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* luna__ is listening to todays podcast also downloaded 20.04.6 yesterday06:21
luna__also there is a Firefox 111.0.1 a couple of bugfixes for MacOS and Windows however and not really security fixes06:23
UnivrslSuprBoxI'm preparing a diff for flask-cors 3.0.8-2 in focal to resolve a security issue that does not affect any newer releases. The currently published package (built in eoan) cannot rebuild in the current archive, though (Flask 1.1 broke its tests). There is a fix upstream for this problem, but it means a larger diff for what is ostensibly a security upload. Any advice?15:33
sbeattieUnivrslSuprBox: can you point to the upstream fix? If it's mostly correcting tests, that would be acceptable.15:49
UnivrslSuprBoxsbeattie: https://github.com/corydolphin/flask-cors/commit/67c4b2cc98ae87cf1fa7df4f97fd81b40c79b895#diff-bdae7c455ffc638174b65dec1562673f2718c81e30f194642ad66550ec4b8fa015:50
-ubottu:#ubuntu-security- Commit 67c4b2c in corydolphin/flask-cors "Fix request path normalization (#272)"15:50
sbeattieUnivrslSuprBox: that looks acceptable to me. We occasionally do have to add additional non-security patches as part of security updates for similar reasons.15:54
UnivrslSuprBoxOkay, thank you15:54
sbeattieFeel free to subscribe me directly to the associated bug report.15:55

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