IrcsomeBot<joehonkey> so you have to pay extra for kubuntu security ?00:00
keithzgYou don't have to pay anything for Kubuntu, period :D00:00
IrcsomeBot<joehonkey> ESM00:00
IrcsomeBot<joehonkey> ESM apps00:02
IrcsomeBot<joehonkey> in order to get extra security patchig for ubuntu lts you have to use ubuntu pro?00:03
keithzgIf you mean https://ubuntu.com/security/esm that's essentially just for extended updates for older releases, ex. if you want to stay on 18.04 forever for some reason. As long as you're using the latest release or even the latest LTS there isn't any difference AFAIK.00:03
IrcsomeBot<joehonkey> gotcha00:04
oerheksDo you really want to run an OS older than 4 years?00:07
BarbudoCant ping nme phone either :,(00:14
oerheksi thing you need to check forums, put your andoid in ADB mode first, then connect when your phone is unlocked00:30
oerhekson gnome it works fine, one would get a warning ont he phone when connected, press yes00:31
BarbudoGoing to reinstall Kubuntu on another computer and see if I have the same issues. Is there any other KDE distro you guys would recommend to give a try?00:36
BarbudoTried a new computer now with a fresh Kubuntu install and still no joy01:02
oerheksandroid issue, not ubuntu i bet01:03
BarbudoI have a modded Android OS without any Gapps in it. Do you think that might be the deal breaker?01:04
oerheksno idea, probably01:04
oerhekscheck their irc channel?01:04
BarbudoFor the Android OS?01:05
oerheksno, their mod channel, maybe on an other network?01:05
oerheksor forum01:05
BarbudoYou must mean for the modded OS right? I dropped the devs a msg in their Discord. If it is the phone OS, I will rip it out and add another one on the phone.01:12
circleHi on the 21.10 live desktop I am able to select "Tap-to-click" in Settings > Touchpad. However in 22.04.2 on the same device, the tapping section is greyed out. Why might that be and is there a cure?01:36
IrcsomeBot<Gardn3r> no one? :/ (re @Gardn3r: Can anyone help me to find a fix for an weird bug in the Application Style?07:38
IrcsomeBot<Gardn3r> It seams that fresh installs of Kubuntu KDE Plasma constantly have this issue.07:38
IrcsomeBot<Gardn3r> By installing Fresh new Global Themes the Application Styles does not add new styles.07:38
IrcsomeBot<Gardn3r> Is there a work around or an separate Plasma update guide available to fix this?)07:38
IrcsomeBot<Gardn3r> ouh its trough IRC07:39
IrcsomeBot<tu873l1s> 216z10:54
user|67imposiible to install ubuntu with luks2 root partition, boot is unecryped. Every time, installer crush.11:58
user|67crush is happen after i choose root as psycial device for encryption, after that, install crushed. No choice for fs on encrypted partition11:59
user|67I sucessfully installed on way.11:59
user|67To install12:02
user|671. Install Ubuntu (their installer wroks without problem)12:02
user|672. In ubuntu install kubuntu-desktop12:02
user|673. logout and login with choosing Plasma12:02
user|674. remove ubuntu-desktop; ubuntu-desktop-minimal; ubuntu-session; virtualkeyboard (it make problem and auto start)12:02
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TweakHi. I am trying to replace kwin with compiz (as a systemwide default) but cannot figure out how to find and or mask kwin in systemctl, because i don't see it. is there some other way to disable kwin permanently and use compiz loaded by default? Here is a link to the kubuntu forum thread http://surl.li/fstpu17:45
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Tweakhi. I am trying to disable kwin and enable compiz upon startup so it starts properly without flicker caused by placing "compiz --replace" as a startup item19:46
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