for all releases, but I know nothing about it (apt-cache search found it along with other stuff)11:09
migratguiverc, there is only the console Stella, but i mean the old computers Atari and the Amigas.11:10
migratok i just found them.11:11
guivercthey may not have been open-sourced; they possibly hoped to 'sell' them; consoles were pretty much abandoned thus open-sourcing wasn't an issue.. but I'm no expert.11:11
migratmy apt cache was not updated.11:11
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migrathowever only atari 16b it seems, but it's nice already,.11:16
ni-uxis there a good way to configure apt to never use snap? there are some packages where it seems to deceive you into thinking you're installing a real package but then it reinstalls snap and then a "snap" package version of the app11:36
lotuspsychjeni-ux: purge snapd if you dont want to use snaps?11:40
ni-uxyes, but then some packages reinstall snap rather than using a real package11:40
ni-uxreally it would be better if we just move away from snap entirely - it isn't suitable for production use so at work we end up having to double check its removed from any servers and for personal people could always install it themselves if for some reason they want to have no autonomy or control over updates and to waste tons of disk space by creating little needlessly isolated package environments for everything11:41
lotuspsychjethis is an ubuntu server ni-ux ?11:42
ni-uxboth server and desktop seem to have the cancer yes11:42
lotuspsychjedont think its possible to ditch on server11:42
ni-uxit is - just takes some work11:43
lotuspsychjeogra: maybe you can advice here^11:43
migratbecause snaps makes life easier for packages maintainers sometimes, they don't need to deal many different dependencies library version etc.11:43
ni-uxright but package maintainer laziness isn't really a reason to do something at scale11:43
ni-uxjust release source tarballs if you dont' want to make a deb or rpm11:44
ni-uxif someone only releases snaps their software is probably buggy and poorly written anyway11:45
ravageSnaps will stay an important part of Ubuntu11:46
migratAn option flag to prevent apt / synaptic to install snaps or flatpacks etc could be cool anyway.11:46
ravageIf you don't like snap at all choose another distribution11:46
migratthere's also .appimage files all pack into a single file.11:47
ni-uxI've been using ubuntu for 15+ years - it would suck if they make poor decisions that lead to having to choose an alternative11:47
ni-uxif you're really sold on lazy package management at least use flatpak where there is some control over updates11:47
ravageFeel free to discuss in #ubuntu-discuss11:48
lotuspsychjelets not drag this into a discussion here ni-ux11:48
ni-uxand on the server side neither flatpak nor snap should ever be installed11:48
ni-uxok fair enough11:48
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webchat53Hello -12:32
webchat53I have installed Ubuntu on my old MacBook to use as a home network cups server. The printer is connected via USB to the Ubunutu Macbook. I have installed cups and samba and have everything up and running GREAT!12:32
webchat53Because it is a laptop and I want to keep the lid closed so I disabled the lid suspend so that the computer wont fall asleep.12:32
webchat53I am now realizing that the computer will be running full time for no reason other than waiting for print jobs.12:32
webchat53My question: is there not a way to have the computer wake for cups network access? Currently, if I allow it to sleep it will not wake or even show a printer on the LAN.12:32
webchat53I hope that all makes sense. Just to sum up:12:32
wudu_Hello. I'm running a VPS with Ubuntu 20.04 and Tor from the Torproject repo. Tor doesn't upgrade and is now outdated due to unresolved dependency: tor : Depends: "runit-helper (>= 2.10.0~) but 2.8.14ubuntu2 is to be installed". I can't do a dist upgrade ATM. Can I solve this somehow?12:33
max_hi all12:45
ice9google-chrome fail to start: libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null); any idea?12:47
max_can i ask something about ubuntu pro? the command "pro security-status" doesn't work anymore and /snap/bin/canonical-livepatch too12:48
spinningCathow can i solve this error curl: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory12:53
ice9spinningCat, run: sudo apt install libssl312:54
spinningCatice9,  it is already installed12:55
spinningCathmm using curl with sude solved the problem,12:56
BluesKajHi all12:59
circletoddc: Thank you for the discussion; Oddly, after powering down, moving the laptop, and booting again, I didn't get the error message, hope it stays away. X)13:11
flafHi everybody. I'm trying to understand how an APT upgrade via unattended-upgrade is triggered on Ubuntu 22.04. According to my searchs on Web, upgrades are triggered by a systemd timer apt-daily-upgrade which launches the commad "/usr/lib/apt/apt.systemd.daily install". But the systemd unit belongs to the package apt, not unattended-upgrade package. And unattended-upgrade has it owned daemon (the14:04
flafcommand /usr/share/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrade-shutdown --wait-for-signal). In this case, what is the goal of this daemon? Which system component triggers the automatic upgrade? Thx.14:04
iorianope, that script just temporarily inhibits a shutdown signal until apt finishes14:06
flafioria: ah ok thx. 1) So, in this case, the command “systemctl disable unattended-upgrades.service” doesn't disable automatic upgrades, correct? To disable automatic upgrades, I have to do “systemctl disable apt-daily-upgrade.service”, correct? 2) The daemon apt-daily-upgrade belongs to "apt" package. So, if the package unattended-upgrade is uninstalled (but not apt), what does the daemon14:11
ograthe systemd timer is a direct replacement of the former cron apt daily/weekly stuff ... unattended upgrades just hooks into that mechanism14:12
ioriai guess a simple 'dpkg-reconfigure -plow unattended-upgrades' willdo it14:12
oerheksioria, +114:12
ograyeah, what ioria said14:12
ioriaand you can check 20auto-upgrades  ; it should be all set to zero  iirc14:15
flafoerheks: ioria: Ok and if unattended is not installed, the systemd unit “apt-daily-upgrade.service” just does... nothing?14:15
ioriaflaf, we should reread the script to be sure :þ14:16
ioria this ib/apt/apt.systemd.daily14:18
jhutchinsWhat determines when an un-installed package appears in dpkg -l even after it's been purged (it shows as "un")?14:18
ioriai mean : /usr/lib/apt/apt.systemd.daily14:18
flafioria: in the script, I can see this line “command -v unattended-upgrade ... && ...“. So I am probably not far from the truth.14:18
flafioria and oerheks: thx for your help.14:19
ioriano prob14:19
ioriajhutchins, un = unknown ?14:22
ograit doesnt "just do nothing" ... the timer does a lot beyond triggering unattended upgrades, i.e. all the apt hygiene bits based on apt config (which is why you should not tinker with the timer but only with unattended-upgrades itself)14:23
jhutchinsioria: I believe that's "uninstalled".14:24
jhutchinsIn the first field which shows ii for installed packages.14:24
jhutchinsI do have a bunch that are "rc" (I think that's removed, configured (the configuration file has not been purged).14:25
jhutchinsioria: Yes, I know what they mean, I want to know why a package shows as un instead of just not being listed.14:26
ograun -> unknown and not installed (you have to read the two letters separately)14:27
ioriajhutchins, you need some research ; apt-cache policy pkg14:27
flafogra: ok. But if I want to change the moment when an upgrade via unattended-upgrade is done, I have to override the timer "apt-daily-upgrade.service", no? Because by default it's between 6:00-7:00 (AM).14:28
ograflaf, you maintain that in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20auto-upgrades IIRC14:29
ograsee https://wiki.debian.org/UnattendedUpgrades#automatic_call_via_.2Fetc.2Fapt.2Fapt.conf.d.2F02periodic14:30
ioriaSome configuration files might be 'unknown' to dpkg because they are created and handled separately through the configuration scripts14:31
flafogra: not in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20auto-upgrades because it's the systemd timer "apt-daily-upgrade.timer" which chooses when the unattended-upgrade is run.14:32
flafogra: in your url there is my answer https://wiki.debian.org/UnattendedUpgrades#Modifying_download_and_upgrade_schedules_.28on_systemd.29 <= it's a change of the unit apt-daily-upgrade.timer indeed.14:34
ograflaf, wrong, the timer only choses when to trigger all the apt things ... unattended-upgrades is only one of them and should be maaged via the config14:35
jhutchinsDoes apt autoremove take a "purge" argument?14:42
flafogra: to you, which system component run the “unattended-upgrade” command? To me, it's the systemd timer "apt-daily-upgrade.timer" which contains “OnCalendar=*-*-* 6:00” (ie at 6:00 AM with a random delay), this timer run the command “/usr/lib/apt/apt.systemd.daily install” defined in the systemd unit “apt-daily-upgrade.service”, and this command run the command14:42
flaf“unattended-upgrade”. So, to me, to change the moment the moment when unattended-upgrade is run, I have to edit/override the timer "apt-daily-upgrade.timer", and this is documented in your URL https://wiki.debian.org/UnattendedUpgrades in section 3. Am I wrong?14:42
oerheksjhutchins, yes14:43
oerheksYes, but not every file related to package is deleted as purge doesn't remove data stored by packages inside the home directory or other special directories.14:43
oerheksso, your pics will remain, made with an obscure paint program 😛14:44
jhutchinsTheoretically there is no saved data, as these programs have never been used.  (Mostly gnome/GUI stuff on a server.)14:44
oerheksoke, then you are fine14:44
ograflaf, the point is that this timer is an apt part, it runs a ton of other stuff to keep apt clean and working fine ... apt explicitly offers config options for managing the unattended-upgrades side14:46
flafogra said: “apt explicitly offers config options for managing the unattended-upgrades side” <= yes but not for managing the moment when unattended-upgrades is run, because it's set in the “timer apt-daily-upgrade.timer”. Do we agree? Or is this doc wrong => https://wiki.debian.org/UnattendedUpgrades#Modifying_download_and_upgrade_schedules_.28on_systemd.29 ?14:50
ograflaf, i pointed you to the doc above ...14:54
ograit has settings for scheduling unattended-upgrades ....14:55
masonHi all. A co-worker's looking for kernel source, and it appears that "apt source linux-source" is no longer the right way. Is there a write-up of how it's to be done nowadays?15:17
ravagemason: what is the error? do you have src packages enabled in your sources.list ?15:18
masonravage: Yep, uncommented the correct deb-src and he can download the package with "apt source linux-source" but the result isn't the source I expected: https://bpa.st/5ZQRW15:20
ravagemason: apt search linux-source15:20
ravagethen get the version you want instead of the virtual package15:20
masonAha. Okay, this is different from Debian, and I was assuming it was the same.15:21
oerheksapt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)15:21
masonoerheks: Thank you - that's probably what we'll do, but nice having a clue in both directions. Thank you both.15:21
ravageoerheks: i think that will now work15:21
oerhekshave fun!15:21
ravagethe package name is linux-source-5.19.0 for example15:21
ravageoh linux-image?15:22
ravagedoes that actually get the source of the image? never tried that :)15:22
ravagePicking 'linux-signed-hwe-5.19' as source package instead of 'linux-image-5.19.0-35-generic'15:23
ravageE: Unable to find a source package for linux-signed-hwe-5.1915:23
ravagebut yep15:23
ravageok that looks nice really15:23
ravagei dont have source packages enabled atm15:23
masonI think for what we want, grabbing it from git might be the most straightforward. There's evidently some funny behaviour relating to igb, although I don't have enough numbers to ask about it in more detail just yet.15:24
masonPacket loss, random latency, appears in... maybe 5.15.x, goes away in newer kernels, but I don't have enough specifics to actually ask about it, unless there are well-known issues that just pop to folks' minds. :P15:25
ravageplease file a bug if you find anything15:26
masonravage: Sure. It appears to be fixed. What I'm told - and this is all second-hand - is "old kernel, packet loss - new kernel, works fine".15:26
masonBut if it's an issue in an older still-shipped kernel, then yeah. I'll file one as soon as I learn more.15:26
hejaziHi All15:27
hejaziAs you know, the time in Iran will not change from this year (mean daylight), but my Ubuntu 16.04 distros has applied the time changes.15:27
hejaziIs there a way to solve the problem?15:27
ravagehejazi: update to a supported release15:28
ravage16.04 is EOL15:28
masonhejazi: you can manually choose an earlier version of the relevant package if that helps15:28
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ravage!eolupgrade | hejazi15:28
ubottuhejazi: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:28
hejaziI planned this upgrade but now I want to solving this problem15:29
ravageplan it now. your system security is at risk here15:29
ravageand we do not support EOL versions here at all15:30
hejaziOk thanks15:30
ograif you want to keep it and still want support, you can pay for ubuntu pro ... 16.04 still has 3y of paid support15:31
ravagestill no support here15:31
ForeverNoob[m]Hello, how much does a 22.04 minimal server download upon setup (assuming no extra packages) ?15:32
jhutchinsThis is probably a google question, but how do I pipe either the output of a command or a file that lists packages to be acted on by apt? (apt purge < file)?15:33
ravageForeverNoob[m]: it should be able to install without any internet connection really15:33
masonjhutchins: apt install $(cat file)15:33
masonjhutchins: maybe xargs if you want to pipe from a command without an intermediary file15:34
masonjhutchins: or if you want to be perverse, mkfifo and do the first form against that while your other process writes to it =cough=15:34
masonI want you to have all the options. :P15:34
jhutchinsproably < file will work.15:37
masonjhutchins: Note that that will feed stdin, not command line arguments15:37
masonI don't think it'd actually work, but maybe I'd be wrong.15:37
jhutchinsNothing works so far.15:40
masonjhutchins: apt install $(cat list-of-files)15:40
jhutchinsAh, there we are.15:41
jhutchinsmason: Thank you.  "cat" is so often the wrong tool, but it worked.15:45
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masonRe: the kernel source earlier, found a nice description of snagging various sources with git: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/KernelGitGuide15:45
masonjhutchins: There's probably some equivalent bashism that'd do it too, but I emit no bash-specific syntax in any context.15:46
ogragood boy !15:47
ograPOSIX FTW !15:47
ForeverNoob[m]ravage: Doesn't a minimal installation require a network though?15:48
jhutchinsmason: Someone has suggested $(< file)15:49
masonjhutchins: Mentally attach "non-portable" to anything that person might recommend in future.15:49
jhutchinsmason: I do not believe in portability.  It's a false promise.15:50
ograit usually works for shell if you stick to POSIX15:51
jhutchinsogra: Given that I stick to Linux, even that doesn't apply.15:52
jhutchins(I guess that will confuse me on a mac, but I'm already lost there.)15:52
ograi'm pretty sure MAC supports POSIX given its BSD inheritance15:53
masonZSH lately15:53
ograas /bin/sh ?15:53
ograor as login shell15:54
jhutchinsMy solution is "ask somebody who knows macs".15:54
ograaaanyway ... we're quite offtopic here ...15:55
* ogra points to #ubuntu-discuss for further conversation on that (off)topic15:55
relipseHi, I got a .deb file (Synergy) beta, but how do I uninstall the last one? Every time I right click and open the new one it doesn't load16:44
leftyfbrelipse: sudo dpkg -i <path/to/synergy.deb>16:47
leftyfbjust install the new one, it will override the previous16:47
matsamanrecursion: synergy? I think you want barrier probably16:48
leftyfbmatsaman: synergy is just fine16:48
matsamannot if it's not in the repos, nope16:48
matsamanthere's a reason barrier is in the repos and synergy not so much16:48
leftyfbmatsaman: yes, synergy is a commercial, non-OSS product16:49
matsamanit's very unlikely anything a person would want from synergy is not offered by barrier16:49
relipsei don' get it, i tried barrier and synergy and the mouse is very lagged on my ubuntu box16:52
matsamanwhat's your setup?16:52
matsamanOSes, network, &c16:53
relipseWindows 11 Professional as server and Ubuntu 22.04 xorg as client on right side, both connected to ehternet wired16:59
matsamansame barrier version on each?17:00
matsamanserver is probably better on Ubuntu, if it can be17:00
relipseyes tried both same barrier version and same synergy version same thing17:10
leftyfbrelipse: cat /sys/class/net/$(ip route |awk '/default/ {print $5}')/speed17:14
leftyfbrelipse: what does that give you?17:14
relipsecat: /sys/class/net/enxa0cec889d169: Is a directory17:15
relipsecat: wlp1s0/speed: No such file or directory17:15
leftyfbrelipse: you have both wired and wireless on your ubuntu machine. You're probably using the ip of the wifi interface for synergy/barrier17:15
leftyfbrelipse: sorry, both wired and wireless are active17:16
leftyfbI would recommend disabling wifi and then try17:16
relipse cat /sys/class/net/$(ip route |awk '/default/ {print $5}')/speed17:18
leftyfbOk, now reconnect synergy17:20
jo-erlendIs barrier a new thing or based on the original synergy from when it was open source?17:34
leftyfbjo-erlend: https://github.com/debauchee/barrier17:38
jo-erlendleftyfb, right. Then I think it's the one I've used before.17:45
ForeverNoob[m]If this command resulted in 0 bad blocks, should I assume the drive is fine? badblocks -sv -p 3 -b 4096 /dev/sda -o bbresult.txt18:07
jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: It's OK if you have some bad blocks, what you want to watch for is if they start increasing.  You might look at the smartmontools package.18:14
jhutchins!info smartmontools18:14
ubottusmartmontools (7.3-1, kinetic): control and monitor storage systems using S.M.A.R.T.. In component main, is optional. Built by smartmontools. Size 605 kB / 2,045 kB18:14
tomreynif badblocks finds any bad blocks this way, it means they were either previously unknown to the drive firmware or the drive has run out of reserved / replacement blocks. generally, i'd prefer a smart long self test (-t long) over badblocks tests (which only tests currently usable blocks), and can unneccessarily increase wear (and cause data loss with -w).18:24
tomreynthis said, smart tests aren't really reliable either, but at least provide soem indication.18:25
matsamanForeverNoob[m]: you should assume the drive is fine until you have a reason to suspect it isn't18:28
relipseok i switched the server to ubuntu 22.04 machine and it is much faster, the issue here is that is not the way I have my computers set up18:41
relipsefor synergy18:41
jhutchinsIt seems like dmesg is where I've seen growing bad blocks reported.  I don't know if that's due to smartmontools or something else.18:55
ForeverNoob[m]matsaman: My FS was suddenly RO and when I rebooted it dropped me into initramfs after failing a fsck. I did a long SMART selftest and the above badblocks. Everything seems fine, but still. Should I throw away that SSD just to be sure?18:55
jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: You should monitor it closely, test it daily if it's not reporting in dmesg, and if you see anything like increasing bad blocks order the replacement.18:57
jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: I would suggest backups, but nobody ever listens to that.18:57
SuperLagFirefox seems pretty crucial to the Ubuntu install. I was getting an error about the snap, something about it not being connected? 🤔 I don't remember exactly. What I ended up doing was "sudo snap uninstall firefox" then "sudo snap install firefox". I'm wondering if the uninstall broke anything further because of how much it took with it, and if the install then fixed it all?19:02
ForeverNoob[m]jhutchins: To my defense I did have backups, but they were outdated :p19:05
csexecutiveForeverNoob[m], respectfully then oyu didnt have backups if they were untested and/or recent19:11
ForeverNoob[m]Fair point.19:11
matsamanForeverNoob[m]: keep backups, replace hardware that is consistently problematic, that's it19:12
matsamanno smart required19:12
ograSuperLag, typically snaps take daa snapshots and restore them whn you re-install ... unless you use the --purge argument for "remove", so it should still have the same data as before ... next time better note down what was not connected and ask here ... or simply use the "snap connect ..." command yourself 😉19:19
jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: If the drive hasn't failed outright you can certainly update your backups in case the drive is failing.19:33
jhutchins(If it's not, bonus: you get backups.)19:33
steerpikehi, on 22.04, where are all the dhcp lease files?19:44
steerpike/var/lib/dhcp/ is empty19:45
oerhekson server? https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/en/man5/dhcpd.leases.5.html19:45
steerpikefound it in /var/lib/NetworkManager/dhclien-*.lease19:46
oerheksyes, without more details about time, as they are endless19:48
AlbrightDo packages not generally get point releases for the LTS releases? More specifically, can I expect a PHP 8.2 release for 22.04 LTS some day?19:50
jo-erlendAlbright, in general, Ubuntu wants to change as little as possible during the lifetime of a release. PHP should remain at the original version forever.19:51
jo-erlendAlbright, they still receive fixes, but they are backported to the original version. So no worries about security or things like that.19:51
sarnoldAlbright: some things like mysql and mariadb get updated in that style https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#New_upstream_microreleases  but it's pretty rare19:53
Albrightjo-erlend: Okay, I was expecting that. Thanks. Fortunately we don't *need* 8.2 just yet but 8.1 will go EOL far before 22.04 does… guess we'll just consider upgrading the whole system to the next LTS when that time comes, if it's available19:54
jo-erlendAlbright: Ubuntu will maintain 8.1 forever. Ten years. One of the huge advantages of using Ubuntu.19:54
AlbrightTen years beyond PHP's EOL date?19:55
jo-erlendAlbright: ten years from release of 22.04LTS, meaning until 2032.19:55
AlbrightSo even beyond the EOL of 22.04? huh.19:56
jo-erlendAlbright, yes.19:56
sarnoldAlbright: main gets five years of support for free; you can buy additional support beyond that, if you want https://ubuntu.com/pro19:56
sarnoldAlbright: there's also two free tiers for additional support19:56
jo-erlendAlbright, you'll need Ubuntu Pro for the last five years, but it's free for three systems for non-commercial and very cheap for commercial use too.19:57
ravageAlbright: for PHP updates there a well maintained PPA at https://deb.sury.org/ . but keep in mind we cant give support for that here. a bug tracker for that PPA exists19:57
Albrightravage: I'm aware of those packages but I'm a little leery of trusting third-party package sources no matter how popular they are19:58
ravagefair point19:58
ravagethen see messages above19:58
AlbrightMaybe it's irrational, but…19:58
sarnoldit's very rational :)19:59
sarnoldondrej seems like a nice guy but it's an additional risk19:59
AlbrightYeah, I guess I'll just re-evaluate stuff with the client once PHP 8.1 goes EOL and see what we want to do then19:59
jo-erlendAlbright; it's not irrational, because it's not just about trusting the developer to not do something wrong, but also about trusting them to not be hacked. Because PPA owners can send anything they want to your system to be run as root, so if they get hacked, you get hacked also. Limiting its use on important system is important.20:00
AlbrightYeah, exactly.20:00
jo-erlendAlbright, you should look at Ubuntu's history of dealing with this, which is extensive. PHP is an enormous important thing and to my knowledge, Ubuntu has never failed. Not once, not ever.20:00
sarnoldjo-erlend: heh I love the enthusiasm but we do make mistakes :)20:01
jo-erlendsarnold, sure. I don't remember any big issues ever having occurred with PHP though. It's not a guarantee it never will. :)20:02
SuperLagogra: doh20:03
SuperLagdidn't know about "snap connect"20:03
SuperLagI'll still have to look up syntax for it20:03
ForeverNoob[m]jhutchins: Oh absolutely. You can bet I'm making some extra backups now :p20:15
sarnoldhi ronoc20:21
chonkinHey I have returned.20:51
jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: Excellent.  They've saved me more than once.  (Experience is proportionate to data destroyed.  I have a lot.)20:55
relipseleftyfb: did you see my post20:59
relipsei switched the server to ubuntu 22.04 and it started working great, but the problem is I don't have my computers set up that way21:00
leftyfbrelipse: ok, so the problem is with Windows. Good luck21:00
leftyfbrelipse: maybe start by checking the interface you are using on Windows and it's speed21:01
prabhakarladHi all, I am trying to build ubuntu 22.04 for arm64. With every article i find I am getting build issues some seem to be outdated. could anyone point me to build info for arm64 if any.21:07
sarnoldprabhakarlad: why are you rebuilding it?21:07
prabhakarladsarnold: I want to make a platform ARM system ready.21:09
sarnoldprabhakarlad: what does that mean?21:09
leftyfbprabhakarlad: https://ubuntu.com/download/server/arm21:09
prabhakarladleftyfb: I need to enable couple of drivers so need to rebuild the image.21:11
matsamanprabhakarlad: and what's stopping you?21:12
sarnoldthis is clearly pretty old but it's not a bad starting point https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel21:12
sarnoldbuilding ubuntu kernel packages isn't *easy* but at least it's way more approachable than "I want to rebuild ubuntu"21:12
oerheks= aarch6421:13
oerheks!info crossbuild-essential-arm6421:15
ubottucrossbuild-essential-arm64 (12.9ubuntu3, kinetic): Informational list of cross-build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Built by build-essential. Size 4 kB / 16 kB21:15
prabhakarladmatsaman: I get error while compiling. let me post the error21:15
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jo-erlendI wonder if Error is getting tired of being notified. :)21:26
jo-erlendError; by the way, I happen to know the joke you're referring to in your realname. :)21:27
prabhakarladsarnold: matsaman: I have pasted the error log here https://paste.debian.net/hidden/e5812fbe/21:29
chonkinwho wants to do Ubuntu booting stuff?21:29
chonkintroubleshooting.  matsaman ?21:29
jhutchinschonkin: The way this works is that you give a through but susinct summary of the problem and see who responds.21:32
sarnoldprabhakarlad: two things jump out .. '-aarm64' feels weird, I've never seen aarm64 before. i've seen aarch64 and I've seen arm64. also, ending the CROSS_COMPILE with a - feels odd. I can't say that's wrong, but it feels weird.21:32
superdiskHi. I'm trying make a small tweak to a kernel module that ship with Ubuntu (gspca_sunplus). I got the kernel sources with `apt-get source linux`, then the headesr with `apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)`, then ran oldconfig and all that stuff, then finally `make -C /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build M=$(pwd) modules` but I'm getting: "fatal error: gspca.h: No such file or directory" and it does seem that `find /usr/src -name21:37
superdisk'gspca.h' -print` shows nothing. So is the header missing or something?21:37
prabhakarladsarnold: -a option here is --host-arch for dpkg-architecture so it will pick up arm6421:37
chonkinMy Ubuntu freezes on boot.   20.04.5LTS ,  kernel=5.15.0-67-generic , gnome=3.36.8  ,   VGA = NVIDIA Corporation GM204GL [Quadro M4000] (rev a1)  .   I can enter gnome desktop (w/network)  using GRUB+edit+nomodeset21:39
oerhekschonkin, you have 20.04.6, just a detail21:43
Didact ok, so like 5 years ago I installed a SSD in my PC on sata 3 and switched it to boot from it, but left in my old HD, apparently because if I turn off sata0 the computer won't boot.  Thoughts?21:48
chonkinoerheks , since you brought that up.  uname -a  shows  #74-20.01.1-Ubuntu .  But Gnome settings shows  OS Name= Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS21:50
oerhekschonkin, any held back packages when you update from comandline?21:50
oerheksDidact, maybe one is old MBR, and your SSD is UEFI?21:50
oerheksor your old hdd has no bootsector, too little info21:51
Didactwell, it seems to be a bios thing... cuz the BIOS says can't boot if I go into the BIOS and turn of SATA021:54
Didacthope that helps21:54
oerhekswhy would you turn of sata?21:54
Didactsata0... that hard disk21:54
oerheksand how is this an ubuntu issue?21:54
DidactI'm booting into ubuntu21:55
oerheksthan do not turn off sata0?21:55
Didactwell, I want to replace it w/ a 4 tb from my old machine21:56
Didactand I want to make sure everything will work when I do that...21:56
Didactif I move the drive from sata 3 to sata 0 it will screw up the boot right?21:57
Didactthe SSD boot21:57
Didactit will become sda1, right?21:57
oerheksno, set the bootdrive right21:57
oerheks* in your bios21:57
Didactso move the boot drive to sata0 ?21:57
DidactI have the boot drive to sata 3 in the bios21:58
Didactthat's whats weird21:58
e25If I wanted to follow debian simplebackport to backport from sid to jammy, is that bad idea?  Or should be safe?  If safe, how do I add the key so the deb-src blahblah sid blahblah line works?22:01
jhutchinse25: What are you backporting and why?22:02
oerhekse25 mixing packages from debian could well be a bad idea, not supported here22:02
e25jhutchins: srain, for fun22:02
e25since jammy has kinda old version and there's no flatpak22:02
jhutchinse25: Um, sid is Debian, isn't it?22:02
e25yeah I was thinking if I built it on jammy from debian source is that still evil?  I guess it is eh?22:03
jhutchinse25: Debian != Ubuntu.22:03
e25No shit?22:03
e25That's why I'm asking, so you're thinking it's a bad idea?22:03
jhutchinse25: You're possibly better off going to the upstream git source.  You might want to look at the patches Debian applies and choose those carefully.22:04
e25Can I do the same thing from ubuntu-devel?  That what my nex tthought, but it was debian's wiki I found and havent found it about ubuntu22:04
jhutchinse25: I would expect that building it from Devel would be a lot safer.22:04
e25I'm not expert at building stuff so following simple backport procedure, that creates an actual package, seemed better than me than random sudo make install that i cant really be sure to undo22:04
oerheksif you use sudo make install, it builds an uninstall script too..22:05
jhutchinse25: Some of the stuff is 1:1 between the two distros, but some is pretty radically different.  At best it might not work, at worst it might screw other things up.22:05
Didactok, bbl, need to test some stuff on the linux box which is my gateway to here22:05
e25oerhawk: doesnt that depend on the author?  and even so, it may or may not overwrite regular ubuntu stuff22:05
e25and if it does, and it removes it stuff, it may or may n ot restore ubuntu stuff22:05
e25i feel safer installing with package manager22:06
chonkinoerheks  this occurred with upgrade  http://paste.debian.net/127495222:06
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oerhekschonkin, sudo apt dist-upgrade will install the lot of them, some can be held back, due to phased updates22:08
ubottuSince Ubuntu 21.04, APT may hold back some updates on some systems while they are being phased in. This is called "phased updates". See https://ubottu.com/y/phased and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.22:08
oerheksone can install them manually, ofcourse22:09
chonkinBut I'm not on 21.04 or later.  I'm earlier22:09
oerheksoh oke22:09
oerheksafter dist-upgrade, run sudo apt install libnvidia-cfg1-525 libnvidia-compute-525 etc etc22:10
jhutchinsoerheks: No meta-package?22:12
oerheksif he builds it the ubuntu way, he' ll be safe22:13
Didacthmmm, might have been user error22:13
Didactoerheks: ty for the help22:14
oerhekshave fun!22:16
chonkinoerheks wait a min.  The command to enter is literally "etc etc"?22:18
oerheksno, etc etc, complete that whole list22:20
oerhekslibnvidia-cfg1-525 libnvidia-compute-525 libnvidia-compute-525:i386 libnvidia-decode-525 libnvidia-decode-525:i386 libnvidia-encode-525 libnvidia-encode-525:i386 libnvidia-extra-525 libnvidia-fbc1-525 libnvidia-fbc1-525:i386 libnvidia-gl-525 libnvidia-gl-525:i386 linux-modules-nvidia-525-generic-hwe-20.04 nvidia-compute-utils-525 nvidia-driver-525 nvidia-kernel-common-525 nvidia-kernel-source-525 nvidia-utils-525 python3-software-properties22:21
oerhekssoftware-properties-common software-properties-gtk xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-52522:21
oerhekstoo long to paste, sorry22:21
chonkinoerheks:  roger. I asked because there is an /etc/22:32
Didactso, will ubuntu read my NTFS formatted disk ?22:33
Hack5190I'm getting the error "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.28' not found" - ldd --version is returning "GLIBC 2.23".  how would I update it?22:55
Hack5190VERSION="16.04.7 LTS (Xenial Xerus)"22:57
ravageyour system is EOL22:57
ravage!eolupgrade | Hack519022:58
ubottuHack5190: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:58
Hack5190im aware of that :)22:58
ravageupgrade/reinstall and come back with a supported version of Ubuntu if you still have problems22:58
Hack5190was hoping there would be a way to upgrade this one item..22:59
oerheksHack5190,  sure, distro upgrade, lolz23:05
oerheks16.04 + ESM would give 2.4823:06
Didactok, so I got my 3tb drive shared via samba, can I just put my 4tb as a mount point under the 3tb or will it have to be a seperate share?23:10
e25I just tried nheko (matrix client) and it seems to be missing a dependency or something.  Any suggestion what I should install?  https://i.imgur.com/vE5bkc3.png23:30
e25(This is on ubuntu-server based system so no desktop package installed this, although I have since installed x&e)23:31
e25i guess just install gnome-keyring?23:32
e25should be a dependency imo23:32
tomreynhow did you install this software, how is it packaged?23:33
leftyfbe25: nheko from the ubuntu repo's installs 119 packages, mainly as part of the GUI desktop so it runs, which is your issue23:34
leftyfbit's a Qt-based app23:34
e25I installed with `sudo apt install nheko`23:35
e25It is packaged in traditional deb package in jammy repo.23:36
e25leftyb: but gnome-keyring isnt one of them23:36
tomreynin *universe*, notably. the jammy version depends on libqt5keychain1 (>= 0.7.0) - Qt API to store passwords (QT5 version)23:37
tomreynso you may just miss dbus and kwallet, but i'm not sure about that really23:38
tomreynit's clearly a GUI application and not mean to be used on a server23:39
oerheksneko was long time a dead project https://github.com/Nheko-Reborn/nheko#build-requirements23:40
Hack5190Upgraded to 18.04.6 - is that supported?23:43
ravageuntil next month23:43
leftyfbHack5190: upgrade to 22.0423:44
Hack5190OK - so I'm still getting the error "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.28' not found" - ldd --version is returning "GLIBC 2.23".  how would I update it?23:44
ravagecontinue your upgrades23:44
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:44
leftyfbHack5190: time for a new install23:44
Hack5190ill pass23:45
ravagehave a nice day then23:45
Hack5190thanks, same to you23:45
leftyfbHack5190: if you're having issues with GLIBC, you've gone beyond the point of diminishing returns23:45
leftyfbHack5190: at this point, it is exponentially quicker to install from scratch and restore from backup. It's also cleaner and easier23:46
tomreyn"apt list --installed libc6" on 18.04 LTS would report 2.27-3 on a fully updated 18.04 LTS23:50
tomreynthat's not 2.23, which you would not see on a non-broken 18.04 LTS installation.23:51
tomreynit is still lower than 2.28, which the incompatible software you are trying to run depends on.23:51
oerhekshe first says 16.04 .. that seems more correct23:53
chonkinoerheks  okay.  Everything is booting again on this machine.  Your advice did some kind of magic23:55
tomreyn!cookiebox | oerheks23:56
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)23:56
sarnoldoh dang he gets a whole *box* of cookies??23:56
tomreynwell, he made that system boot again!23:57
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