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Cohorthi :) where do i edit my qtcurve theme kin kubuntu 22.0401:09
Cohortunder application style there should be an option for qtcurve but there is not01:14
Cohortused to be able to super customize that01:19
Cohortyeah, i don't see it anyplace x.x01:25
RobinHood23I don't have HDMI as an option in my list of audio devices -- how do I fix this?03:21
sildaraYowww I just reinstalled with a disk encryption03:39
sildaraHow do I search for channels?03:40
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hateballHello, I have an annoying Wayland / XWayland issue, would this be the correct place to ask about such a thing ?08:03
hateballAnyways, the issue is that I run plasma on Wayland with AMD GPU. I have both an iGPU (ryzen 7700x) and dGPU (7900 XTX). I only have a monitor connected to the dGPU. Whenever the monitor goes into powersave and I wake it up again, it is like anything running under xwayland eg Steam starts using the iGPU for rendering, so the performance goes out the window. Anything running under native wayland keeps working as it should. I have to reboot to get xwayland08:06
hateball/ Steam to behave.08:06
hateballSo I am just trying to find out if there is a way to force xwayland to always use the dGPU, but I am not having much luck08:07
hateball... if that's the actual issue. I just know there is an issue :D08:10
IrcsomeBot<Arang> KDE XWayland Video Bridge Aims To Improve Linux Desktop Screen Sharing - Phoronix08:40
IrcsomeBot<Arang> https://www.phoronix.com/news/KDE-XWaylandVideoBridge08:40
hateballHello fairyfloss08:56
fairyflossAny kubuntu master around?08:57
fairyflosswas looking for a solution to Appearance > Applications Styles issue from a stock kubuntu install08:59
hateballfairyfloss: What is the issue ?09:30
fairyfloss@hateball, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1445251/kubuntu-plasma-global-theme-doesnt-change-the-application-style09:36
fairyflossso the Plasma Global Theme does not add any Applications Styles to the selection panel.09:37
fairyflossive tested the plasma on Mint and it run like a charm. So i presume the plasma wants to interact only with GNOME native Styles only? and does not want to take any other styles on list?09:41
hateballThis seems to work as expected for me, if I am understanding you correctly. I go into settings for the global theme, and in my case I choose Breeze Dark. But I can then also go into Application Styles and choose something different and hit apply09:44
hateballAh you download a new theme, gotcha09:45
hateballI mean... perhaps the new themes do not include new Application Styles?09:47
fairyflossthey dont appear on the Applications style selection09:47
hateballYes I understand, but are you sure that Application Styles are actually included with the selected theme?09:48
fairyflossi believe yes,. because when i hit the Configure GNOME/GTK Applications Style button i can see the GTK theme selections has a quite a list of my downloaded styles.09:51
hateballYes but Qt and GTK styles are different so maybe Qt style is not included09:51
fairyflossor thats something entirely different ?09:51
hateballAnyway I do not know enough about this, I just set it to Breeze Dark and that's enough for me :D09:52
hateballSomeone else may know better09:52
fairyflosshmm... ok so for kubuntu i have to search specifically qt Application styles?09:52
fairyflossthats pretty fcuked up then09:52
hateballWell Plasma is Qt based09:53
hateballGTK themes would only apply to GTK apps such as GIMP09:53
hateballWhereas Qt theme would apply to say... Kate, Quassel etc09:53
fairyflossand so by the general search there are only 8 styles09:53
fairyflossthat still gives errors to users09:54
fairyflossbut how come the styles appear on linux mint or other distros o009:55
fairyflossthat are gnome ? o009:55
hateballiirc Linux Mint uses Cinnamon which is GTK09:56
fairyflossso whats the problem with kubuntu - plasma accepting the application styles on the list? o009:59
fairyflossonly one thing that can be selected but i think thats not an general theme style ?10:03
hateballfairyfloss: no that is just for GTK apps like I said, so eg GIMP10:04
fairyflossthought so.10:04
SildaraHey, my global themes don't seem to work10:19
fairyflossi mean yea,. so usually the application styles comes with them. but i dont have any general styles at all.10:19
fairyflossaha! @Sildara !10:20
fairyflossThe same story here!10:20
SildaraSame issue? ahaha10:20
SildaraNo transparency or blur, nada10:20
fairyflossyup ^^ already have tested with two stock kubuntu installations10:20
SildaraTry to configure which parts to customise, I choose al, application styles unchecks itself and it makes barely any alterations10:20
SildaraMaybe a bug?10:21
fairyflosseven not appearing on the Application Styles  list10:21
SildaraYou running KDE plasma?10:22
SildaraYeah same10:22
SildaraI wonder if it's a distro issue or a desktop environment issue10:23
fairyflossid say thats in distro to accept the plasma application style10:23
fairyflossthis is truly an disturbing bug in the core plasma kde10:32
BluesKajHi all12:48
hateballHello hello12:53
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IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> hey , i m removing lots of things from kubuntu like whole snapd ,few packages like wine ,18:39
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> but i m scared to reboot , because if somthing important i removed by mistake ,it wont boot up18:39
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> anyway , going to reboot18:40
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> ??18:40
kamil441Who knows what is i'm open right now?18:40
kamil441Well goodby then18:42

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