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lotuspsychjegood morning03:09
wezAfternoon lotuspsychje! What's the latest?05:09
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arraybolt3Eickmeyer: At this point I'm not sure if I'm helping or just adding to the confusion.17:38
EickmeyerNo, you're helping. He just tried to install Ubuntu Studio with extra steps, not realizing that Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu {flavor} are configured completely differently under the hood.17:39
EickmeyerI'm just sick of his poor, unresearched assumptions. I have a very low tolerance for stupidity.17:40
arraybolt3Might not be stupidity half so much as much of the info on the Internet is total garbage.17:42
Eickmeyerarraybolt3: Yeah, that. Plus I don't like it when someone tries to argue against something that *I* wrote. The spirit of the word vs the letter of the word.17:48
BloatJanitorEven official Ubuntu documentation is misleading. Sometimes even when new-ish.17:54
BloatJanitorIs there a place to report possible copyright violations in packages originating from Ubuntu?18:19
arraybolt3BloatJanitor: Probably just a bug report against the package in question would be good.18:20
arraybolt3BloatJanitor: `ubuntu-bug <package>` should let you do it.18:21
BloatJanitorSomeone already did but for bloat reasons. That's how I found it. The daily scraper found the bloat tag. Not much bloat imho but seems like a potential re-licensing issue of a 3rd party company's IP.18:21
arraybolt3BloatJanitor: Or you could just let us know the details here.18:21
BloatJanitorDo I just report the same package they did18:21
arraybolt3I would, they're two different problems even if their related to the same files.18:22
BloatJanitorone of the yaru? theme packages apparently has an amazon logo but according to the poster was relicensed from a different project18:22
BloatJanitorI don't understand how it works it just smelled fishy18:22
arraybolt3(Which reminds me, there's an Adobe ICC profile I should probably be cleaning out of a particular package, grumble)18:23
BloatJanitorI'm still begging Gnome to automatically remove inkscape metadata....18:23
arraybolt3Check *one* wrong box in Photoshop and you end up with proprietary data in your picture.18:24
arraybolt3I seriously dislike Adobe.18:25
BloatJanitorReminds me of https://www.thurrott.com/windows/109962/windows-bloated-thanks-adobes-extensible-metadata-platform18:27
BloatJanitorI was looking for a SVGO single binary alternative but couldn't find one unfortunately.18:28
BloatJanitorJust to submit hundreds of PRs to Gnome at once.18:29
BloatJanitorThen automatically upon >10% savings over committed18:29
arraybolt3I guess the lesson is, use open-source tools even if you can afford the proprietary stuff.18:30
BloatJanitorYup. Even freeware version metadata can be found in Microsoft image files and DLL images from Paint.NET etc18:32
BloatJanitorSell it as a security issue for infra -> https://github.com/cloudflare/svg-hush18:32
BloatJanitorWhere do the files from /var/lib/app-info/icons/ come from? The App store or as a feature of Apt?19:36
BloatJanitordpkg -S shows nothing19:37
arraybolt3Try using apt-file search.19:38
sarnoldpoke around in /etc/apt/ -- iirc there's a hook script in there that downloads a bunch of that kind of stuff19:40
BloatJanitorapt-file search /var/lib/app-info/icons/ubuntu-kinetic-universe/64x64/zynaddsubfx_zynaddsubfx.png19:42
BloatJanitorSearching through filenames ...sh: 0: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory19:42
BloatJanitorOh ok19:42
sarnoldhah, did you delete your current working directory or something?19:43
BloatJanitorapt-file search zynaddsubfx_zynaddsubfx.png also did nothing19:46
BloatJanitorit was just the last file listed in one of my bloat queries19:47
BloatJanitorOK so at least for the yaml related stuff I think it is from appstreamcli's apt config19:48
BloatJanitorfrom /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50appstream19:49
sarnoldthanks :) I can never remember the name of that hting when people ask19:50
BloatJanitorOk so why does this exist?19:51
sarnoldI think that provides icons and screenshots of things in app stores https://github.com/ximion/appstream/19:54
BloatJanitorI don't have an app store installed. I do have these files though.19:55
sarnoldyou may enjoy removing that package, then :)19:56
BloatJanitorAhhhh but see if I do, the icons and yaml still aren't removed.19:57
sarnoldI *know* you'll love removing those ;)19:57
BloatJanitorNow i need to install a fresh run in a VM to see if they are on the base rootfs19:58
BloatJanitorDoes Ubuntu keep a list tree of all files no installed by a package in each version and install type?21:14
sarnoldcan you rephrase the question?21:29
BloatJanitorThere are files that aren't held by packages on a default installation. Does Ubuntu have a list of these files?21:37
sarnoldah, no, not that I know of21:42
BloatJanitorIt would be interesting to see if any "scaffolding" related files should actually be in packages.21:43
sarnolddpkg gets very annoying about config files or conf files, I forget which21:46
sarnoldso quite often files will go unowned because a package owning them is a royal pain21:46
BloatJanitorSo appstream is both a recommended package of ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop-minimal. Is there ever a situation where ubuntu-desktop would exist without ubuntu-desktop-minimal?21:50
BloatJanitordebtree being amazing once again21:52
EickmeyerBloatJanitor: What you're seeing there is an inherited recommends. That happens as a result of being built by the germinate seed process. It's not a manually-built debian/control file. Therefore, it really doesn't matter.22:11
BloatJanitorIt says it is a superset so22:12
EickmeyerYeah. What's your point?22:12
BloatJanitorI mean. It matters the second you have other flavors or spins in effort, management, accuracy and a small line of bloat.22:15
EickmeyerSo? Is it hurting anything?22:15
EickmeyerLooks like you've made it your personal mission to "reduce bloat".22:16
EickmeyerThis "bloat scraper". Where is it?22:17
BloatJanitorThat's what everyone said until they guy who jumped shipped to Google Cloud put out a public form submission because of snap and the need to reduce.22:17
arraybolt3I don't see how it matters that there's a Recommends in two packages that's redundant. The same package will be installed either way.22:17
BloatJanitorIt's just a cobweb of scripts, services and RSS feeds22:17
arraybolt3Worst case scenario it's some extra characters in one file.22:17
EickmeyerOk, is it a script you wrote on your personal machine?22:18
EickmeyerOk. Then we don't need your services.22:18
BloatJanitorwell, my phone gets the RSS22:18
EickmeyerUbuntu is a meritocracy. 22:18
BloatJanitorI never offered22:18
EickmeyerThen please don't come to Ubuntu trying to "reduce bloat" in name, talking about this "bloat scraper" getting "tags" and what-not when we have no idea what you're referring to.22:19
BloatJanitorLaunchpad has tags22:19
arraybolt3Eickmeyer: He's trying to be helpful, and this room is for discussion of Ubuntu.22:20
ravagesometimes i really miss the !kickvote command in ubottu 22:20
EickmeyerYeah, but you're making it your personal mission to reduce this ambiguous "bloat" that is a matter of opinion.22:20
arraybolt3In #ubuntu-devel this might be off-topic, but here it's not.22:20
Eickmeyerarraybolt3: But it's not, especially when he's doing it in #ubuntu-desktop.22:20
arraybolt3Eickmeyer: That may be true, and in #ubuntu-desktop this also may be wrong. But why would it be wrong to ask questions about stuff in here?22:21
EickmeyerIt's OK in here, but the minute it happens in #ubuntu-desktop or any of the development channels, we're going to have problems.22:21
EickmeyerRather, if it happens again.22:22
BloatJanitorI'm not in ubuntu-desktop22:22
arraybolt3Ah. Understood.22:22
EickmeyerBloatJanitor: You were.22:22
BloatJanitorCan you tell me what I said in that channel that was a problem and not a direct response to a question asked by a mod or voice?22:22
EickmeyerWe just don't want teams disrupted from doing their jobs.22:22
EickmeyerBloatJanitor: In #ubuntu-desktop on Monday: <BloatJanitor> Why is libcolorhug2 a depends in debian sid and ubuntu lunar for the colord package? I got an alert this morning from an added bloat tag.22:24
EickmeyerIt's not your job to do that.22:24
BloatJanitorSo once time without a mention against it, days ago?22:24
EickmeyerIt comes across as confrontational. I just don't want it happening again.22:25
EickmeyerAnd your username is very suspiciously confrontational on such subjects.22:25
BloatJanitorThis all seems needlessly emotional.22:27
Eickmeyer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯22:27
EickmeyerI'm not being emotional. I just come across as blunt.22:28
BloatJanitorThe person who controlled that project had all references removed. They stated the hardware and project was dead.22:28
EickmeyerBesides the point.22:28
BloatJanitorThose aren't exclusive of one another.22:28
EickmeyerAgain, besides the point.22:28
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