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lucyllewyjust a heads' up that I'm changing my name (again) to Lucy. I will be updating my LP ID as soon as my PPAs have been expunged. I'll be needing my cloak to be updated once my LP has been renamed.02:28
sarnoldack, thanks lucyllewy02:30
lucyllewyok, my LP is swapped over now. I am now officially `lucyllewy` on LP. Can I request my cloak be updated to match, please?15:53
lucyllewyref: https://launchpad.net/~lucyllewy15:53
tewardlucyllewy: don't forget to update your irc nick on LP ;)16:43
teward*pokes sarnold for IRCC duty*16:43
lucyllewyteward: oops, thanks for the reminder :-)18:02
sarnoldlucyllewy, done :)18:38
sarnoldteward: thanks18:38
lucyllewyTYSM 🫂18:38
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