e25I wish to apologize.  I deserve crucifixion.  I did not in fact install nheko with apt, in fact it was flatpak.  In my defense, I've installed lots and lots of stuff in the past 24 hours and forgot some details, and I had no idea that a flatpak could depend on a native package, so didn't realize this.00:02
e25But in fact, it seems, after closer inspection, yep, I installed the flatpak, and it depends on native package of gnome-keyring.  Weird.00:03
oerhekse25 no problem, glad you found out yourself00:03
leftyfbe25: remove the flatpak and install the apt. T00:04
oerheksthey can reside, no?00:05
chonkinoerheks here is my nvidia-smi  http://paste.debian.net/127496000:07
oerhekschonkin, running xorg, not wayland?00:08
chonkinYes.   But since you asked, my boot logs show strange errors about wayland00:09
=== tds7 is now known as tds
oerhekserrors, or warnings? not all messsages are errors00:17
e25Ok guys I love you very much and really don't want to miss a moment, but I want to switch to the new version I just built and installed of this irc client.  So if I come back, it worked.00:21
e25j #srain00:21
pelohow am i supposed to use gnome if its designed for people who dont switch tabs often and i always switch tabs00:31
e25Well Pelo, that perhaps may be why other desktop environments exist, and ubuntu supports several.00:32
leftyfbpelo: you might want to rephrase that with an actual support question.00:32
pelowhat is a good desktop environment for people who switch tabs often?00:32
e25But, I guess with gnome, you could map some keyboard shortcuts?00:32
e25Or Use some extensions?00:32
leftyfbpelo: alt+tab works completely fine in gnome00:33
peloi think alt tab is really annoying to use00:33
leftyfbpelo: though, are you referring to switching apps or tabs? If tabs, which app?00:33
e25What is it you want, Peto?00:33
e25You want a mac like dock?  You want traditional style taskbar?00:33
leftyfbpelo: you think alt+tab is annoying? You do realize it's been the standard way to switch between apps across all OS's for about 30 years right?00:34
peloi just want something easy to use when i have 20 applications to cycle through00:34
leftyfbpelo: like what?00:34
peloi cycle through discord spotify hexchat google terminal and plenty of other apps constantly00:34
peloalt tab takes a while when you have 20 apps open00:35
leftyfbpelo: so maybe you want to look into a tiling window manager?00:35
leftyfbUse the taskbar?00:35
oerhekspelo with how much mem?00:35
sarnoldpelo: look into i3m and dwm00:35
oerheks2 gb?00:35
oerheksintel internal gpu?00:36
leftyfbuse the activity manager and search by the app by name00:36
sarnoldpelo: maybe also notion wm00:36
pelooerheks, doesnt really matter00:39
oerheksyes, it does00:40
pelonot to me00:40
oerhekssome stupid sites give megabytes of javascript, and youtub take a chunk00:40
oerheksny times 200 mb,....00:40
chonkinoerheks this is from January. The machine is no longer getting wayland warnings today.  https://paste.centos.org/view/raw/1d154c9800:43
chonkinhowever, a more disturbing trend has emerged00:43
chonkinoerheks look at the timestamps  https://paste.centos.org/view/raw/f1ffa6a900:46
oerhekschonkin, google give no clue, bing says asia00:48
chonkinoerheks:   I'm going to try to firewall him00:49
oerheksyou are just scanned,. sid you enable a firewall?00:49
tomreyndisable password authentication, move sshd to a different port00:50
oerhekstomreyn, +100:50
e25does it hurt anything leaving the deb-src line for devel?  or should i remove it after im done using it00:53
e25in my apt sources00:53
oerheksno problem keeping them, sources just use diskspace00:54
tomreynand can make "apt update" slower00:55
tomreyni'd comment them out if not regularly using them00:55
e25ah ok, so may as well at least comment it out so its easy to bring back if i ever try the backport thing again00:56
e25Earlier this morning, thermald was held back when I tried to install it with apt.01:05
sarnolde25: https://ubuntu-archive-team.ubuntu.com/phased-updates.html it's being phased01:06
oerheksmaybe after reboot you can01:06
e25Now, gnome-software is happy to install it.01:06
e25Ah ok.  Phazed.  Will read and learn.01:07
e25(I vaguely recall hearing about this earlier)01:07
sarnolde25: the idea is that machines will decide to install an update or not based on a random number on the machine vs the phasing percentage -- we slowly ramp up the percentage, so more and more machines install it over time; that way, huge problems can be spotted when something like 10 or 20% of users have the update, rather than when 80% of users have the update01:09
=== ledeni_ is now known as ledeni
e25So has that actually happened?01:10
e25Some phased update was halted cuz of problems in the early percentage?01:10
ubottuSince Ubuntu 21.04, APT may hold back some updates on some systems while they are being phased in. This is called "phased updates". See https://ubottu.com/y/phased and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.01:10
oerheksNo, we do not want a huge wave of issues, despite proposed testers01:10
sarnolde25: when there's a problem, the phasing will be turned back down to 0%01:11
oerheksstill, sudo apt get install (those packages) will suffice01:11
sarnolde25: when it's at 40%, it means there haven't been enough problem reports to justify holding it back01:11
oerheksbut for regular users, be patient, the update gui does not show them01:11
e25Sounds a bit more like preventing too much load on mirrors.01:12
oerheksserver users should have a testing system before applying updates01:12
=== sig is now known as bebop
sarnolde25: security updates aren't phased; new kernel day is a *huge* load on the archive servers -- they almost always include security fixes, and every single machine has a kernel, they're pretty big packages, and we've got dozens of flavours01:15
chonkinalright I have to test the SSH from this laptop with a different user01:28
chonkinbye for now01:28
ForeverNoob[m]I installed Ubuntu Server 22.04 as encrypted LVM on a 2TB drive, df is telling me now that I only have 100GB of usable space? https://paste.debian.net/1274970/ - Is this normal for encrypted LVM groups?01:35
rboxForeverNoob[m]:  fdisk -l, lvdisplay, pvdisplay, vgdisplay01:40
=== a is now known as Guest9436
kombibooting from usb I immediately get "choose your install" but I just need a shell to fix grub. How do I just run it, NOT install it?02:01
ForeverNoob[m]rbox: https://paste.debian.net/1274974/02:03
rboxyou dont see the menu "try ubuntu" or "install ubuntu"?02:03
kombirbox: I see the option "try or install ubuntu" and that leads me to installing it02:04
rboxkombi: yes, and the first thing is an option to pick "try ubuntu" or "install ubuntu"02:04
kombirbox: negative. Three options: 1. try or install 2. run with HWR kernel 3. i forgot02:05
EriC^^kombi: which iso is that? server?02:05
rboxForeverNoob[m]: yeah, looks like its got the rest of the PEs unallocated, so you can just add them to the lvm02:05
rboxkombi: you need the desktop one02:06
EriC^^kombi: is it the live-server?02:06
kombican't tell, how do i tell?02:06
EriC^^should be in the iso's name02:06
kombipoint taken02:06
kombiI guess I have to make a new one.02:07
EriC^^kombi: what's wrong with grub?02:07
kombi(just spent hours upgrading a machine that must be back and running in the morning...;)02:07
kombiEriC: did a few dist-upgrades and now there is no fs found02:08
kombiso I'd need a shell to grub-install /dev/sda02:08
EriC^^kombi: where do you get that msg?02:08
kombitrying to boot02:08
EriC^^kombi: you have a separate /boot?02:09
kombihow do you mean?02:09
EriC^^a separate /boot partition02:09
kombii figured... not sure, box is 10 years old...;)02:10
kombistandard debian install usually does that though02:10
kombieven 10 years back02:10
kombiEriC^^: If I had one, what would you do?02:11
EriC^^well you could hold shift to get grub, press 'c' and at least list the partitions/fs and see if the rootfs is there or not02:12
kombiI see02:12
EriC^^if it is indeed there, maybe see the grub entry by pressing "e" if it has the right root=UUID= there, maybe that's off somehow and it's not finding it02:13
kombiI will try that02:13
kombi(plugging the screen into the other box now;)02:14
ForeverNoob[m]rbox: Is this the correct command I should use in order to do so? `sudo lvextend -r -l +100%FREE /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv`02:16
rboxseems about right02:17
=== chris14_ is now known as chris14
ForeverNoob[m]Nice, that seems like it worked. Thanks rbox, thanks ChatGPT.02:20
arraybolt3If I am intentionally modifying a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications, how can I tell apt to *not* overwrite that file when the associated program/package gets updated?02:58
arraybolt3Every time Google Chrome updates my "enable dark mode" mod get plowed over.02:59
arraybolt3(yes, I realize Google Chrome is third-party, but this is a question about how to do something with apt, which is supported.)02:59
rboxyou can place the file in ~/.local/share/applications03:00
rboxit should override it03:00
arraybolt3It would be extra-handy if the file that would have overwritten the old one could be saved somewhere else where I can look at it.03:00
arraybolt3Hmm, that's not a bad idea.03:00
* arraybolt3 tries03:00
arraybolt3rbox: It works, thanks!03:02
sarnoldarraybolt3: hah, I just (re(re(re)))learned the this other day :) < FileJanitor> sarnold , found it. you just put path-exclude=path in a file in /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/file03:09
sarnoldarraybolt3: rbox's approach is way cleaner but works just for your account03:09
yolowhen my 'apt update && apt upgrade' reports nothing to do, the software-properties-gtk keeps popping up and telling me lots of software to install, why is that03:22
sarnoldI wonder, does apt full-upgrade do anything different?03:23
yololast time I clicked on GUI it installed oem kernel and messed up my nvidia driver with cuda stuff, took me a day to settle down03:23
sarnoldoh yeah, that was a bad day03:24
yolonow I decided to ignore the GUI upgrade, but it keeps popping up03:24
yolohttp://ix.io/4rzQ is my sources.list03:26
sarnoldwow that's *so* tame03:28
yolowhat do you mean03:28
yolothe gui does not let me to turn it off fully, at least it must show itself every two-weeks03:29
yolomaybe I just uninstall it, doing it now03:29
sarnoldyolo: so many people come in with complaints about upgrades not going well and they'll have two or three PPAs and mix a dozen third-party debian stable, debian unstable, ubuntu xenial, ubuntu bionic, ubuntu focal repos for different applications, etc03:34
sarnoldyolo: and I'll be stunned their computer worked at all, and they'll be upset that it doesn't upgrade perfectly every time :)03:34
sarnoldyolo: yours is just so *easy* and *simple*03:34
johnjayeto create a usb install thumbdrive do i need this rufu etcher program03:38
johnjayeor can i simply copy the iso file contents and paste to a FAT32 formatted usb stick?03:38
sarnoldjohnjaye: if you're starting from a windows machine, rufus or balena thingy are the way to go03:39
matrixyfedora has one for windows too03:40
sarnoldjohnjaye: the idea is to *overwrite* the memory stick, so the formatted filesystem on it doesn't matter -- it won't exist once you're done03:40
sarnoldmatrixy: ooh?03:40
matrixyits on the website03:40
arraybolt3johnjaye: I would highly recommend balenaEtcher - it works well for me, and verifies the USB drive after it writes it.03:41
arraybolt3Rufus is complicated, tricky, and difficult IMO.03:41
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=== docmax_ is now known as docmax
johnjayeok. i vaguely recall some situations where simply copying the iso files worked03:43
matrixymaybe if you setup all the partitions right03:46
kombi_how do I grub-install on a raid member?03:51
kombi_box has only one disk right now, booted with a live distro. mount won't let me mount a 'linux_raid_member'03:52
arraybolt3kombi_: Not sure how to do a grub-install on that, but you might need to use mdadm to get the RAID "array" mapped to a mountable device first.03:53
arraybolt3kombi_: Though you might just have a /dev/md* device already that you can mount.03:53
kombi_arraybolt3: even when there is only one disk?03:53
kombi_already looked for md but no avail03:53
kombi_blkid only gives me sda1 - 603:54
arraybolt3kombi_: Well if you have a one-disk RAID "array", then it probably has some extra stuff in there that mdadm uses to identify it as a RAID array.03:55
arraybolt3In which case, yeah, you might need that even with only one disk.03:55
kombi_now trying to figure out the syntax.. :)03:55
arraybolt3I think you want to use an assemble command?03:57
arraybolt3(Take anything I say about mdadm syntax with a big grain of salt, I have never used it before.)03:57
arraybolt3kombi_: Also is there a /dev/md directory? (As opposed to a file)03:58
arraybolt3I think you'll probably need a command to assemble it, but just in case it's been autodetected already it might be wise to check.03:58
kombi_is there a /dev/md directory? negative04:01
kombi_ubuntu live distro has neither mdadm (apt install it) nor ifconfig to connect (apt install it). Where do I start?04:02
kombi_never mind, found a mouse, will delve into settings and set up eth004:03
rboxifconfig has been deprectaed for like 20 years, ip replcaed it04:04
kombi_rbox: I'm an old man!...:)04:10
kombi_so what's the equivalent to ifconfig etho gw up?04:11
kombi_I look that up, sry04:12
cluelessperson_How do I clear DNS cache in ubuntu?05:44
cluelessperson_server ip has changed05:44
cluelessperson_ubuntu doesn't know and keeps giving old ip05:44
cluelessperson_hm, it's at the gateway05:47
elgrifoanybody here?06:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:02
Assidso i had my pi4 booted with zfs  on root ..however, now its stuck on it not being able to boot because modprobe cant find it06:06
Assidits been down for a while and i finally decided to do something about it.. i think i had done an update and it crashed right after06:07
irc_userI'm trying to set up a firewall with iptables and deny traffic by default with `iptables -A INPUT -j DROP`.  I have https open and am forwarding it to 3000 with some nat rules.  I also have loopback traffic enabled. However, these rules don't work unless I also open the port 3000, but I want that closed to the public. Any ideas?06:44
elgrifowhy use ubuntu when there is debian?06:50
antono2Aloha, I have an issue when moving files, where i need the contents of a subdirectory without the directory itself http://ix.io/4rAx07:37
kombi_spent the night doing four dist-upgrades. All went well until the last reboot. Now grub just won't let me install it, claiming the drive doesn't exist07:48
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B1773rm4n5I have a LVM question. I find a lot of results in Google but they all going into the wrong direction08:50
B1773rm4n5DF shows me 53% free. pvdisplay shows me 0 Free PE. The system behaves like there is no space anymore08:50
B1773rm4n5But if I use du, just half of the space is actually used08:51
B1773rm4n5Most google pages says the volume is not the size it should be. But it spanning two physical volumes08:51
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=== ssserpent2 is now known as ssserpent1
antono2Got it working with this http://ix.io/4rB8 Thank you, if anyone looked into it.09:36
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SteelRoseHi all! My work laptop runs on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. On every apt upgrade, I get this message: https://dpaste.org/ZQ5QV  - is Ubuntu trying to extort us money with the Pro-thing? because, come on!... do we really need to go Pro to upgrade packages that have been always available from their repos?11:36
SteelRoseIn this sense: are those of you running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS facing the same ?11:36
ravage!ubuntupro | SteelRose11:39
ubottuSteelRose: Ubuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/3101811:39
SteelRoseravage: I know that Ubuntu Pro is... my question was not that...11:41
ravageIf know what it is and want to discuss it there is #ubuntu-discuss11:41
MASDRHi, I'm trying to update my cuda apt-key in 22.04 and it gives me there is a deprecated CUDA GPG installed. So, run "sudo apt-key del 7fa2af80". I just ran the command and nothing happened, any solution?11:45
Guest46Hi, anyone has experience with ubuntu AWS EC2 VMs?11:49
Guest46Having trouble with adding a desktop to the default Ubuntu 22.04 VM image, & run it.11:50
Guest46starting desktop reverses back cli, or rebooting image defaults to cli despite desktop being installed.11:51
Guest46Need some assistance, setting up this ..11:51
Guest46Someone write a set of straightforward commands , that will turn Amazon's cli VM into operating GUI system ..11:53
Guest46Using Android to connect to VM.11:56
Guest46I exhausted the online guides, still doesn't work ..11:57
Guest46Usi g Android connec5s to the instance without ssh smoothly.11:59
Guest46Seems the trouble is xserver.11:59
Guest46Tried budgie & xcfe .. both do not resolve positively ...........11:59
jchittumGuest46 -- 1. how did you add a desktop to the Ubuntu 22.04 server VM? 2. how are you connecting to it? Did you install a remote desktop server (like xrdp)? 3. what type of instance? does it have a graphics card?12:12
jchittumthis is the general guide I suggest: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/deploy-ubuntu-desktop-jammy-jellyfish-on-aws-ec2/3038112:16
jchittumit's the steps i've used in the past when doing some testing12:16
aalekhMSG nishit_ hiii12:19
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haohi, I'm unable to boot into desktop, on terminal now, is there a way to paste my terminal directly to pastebin?14:07
=== gacuxz1 is now known as gacuxz
fishbone000No idea, but I guess you can dump terminal output to a file, start up a ftp server on your machine, and make another machine connect to your ftp server, download dump file and paste it to pastebin14:11
fishbone000oh, or just connect to your malfunctioning machine via telnet/ssh, and copy&paste on another machine14:12
leftyfbhao: if the machine has internet you can run this:   ( do some commands ; do some other commands ) | nc termbin.com 999914:12
fishbone000nice approach, new method learned14:15
haofishbone000: thanks, I've got no additional pc at hand. I'll just describe my problem by typing them out...14:24
leftyfbhao: does the pc currently have internet?14:24
haoleftyfb: yeah, I'm on it inside console (ctrl+alt+f3), using irssi14:25
leftyfbhao: ok, the use the method I posted for sharing output from commands in your terminal14:26
haoleftyfb: oh, I missed your message, thanks14:26
haoso I'll just pipe the dmesg to termbin, here: https://termbin.com/uniu14:30
leftyfbhao: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; lspci ) | nc termbin.com 999914:31
haoleftyfb: https://termbin.com/7tnp14:33
jhutchinsLooks like the BDL errors are a known kernel regression for the sound card.14:33
haoI just remember I did a upgrade using the upgrader14:33
jhutchinsThe gdm error is what's stopping the desktop from loading.14:33
leftyfbhao: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; lspci ) | nc termbin.com 9999    # please type this exactly, including the parentheses14:33
haoleftyfb: oh, sorry, wait14:34
jhutchinshao: You could try booting to the previous kernel if you still have it in the grub menu.14:34
haoleftyfb: https://termbin.com/mxjh14:35
haojhutchins: I tried, but still can't boot into desktop, same errors14:35
leftyfbhao: you could try this, but it doesn't looks like you have an discrete GPU:  sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall14:36
jhutchinshao: Interesting, as it was presumably working before.14:36
haoalso, when trying `startx`,14:36
jhutchinshao: Was it working before the upgrade?14:37
leftyfbit looks like there's lots of other people with 22.10 with this same issue14:37
haojhutchins: leftyfb: I actuall done that after googling, seems nothing happen, I'll do it again.14:38
leftyfbhao: apt list --installed linux-image* | nc termbin.com 999914:38
haoleftyfb: it output "all the available drivers are already installed" and done nothing.14:39
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haoleftyfb: https://termbin.com/f0vx14:40
leftyfbhao: try this: sudo apt install linux-image-5.19.0-35-generic14:41
leftyfbhao: try this: sudo apt install linux-image-5.19.0-32-generic14:41
haoI'm on a old mac, it's been smashed several times, some hardware doesn't work (built-in display, bluetootch, etc..) but it never held me from booting into desktop...14:42
haoleftyfb: "unable to located package ..."14:43
leftyfbtry linux-image-5.19.0-31-generic14:43
haoleftyfb: that can be found, installing now...14:44
leftyfbhao: you probably also want linux-modules-5.19.0-31-generic14:44
leftyfbhao: and linux-modules-extra-5.19.0-31-generic for good mEASURE14:45
leftyfbthen reboot into 5.19.0-3214:45
haoleftyfb: the "linux-modules-5.19.0-31-generic" is already newest, will try modules-extra...14:46
haoinstalling modules-extra now, with this network connection, will take like ten minutes.14:49
haoleftyfb: can you tell me what's going wrong?14:49
leftyfbhao: potentially missing drivers in the latest kernels you have installed. That's my guess14:49
haothe "too many bad BDL ..." error is even flooding irssi now, when switching between ttys.14:50
haoleftyfb: so what you told me doing, is actually roll back to old version right?14:51
leftyfbhao: sudo sysctl -w kernel.printk="2 4 1 7"    # this should quiet the kernel messages14:51
haoafter this, will those newer broken kernel version got cleaned up?14:51
weedmicI am trying to install vmware workstation player - after adding the missing components, and trying to install the modules with "sudo vmware-modconfig --console --install-all", I get a bunch of errors htat seem to be caused by "the compiler differs from the one used to build the kernel"14:51
leftyfbhao: this is a troubleshooting step14:52
weedmichow do I take the current very nicely working system and build new headers from what already/actually exists?14:52
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ForeverNoob[m]Hello again, I'm trying to install stuff from the `ubuntustudio-installer` (which itself installed just fine: https://paste.debian.net/plain/1275018/), but it's failing (not recognizing my passwords: https://paste.debian.net/plain/1275022/) - I've asked over at #ubuntu-studio:matrix.org and I got redirected here because it might be a policykit misconfiguration?14:55
weedmicShould I take this "sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y --upgrade linux-headers-5.4.0-105 linux-headers-5.4.0-105-generic linux-image-5.4.0-105-generic linux-modules-5.4.0-105-generic", but replace the numbers with 12.2.0-3ubuntu114:56
weedmicending with """sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y --upgrade linux-headers-12.2.0-3ubuntu1 linux-headers-12.2.0-3ubuntu1-generic linux-image-12.2.0-3ubuntu1-generic linux-modules-12.2.0-3ubuntu1-generic"14:56
haoleftyfb: finished installation, will reboot.14:56
leftyfbhao: make sure you force it to bo.....14:56
weedmicdarn - have to go now :(14:57
leftyfbweedmic: no, because there is no version 12 lonux14:57
leftyfbgettin old apparently, can't keep up with the youngin peacing out14:58
ForeverNoob[m]Maybe the youngins should use KVM instead of VMware :p14:59
=== polymorp- is now known as polymorphic
ztanehowdy, anyone know about this problem, ubuntu 22.04, xorg, gnome, all of sudden all my window decorations, themes are as if they're set to light *except* for firefox which obeys appearance and actually changes the theme whenever I switch between styles :? Icons also changed, I did a full reboot too but it didn't help. My desktop looks so hideous now15:11
haoleftyfb: there is no kernel 5.19.0-32, so booted into 5.19.0-31, the "BDL" errors are gone, but still leave me in console, and my usb wifi card's connection is gone (its driver is built with dkms, so I guess this is expected). So I'm now here again inside 5.19.0-38.15:13
haoany more thing I can do?15:13
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jhutchinshao: Are the log messages the same?15:29
jhutchinsTwo gdm errors?15:29
haojhutchins: sorry I didn't checkout those gdm errors, only noticed that those "bad BDL entries" errors are gone, I can reboot inside *-31 and see15:35
haoalso because network connection broke in *-31, I didn't save them to termbin.com15:36
max_0076hi, anyone knows how to understand why ubuntu pro don't work anymore? the command "pro security-status" seems stuck15:49
jhutchinsmax_0076: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?15:51
=== tscott is now known as TC
max_0076i have aa free account that allow me to use 5 ubuntu pro license. And same day ago after an upgrade this command don't work anymore... but i don't know what i can check or make a kond of "dubug"15:53
=== TC is now known as tscott
tewardmax_0076: the Pro License stuff will only apply currently to LTS releases, what command "isn't working" for you?15:55
leftyfbpro works fine for me on 22.0415:56
max_0076for example this command /snap/bin/canonical-livepatch that live in /etc/update-motd.d and write a message at ssh login take exacly 5min and 12 second to respond. I try also the command pro security-status but it keep running without any result15:58
max_0076the server have 22.04 release15:58
tewardmax_0076: any chance the server is low on resources or overtaxed or the infrastructure it's running on is slow-speed disks?16:01
tewardasking 'cause i see 'slowness' lke this on bogged down or slow-disk-IO systems16:01
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ratakordoes ubuntu uses musl as default libc ?16:05
arraybolt3ratakor: No. GNU libc is used by default.16:07
arraybolt3I don't think you can safely swap it out either.16:07
arraybolt3If you need musl libc for a particular program, you might be able to put it in the same directory as the executable before running it.16:08
arraybolt3There's nothing that keeps you from having multiple libc's on a system :)16:08
calamariI see there are a number of disk snapshotting or "time machine" tools. Which one is the most popular or recommended?16:08
max_0076@teward, could be. I try to understand the problem of ssh and login get stuck at "debug1: pledge: filesystem", i should try to check the HD. This HD have more than 10 years lol. I was thinking something about a netwrk problem or name resulution dealy16:08
ratakoroh okay thank you arraybolt316:08
tewardmax_0076: if debug shows the handshake happens and then it's waiting on a reply from $REMOTE after login/auth then the issue is the speed of the remote system (full swap/ram, slow disks, etc.)16:09
leftyfbcalamari: feel free to ask for software opinions in #ubuntu-disuss or #ubuntu-offtopic. Otherwise, I recommend installing one at a time and seeing if it works for you personal needs16:09
calamarileftyfb: That's the kind of tool you only know if it meets your needs or not once a disaster happens. I'd rather get some user experience feedback.16:10
leftyfbcalamari: it should be fairly easy to test with another PC, VM or container16:11
calamarileftyfb: I mean sure, but I was hoping to narrow it down to the best options first.16:13
leftyfbcalamari: best is relative16:13
leftyfbSome people like an app that looks blue, some red16:13
calamarileftyfb: give me a break16:14
max_0076@teward thanks :) the problem could be the HD, anyhow if i deactivate this message (99-livepatch-kernel-upgrade-required) the login proceed without any problem. This computer have also shorewall as firewall and i think that it is loading the HD more than i was imagine16:17
arraybolt3calamari: It was just an example. For something more applicable to your situation, how much of the disk are you wanting snapshotted? Just the system files (Timeshift), or the whole whopping thing (btrfs snapshots)? How fast does it need to be? Instant (true snapshotting) or lengthy-but-safer (rsync)? You see where I'm going with this. There are many good tools with many use cases out there. We don't know your exact use case, therefore it's16:24
arraybolt3hard for us to make a good recommendation.16:24
arraybolt3(Also btrfs snapshots aren't the only way to snapshot a whole disk. Nor does it work on filesystems other than btrfs.)16:24
leftyfbcalamari: for instance, I personally recommend backups via rsync and an ansible playbook to rebuild from scratch. I don't even recommend just blasting an outdated image onto a storage device as a proper backup16:25
calamariarraybolt3: entire filesystem, incremental if possible, offsite. Currently looking at duplicity, is there a better option?16:26
* ogra whispers "zfs" into arraybolt3's ear 16:26
leftyfbor btrfs16:26
ograerr, yes, that is why i said it16:26
leftyfbor clonezilla16:26
leftyfbor ghost16:27
e25or just dd, but doesnt do incremental16:27
ogratar !16:27
leftyfbcalamari: see, none of this is productive16:27
e25Does clonezilla do incremental?16:28
e25I kinda thought it was entire partitions or disks only.16:28
calamarileftyfb: I think it'd be productive for me to put you on ignore, you're just being an ass at this point16:28
e25And timeshift only does system files?16:28
e25I always thought it was a full backup, guess I'm glad I've never had to use it.16:28
ograanyway, we'Re massively off topic for this channel, pleas take it to #ubuntu-discuss16:29
arraybolt3calamari: Please be respectful and follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and IRC Terms of Service when using this room. Someone pointing out that there are many options to choose from and that listing them off here is unproductive is not them trying to be mean.16:29
arraybolt3s/Terms of Service/Guidelines/ (got wrong terminology stuck in my head)16:29
e25he's just naturally an ass?16:29
e25I think he's trying, doing it for fun. But you say he's not trying.  You're entitled to your opinion I guess.16:30
ograe25, let it go please ...16:31
ForeverNoob[m]Is this how /etc/polkit-1/ is supposed to look like on a desktop-ish system? https://paste.debian.net/plain/1275044/17:28
irc_userI'm trying to set up a firewall with iptables and deny traffic by default with `iptables -A INPUT -j DROP`.  I have https open and am forwarding it to 3000 with some nat rules.  I also have loopback traffic enabled. However, these rules don't work unless I also open the port 3000, but I want that closed to the public. Any ideas?17:29
tomreynForeverNoob[m]: i also have nullbackend.conf.d/ on this 18.04 LTS system, the rest matches what you posted17:31
tomreynirc_user: you want a closed port behind NAT to show as closed to the WAN? why?17:34
irc_usertomreyn: Users are meant to access the application on https, not on 3000. It's supposed to forward their connection to 3000 internally, but they shouldn't be able to access `example.com:3000`, no?17:35
tomreynoh i get the scenario now. i guess you need different rules then.17:36
tomreynalso note you may want to use nftables rather than iptables on current ubuntu releases17:37
irc_userYeah, I was just wondering if there was something obvious I'm missing. And thanks, I'll check that out.17:42
irc_userShould I use a wrapper for this sort of setup or is using nftables directly the way to go?17:45
tomreyniptables IS a wrapper for nft since 21.1017:46
irc_useroh lol17:47
tomreynbut then you didn't mention which ubuntu release you're asking about17:47
irc_userSo would you still switch to nftables or would that be pointless?17:47
tomreyni would start using nftables directly wherever possible17:48
irc_userGot it, thanks :)17:48
tomreynor through a wrapper, but an nftables wrapper, not an iptables wrapper that then wraps it to nftables17:48
tomreynthis was a side note, though, it's probably not the root cause for your NAT rules not working as expected (however, i think i read the iptables -> nft wrpapper has some deficits)17:50
irc_userThere aren't that many rules, I'm happy to just convert it to nftables anyways and maybe I'll get lucky and it'll solve the issue :P17:52
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jhutchinsirc_user: The ipmasq howto has some pretty good (if dated) info: https://tldp.org/HOWTO/IP-Masquerade-HOWTO/ipmasq-intro1.1.html18:13
irc_userThanks, will check it out :)18:15
gartral[m]hey all, I'm trying to help a friend with something and I told her use ubuntu live usb and set a password, but when we try to instal openssh-server the command sudo isn't found. How can I continue helping her?19:25
gartral[m]trying with ubuntu 22.04 btw19:25
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gartral[m]also appearently help.ubuntu.com is down.19:27
Habbiedown for me too19:27
arraybolt3gartral[m]: Are you sure that it's "sudo' that isn't found?19:28
arraybolt3And not something else? What's the exact error message, and the exact command you're using?19:28
arraybolt3(Also try running "sudo su -" and that should give you a root shell if sudo is present and working right.)19:29
jhutchinsBetter yet, sudo -i19:42
gartral[m]I ran out of time to help her today, I'll try that tomorrow19:44
gartral[m]arraybolt3 jhutchins https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/654102641500094512/1088542262528573552/20230323_201747.jpg19:50
arraybolt3gartral[m]: You're typing a capital "S" in "sudo". Commands are case-sensitive, the S should be lowercase.19:51
arraybolt3So `sudo`, not `Sudo`.19:51
arraybolt3(You or the person you're helping, I mean.)19:52
steerpikesudo should be renamed to https://youtu.be/r0qBaBb1Y-U19:53
gartral[m]do'h how did I miss they were doing that >.<19:53
gartral[m]funny, but slightly ot, no?19:55
brkcorewhat do you use in terminal to print a text file and mark a specific word?  for example with grep <word> I can see the word printed in the line, but I can't see the rest of the text20:03
sarnoldbrkcore: so, you want to see an entire file, but have a word made bold everywhere it appears, or something like that?20:05
brkcoresarnold, yep20:05
sarnoldbrkcore: it seems obvious once you *hear* it :) try this: sed "s/sbin/$(tput bold)\0$(tput sgr0)/g" /etc/passwd20:07
sarnoldbrkcore: that'll bold all the 'sbin' uses in /etc/passwd20:07
brkcoreany other ideas20:08
sarnoldgrep -C99999999 or something ridiculous :)20:09
sarnoldthat'll put a bunch of other garbage on screen though20:09
brkcorecat /etc/passwd | grep sbin  .... anything that I can add to make all lines of the text file print, and still mark up the grepped sbin?20:10
brkcore-C99999 what is that :))20:10
sarnoldbrkcore: try it: grep -C9999 sbin /etc/passwd20:11
brkcorethats good sarnold20:11
brkcoreexactly what I needed20:12
brkcorewhy is that, how does it work20:12
arraybolt3Adds a bunch of context lines.20:12
arraybolt3Basically, shows you stuff around the match. Add enough lines and you get the whole file.20:12
brkcorethats great, exactly what I needed, thanks20:13
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jhutchinsbrkcore: pretty sure grep has an option to show the whole line(s), even number them.20:34
jhutchinsbrkcore: man grep20:34
jhutchinsI tend to use less and search that way with full context.20:34
leftyfbjhutchins: it doesn't20:35
jhutchinsYeah, -C for Context.20:35
leftyfb-C is limited to a count on either side of the match20:35
jhutchinsIf that's what you want, use less.20:37
brkcoreshom me20:37
brkcoreshow me an example using less20:37
leftyfbjhutchins: less doesn't meet the requirements20:37
leftyfbbrkcore: less will allow you to search for text and show you matches 1 at a time20:38
jhutchinsbrkcore: less <file>20:41
brkcorecat file.txt | grep -C9 text does a great job20:41
leftyfbbrkcore: only if you file only contains 19 lines20:41
jhutchinsbrkcore: You have options to specify position and you can specify the search string.  (I don't do that enough to remember the syntax.)20:42
leftyfbor some multiple of the number of matches20:42
brkcoreleftyfb, the file contains 50+ lines20:42
leftyfbbrkcore: then there's a good change you will not get the whole content back as a result20:42
brkcorejhutchins, that means it wont be an easy i quick enough20:42
leftyfbbrkcore: what's the use case here? Why do you need this exactly?20:43
brkcoreleftyfb, actually it works and I see the whole content of the file, and its marking only the greped word20:43
leftyfbbrkcore: that would only be because there's 9 or less lines between all matches and the rest of the content20:44
leftyfbif you had more than 9 lines between all matches, you would not get the entire content20:44
brkcoreah I se20:44
leftyfbbrkcore: grep -Ax shows x lines After all matches. grep -Bx shows x lines Before all matches. grep -Cx shows x lines Before and x lines After all matches20:45
leftyfb(all of which include the matching lines as well)20:46
brkcoreleftyfb, thats great, thanks20:51
aienaAfter a reboot after a recent update my wifi card is giving an issue. I notices wifi was enabled but no wifi networks were shown then I noticed that the wireless interface is down one trying to bring it up I get 'RTNETLINK answers: Input/output error' how to fix this21:15
aienaI feel it is a new linux-firmware package update21:21
Hack5190is there a 22.04 equivalent to the 18.04 mini.iso?21:35
ubottuThe Minimal CD image (mini.iso) was available for Ubuntu releases up to 18.04 LTS. The default Ubuntu Server installer covers all of its installation scenarios. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD21:36
Hack5190i grabbed the live-server iso but got hung up @ the network config21:37
tomreynand i thought you were a hacker21:37
Hack5190just thought id ask before i have to hack away at it :)21:38
tomreynthe proper hacker starts by reading the manual, though, like anyone else https://ubuntu.com/server/docs21:40
tomreynsimple step by step guide https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/step-by-step21:40
tomreynadvanced installation topics https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/netboot-amd6421:41
ravagehttps://www.molnar-peter.hu/en/ubuntu-jammy-netinstall-pxe.html has some good stuff21:46
ravageand i hear that we will get kind of a new mini.iso soon21:46
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pycuriousIs there a way to tell if my machine has been compromised? (20.04LTS)22:45
arraybolt3pycurious: Depends on how it was compromised and what software you have installed.22:46
arraybolt3If you have good reason to believe that your system may have been compromised, it would be advisable to install from scratch and restore your data from a backup.22:47
pycuriousarraybolt3: using ssh from a user22:47
ravageand what makes you think that it may be compromised?22:47
arraybolt3Right, but are you using any kind of intrusion detection system?22:47
pycuriousone of my users was compromised (his ssh keys)22:47
arraybolt3Also there's rkhunter, that might be useful.22:47
pycuriousarraybolt3: I dont have any IDS - I do have fail2ban - but i dont think that helps.22:47
arraybolt3Maybe also check for executable files that shouldn't exist in the user's home directory.22:48
arraybolt3Inspect the output of "apt list --installed" for packages that aren't default and that you don't want.22:48
arraybolt3And possibly also run "dpkg -V" to see what package-owned files have been modified.22:48
arraybolt3(Expect that command to show some output - there are legitimate reasons package-owned files may be modified.)22:49
pycuriousarraybolt3: thanks.22:51
pycuriousarraybolt3: https://dpaste.org/ghRT1 - does anything here look suspect to you?22:53
leftyfbpycurious: if you have any reason to believe your system has been compromised, the only proper action is assume it has been, wipe it and start over. Anything else and you are begging to continue being compromised22:54
pycuriousleftyfb: thanks!22:56
leftyfbpycurious: take the machine offline immediately. If you like, take an offline image of it to be used for forensics later. But do not boot it up again22:56
arraybolt3^ that, do that22:56
arraybolt3I know this is a hassle, but it's way better than the alternative22:56
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www2He all i missing the packet gstreamer1.0-wpe in ubuntu 22.10 and 23.04 apt repo23:38
leftyfbwww2: it's part of the universe repo23:40
leftyfb!universe | www223:40
ubottuwww2: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.23:40
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www2leftyfb: i can not find in the repos even on the site for 22.10 and 23.0423:43
leftyfbwww2: please run this and paste the URL here. Do not forget to include the parens in your command:  ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; cat /etc/apt/sources.list ; apt-cache policy gstreamer1.0-wpe ) | nc termbin.com 999923:45
www2leftyfb: https://pastebin.com/P7z3wtyX23:47
leftyfbwww2: let me know when you run the command I gave you in it's entirety and get the URL and please post it here23:49
www2leftyfb: https://termbin.com/y2pmn23:50
leftyfbwww2: you already have gstreamer1.0-wpe installed. What is the issue?23:50
www2wrong system that is my 22.0423:51
www2this is the correct one https://termbin.com/ydqn23:51
www2i forgot that i have a ssh session to that system23:52
leftyfbwww2: you didn't type the entire command. Regardless, it does look like it's not un 22.1023:53
www2i have made a small edit to the command ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; cat /etc/apt/sources.list ; apt-cache policy gstreamer1.0-wpe; echo compleet ) | nc termbin.com 999923:55
leftyfbwww2: gstreamer1.0-wpe is only available in 22.0423:59
www2yep i hope that this can fix in the next version of ubuntu23:59

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