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PeGaSuSnot sure if this is the right place: I have a IRC network, on an Ubuntu 22.04 machine, and the clients connecting from the IPv6 subnet of the same same machine as seen as connecting from "voltron.local". how do i disable that?08:23
PeGaSuSnvm, fixed it. :D08:46
wingarmacGreetings ! I've a question related with Apache proxy and Webmin hosts. My Apache server has webmin running and is proxy to hostname.fqdn on https. I've also bind servers set and running for each VPN ip to have a fully qualified name. But it seems the distant computers do not work with the proxy settings I've though the main server works with its virtualhost and ssl. I think I should change the dns reccords to solve 09:30
wingarmacit, but would like to know if it can't be solved with the virtualhost proxy settings instead. Can anyone help ?09:30
wingarmacit seems the ssl is checked on the local host instead of on the apache server.09:31
wingarmacI would like to be able to change that in the virtualhost proxy settings, but even if specified by certbot, it still gives errors off accessing the remote host.09:32
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