arraybolt3It appears that download byte counts have mysteriously vanished from lubuntu-upgrader.18:04
arraybolt3Sigh. I was about to try an experiment with LXQt + Miriway. Now I'm going to be doing bugfixing instead :P18:06
arraybolt3Why are all the bugs only hitting now?!18:07
lubot[telegram] <teward001> because18:12
tewardarraybolt3: because you didn't take out the trash last week now the bugs have found their way to the evil18:13
* arraybolt3 knocks over teward's trash can21:08
guivercarraybolt3, re: openbox 'new patch'; did you upload to your PPA; I've not seen updated package (unless I missed it)22:58
arraybolt3guiverc: I did not. I probably won't since dbungert intends to look at and sponsor it, in which case it will likely upgrade over the top of what's in the PPA.22:58
arraybolt3I'm somewhat disappointed that the existing patch was rejected because of a might-not-even-be-truly-upstream patch with possible technical problems that had itself been rejected by another distro. But it's not my call, and really the other patch works, so...22:59
=== arraybolt3_ is now known as arraybolt3
* guiverc notices there is no mention of any flavors on 20.04.6 (https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2023-March/000287.html)23:47

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