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ngeiRenee[m]forgot my user password09:51
ngeiRenee[m]keeps asking for authentication and i do not remember it and im trying to update my software09:52
ngeiRenee[m]> keeps asking for authentication and i do not remember it and im trying to update my software09:53
ngeiRenee[m]is there a way to reset my password without the email i used to set it up09:53
raubngeiRenee[m]: the password oyu use to login to lubuntu?15:52
arraybolt3ngeiRenee[m]: I'm not sure I understand your question - how to reset your password *without the email you used to set it up*? Lubuntu doesn't require an email to set up a password, so I'm not sure what password you're trying to reset.15:58
arraybolt3If you're trying to reset a password to a web service, we probably can't help there. If you're trying to reset your login password for a Lubuntu system, we can do that.15:58
dragon_i downloaded Telegram over a year ago and never used it. How do I remove it when it was installed from their website?20:30
arraybolt3dragon_: Depends on how you installed it. Did you use a .deb file from them?20:50
arraybolt3You might try "sudo apt remove telegram*" and see if that works, though make sure it's not going to remove anything you're using before telling it to go ahead.20:51
dragon_unable to locate package telegram21:02
arraybolt3Did you include the * at the end?21:03
dragon_I probably used defalut from their site, linux version, the blue button marked "flatpack - snap" under21:04
dragon_ooh, it worked21:04
dragon_I forgot the *21:04
arraybolt3You might also want to look at /etc/apt/sources.list.d and see if there's anything Telegram in there.21:05
arraybolt3If so, *move* it somewhere else (don't delete it just in case it's important!).21:05
dragon_it looks like everything is removed21:08
dragon_thanks 21:14
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