oneadventhi, i'm trying to upgrade a system that is running 21.10. But it says it is out of date. Anyone know how to upgrade it now??00:04
leftyfb!eolupgrade | oneadvent00:05
ubottuoneadvent: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:05
oneadventubottu: i understand, it is my buddys and he just didn't turn it on for too long. is there no path forward from here?00:06
oneadventah wait that last link?00:07
Bashing-omoneadvent: Last link ^ - yes :D00:09
jhutchinsubottu: botsnack00:15
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!00:16
oneadventi'm sorry. i tried to follow that link, can you give me an example of the sources.list that I would change or do to make it upgrade??00:51
oneadventI'm so confused00:51
oneadventoh lol it is a bot00:51
oneadventwell anyone else too00:51
leftyfboneadvent: change impish to focal00:52
sarnoldoneadvent: you'll have a bunch of 'archive.ubuntu.com' entries in your sources.list; change them to 'old-releases.ubuntu.com' ..00:52
oneadventleftyfb: okay so just change that, no problem. can do.00:56
oneadventsarnold: they are already old-releases in there00:57
Bashing-omoneadvent: All entries changed ? the run ' sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt dist-upgrade ' .00:59
oneadventBashing-om: i'm working on it, sorry, doing it for a friend over teamviewer so i have ot wait for him to give me the new password, sorry01:02
oneadventleftyfb: and sarnold to be clear i should change all of them, right?01:03
sarnoldoneadvent: yeah01:04
Bashing-omoneadvent: Yup - see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Oneiric -- If the ups complete with no issues - one final step :D01:04
oneadventthanks sarnold and Bashing-om, still waiting on him, sorry, i'll get back as soon as i have done this01:06
oneadventI am getting a lot of E: The repository 'http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal Release' does not have a Release file.01:20
sarnoldfocal is still supported, so it's not on old-releases yet01:20
Bashing-omoneadvent: sarnold: should not the sources.list read as " deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ impish main restricted universe multiverse " Note is impish rather than focal.01:23
oneadven1sorry i closed the window if anyone replied to the above01:24
Bashing-omoneadvent: sarnold: should not the sources.list read as " deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ impish  main restricted universe multiverse " Note is impish rather than focal.01:24
Bashing-om^2nd time too is not the charm :(01:25
oneadven1oh i thought i was supposed to change all the impish to focal01:25
oneadven1i can change them back, i did a regex for it anyway01:25
sarnoldahhhh if you changed the release too, that'd probably break it. you only manually change the server at the start, and then follow the rest of the guide01:27
oneadven1uh oh...lol this getting bad01:30
pycurioushttps://dpaste.org/abGhg - anyone can tell me if these files are a rootkit - or something that i can remove/apt uninstall/....?01:32
rboxpycurious: /dev/shm is a tmpfs... reboot, they'll be gone01:33
sarnoldpycurious: run fuser on them and find out what process has them open?01:36
oneadven1ok, i'm back, so which one did I mess up? the first line? Bashing-om01:58
oneadven1or rather sarnold01:59
sarnoldoneadven1: did you fix up the releases?01:59
oneadven1well i didn't do anyting but change the archive to old-releases02:00
oneadven1and the focals back to impish02:00
oneadven1but I still get errors on the updating02:00
sarnoldpastebin what's happening now?02:00
oneadven1trying to find an easy way to do that sarnold02:03
oneadventsorry is there an easy way? my client isn't doing well today.02:07
sarnoldoneadvent: I like to use nc termbin.com 9999    , paste in whatever I want, and then hit ^D -- it'll give back an url02:10
oneadventi think i found a way...lol this is hard over teamviewer, wouldn't recommend it02:11
sarnoldyeah, especially since I wouldn't trust that to run flawlessly across the upgrade02:12
sarnoldit *should* but I don't have a high opinion of most software, you know?02:12
oneadventhell no it isn't. not even this far.02:12
oneadventbut if it crashes i can have my buddy open it again, or facetime/video call me if it is super stuck02:12
sarnoldis ther eno way to ssh to the machine instead?02:13
oneadventhe would have to open a port on the firewall for that, which would be more than  he can handle02:13
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oneadventok sarnold here is my sources.list:02:22
oneadven1back! sorry again02:26
sarnoldoneadven1: aha, comment out the security.ubuntu.com lines02:32
oneadventuggg i think teamviewer keeps crashing my pc02:34
sarnoldoneadvent: oh is *that* why it keeps crashing?02:36
sarnold < sarnold> oneadven1: aha, comment out the security.ubuntu.com lines02:36
oneadventlol i think that is why02:51
oneadventbam, yeah i think it working now.02:52
oneadventi propose we update the EOL page to reflect this way of doing it, because honestly i didn't know what it was asking for there till you guys spelled it out02:52
oneadventso thank you so much02:52
sarnoldoneadvent: yeah I've thought before that some of our wiki pages could use being cut in half or down to 10% of the old size or something..02:54
sarnoldoneadvent: there's just *so much* on that page..02:54
rthndrJust updated and rebooted my Ubuntu 20.04 server. Now one hdd just ... doesn't exist. `lshw` and `lsblk`  show nothing for it. Other drives are still available. Any ideas on how to get the system to see it?03:37
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oneadventsarnold: its cool, just doing a simple :%s/old/new/g is something that could save a bunch of people a bunch of time. and it worked great for me once I understood what I needed to do.03:45
oneadventanyway it is working. I didn't actually upgrade the system though, because I really just needed the repositories to work enough to install kodi, since that is the new purpose for that laptop.03:45
oneadventlogging out for the night, but again, sarnold and others (can't remember your handles, because this closed out since you last spoke), thank you all.03:47
sethxcx49hello from Hawai04:37
sethxcx49what is the chit chat for ubuntu?04:38
sethxcx49I hate c++04:39
rboxsethxcx49: so don't use it04:40
sethxcx49I need, but dont like04:41
sethxcx49C++ is C in a complex way04:41
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aurora________so m any lovers, so many life ♪ ♫04:45
aurora________like a fool I am programming in C++ ♪ ♫04:46
aurora________like a fool ♪ ♫04:48
aurora________what is the chit chat channel?04:48
lotuspsychjestick to ubuntu support please aurora________04:50
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ashuanyone specifics the respective projects announched for gsoc23?04:55
DakotaKaeHi all, I'm having a strange issue writing a Makefile. Some members of our team use Docker, some use NerdCTL. They're pretty interchangeable, but we just need to know which command to use in the Makefile, so it's being set as a variable. I'm setting it like so: `$(shell (which nerdctl &>/dev/null && echo nerdctl) || echo docker)`. When I run04:55
DakotaKae`(which nerdctl &>/dev/null && echo nerdctl) || echo docker` in my terminal, it outputs `docker`, as I expect it to. However, when running `make`, it seems to always try `nerdctl` instead. Is there something wrong with how I'm doing it in the Makefile? Running on Ubuntu 22.0404:55
setxcx49what Bjarne was thinking?04:55
setxcx49someone wake up that smart guy...05:02
setxcx49ubuntu rocks...05:18
setxcx49erection reset by here05:21
Unit193setxcx49: Hello.  This is the Ubuntu support channel for technical questions only.  Please refrain from random commentary here, thanks.05:27
setxcx49I will keep my silence, pardon05:28
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lotuspsychjewelcome hamed07:15
hamedi am pretty new to linux07:21
lotuspsychjeyou can ask ubuntu related questions here hamed07:22
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migsIs there anyone here?07:41
enycmigs: yes, but you should ALWAYS be patient in irc channels, stay logged in in background, not assume instant answers and logout etc.07:42
enycmigs: similarly if you stay logged in you can answer others in hours to come, etc.07:42
migsenyc, Ok thanks -07:43
* enyc ROARs =)07:44
enycubuntu 20.04.6 point release lately, curious what the key revocations were about exactly.07:45
migsI am trying to batch convert mp3s to m4bs through the terminal, and have tried several different ways but it just isn´t working07:45
akd3070go to chatgpt07:45
migsThis person is trying to help me through Ubuntu forums, but doesn´t understand why it isn´t working. My mp3s are fine.https://askubuntu.com/questions/1460523/how-to-batch-change-a-file-extention/1460526?noredirect=1#comment2555849_146052607:47
enycmigs: decompressing and recompressing the audio seems silly, will only lose quality...07:47
migsenyc, yes I know but I need them for audiobooks.07:49
migsFor listening to them on my iphone07:49
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migsI found out how to do it that works but it just combines all mp3s into one, then it converts it to m4a, then to m4b. I would like to convert each mp3 to m4b07:51
migsThis way works: https://pastebin.com/0fRi155E, but just combines all of them. So I know that it works,I just want them to be separated. enyc07:52
migsHow do you tag someone?07:53
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fairyflossIs this Latvian Channel or Global? o008:52
migsIs this the right channel for Ubuntu questions?08:54
luna_fizi: global08:54
luna_fairyfloss: global08:54
luna_sorry tabbed wrong08:54
fairyflossaha! got it!08:54
migs*for ubuntu tech questions08:54
fairyflossyup yup,.. was looking for kubuntu support, just found the right channel.08:54
fairyflossCan anyone tell me how to change the hexchat to not use localized language pickup but so i can change it manually to preferred one?09:00
migsCan someone tell me if something is wrong with this code I put in the terminal to convert all mp3s in one folder to m4bs? https://pastebin.com/LkuqeKJ309:01
migsIt doesn´t work09:08
dsc_migs: the name= variable declaration doesnt survive the ;09:08
dsc_sorry that is a lie09:09
dsc_it does work09:09
migsI am tryin to figure out why it is not working. I actually got the code from someone else and the don´t understand why it doesnt'either. I have all codecs installed09:10
migsdsc_, - These are the errors - https://pastebin.com/ynSArrdS09:14
migssorry dsc_ if you had any suggestions I was rebooting my computer09:32
migstrying to figure out how to convert mp3s to m4bs individually through the terminal09:32
migsI figured out how to do it if I combine all of them into one mp3 and then convert it to m4b but not sure how to convert them individually09:33
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feff0is there anyone?10:46
=== beaver is now known as pong
feff0first time using irssi, how does it work?10:47
gartral[m]Very well10:51
gartral[m]Type /window <number> to switch rooms your in.10:52
pycurioussarnold: thanks for the comment yesterday. fuser worked.11:36
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pycurioussystemctl - does anyone use ProtectSystem=strict here?11:47
HesH1AWAY 1 sec11:56
HesH1away (one)12:00
HesH1Away [one sec]12:01
HesH1[away: one sec]12:01
ThinkT510what are you trying to do?12:02
HesH1im new to irc so im trying experimenting with some commands xD12:02
HesH1but it's not really working...12:03
ThinkT510best to read the documentation of your irc client12:03
HesH1im lookin at some /help stuff12:04
ThinkT510the people in #libera don't mind helping with irc basics. /join #libera12:05
HesH1ok, will try12:06
pycuriousI've a 20.04lts box in which git is installed in -> /usr/local/bin/git — but dpkg -S /usr/local/bin/git returns empty - any ideas what is going on? I also have gitlab installed on the machine12:22
tomreynpycurious: /usr/local/ is where manually installed (not .deb packaged) software is stored at12:26
pycurioustomreyn: perhaps on this machine gitlab was installed manually and git got installed from there?12:27
tomreynperhaps. you should know, or whoever installed it.12:28
tomreynhello ronson, welcome to ubuntu support12:36
pycurioustomreyn: is there a way to remove /usr/local/bin/[git,ruby,…] and then install it using apt - I was not the systemadmin for this machine before - and am not sure what is the correct way of fixing this manual install.12:38
tomreynpycurious: i can't tell how to remove it 'properly'. it really depends on how it was installed there. it *may* be ok to just delete what you don't want to exist there. as i think you siad: it's possible that the gitlab installation just placed this binary there because it needs a git command and found none to be present. but that's just one theory. we could come up with many others.12:40
pycurioustomreyn: I think it was a bungled up gitlab install. /opt/gitlab/…/bin/git is what gitlab is using, which is proper. This /usr/local/bin/git was last updated in 2016. I do have a backup of this machine.12:43
tomreyngenerally, when you inherit a system previously managed by someone else, i'd review its existing documentation, get an idea of whether you think this is in a good state that you can risk taking over its management as is. preferrably, and when the answer is 'no' there, the much better option is likely a fresh installation, adding system documentation as needed, and making it auto-installable / deployable12:43
BluesKajHi all12:48
SwahiliQ: How can I identify if the OS is desktop? I have https://paste.sh/z589I_6Y#00e9op0tLtfQxJPBSWkvkiqb13:01
tomreynA: apt list --installed ubuntu-server13:04
leftyfbSwahili: don't you know what you installed? Does it boot up to a Desktop or console?13:05
Swahilitomreyn: thanks! So its not possible to see through cat /etc/*-release13:07
Swahilileftyfb: it's not me but just checking logs13:07
leftyfbSwahili: what do you mean it's not you? Is this your machine?13:08
Swahilileftyfb: it's not my machine, it's a user log, I've provided an application13:08
Swahilithink, when troubleshooting and trying to help somebody you ask them to provide the output for cat /etc/*-release13:09
Swahiliit's not my machine13:09
tomreynSwahili: i don't think you can tell by looking at /etc/os-release - the foundation is the same, anyways.13:09
leftyfbos-release is release info, not what applications you have installed13:10
Swahilitomreyn: thanks, I'll stick with the apt list --installed ubuntu-server13:14
Swahilileftyfb: ok, the os-release is release info, but I thought it would hint if Desktop13:15
Swahilinot that I am looking for "applications"13:15
ograbu that is what makes the difference between server and desktop13:16
ograthe underlying install is identical13:16
Swahiliogra: cool, I'll use the apt list --installed ubuntu-server13:19
SlartibartHi. When I run '> sudo aa-logprof' I get 'ERROR: PromptUser: Dubbel snabbtangent för CMD_FINISHED: (F)inish'13:34
SlartibartI think the translation of 'Dubbel snabbtangent' would be 'Duplicate hotkey'?13:34
SlartibartDoes anyone know how to resolve that?13:34
SlartibartDoes the question make sense? I've to my knowledge never fiddled with hotkey settings.13:39
SlartibartCould it be some mistake in localization files(for swedish)?13:40
Hack5190Spun up a new (bare bones) Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS server.  Attempts to SSH into this VM fail with "Couldn't agree a host key algorithm (available: rsa-sha2-512,rsa-sha2-256,ecdsa-sha2-nistp256,ssh-ed25519)".   When SSH'ing into the machine it will replace running Ubuntu 16.04.7 it shows "Doing Diffie-Hellman key exchange with hash SHA-256" in my log.  How can I enable the needed algorithm in the 22.04.2 system?13:44
Hack5190FYI: yes i know about CVE-2002-20001 and disabling DHE key exchange.....  however these machines are on my home network and the only person here is me.13:47
-ubottu:#ubuntu- The Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Protocol allows remote attackers (from the client side) to send arbitrary numbers that are actually not public keys, and trigger expensive server-side DHE modular-exponentiation calculations, aka a D(HE)ater attack. The client needs very little CPU resources and network bandwidth. The attack may be more disruptive in cases where a client can... <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2002-20001>13:47
leftyfbHack5190: just make a new keypair?13:48
Hack5190I'm using uesr / password for auth.13:48
Hack5190based on my DuckDuckGo searches, It seems I need to add a config file in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d but am not sure of the syntax past "KexAlgorithms"13:50
leftyfbHack5190: please copy and paste to pastebin the exact entire message when attempting to ssh13:50
leftyfbHack5190: what ssh client are you using?13:51
Hack5190a old (2018 era) one on MacOS called vSSH - there is no way to upgrade it and I prefer not to switch13:53
leftyfbHack5190: this has to do with your client, not the server13:53
leftyfbHack5190: putty requires an extra step, this might point you in the right direction: https://stackoverflow.com/a/3787118413:54
Hack5190understood - thats why i want to add / enable the algorithm on the server13:54
Hack5190thats whay i said sshd_config.d and not ssh_config.d13:55
tomreynsupport for really outdated / insecure algorythms may have been removed off the server source code by now - you may not be able to work around this by reconfiguring the ssh server13:56
leftyfbHack5190: so you want to poke holes in your server because you want to use a non-native ssh client that not only is outdated, but who's site doesn't even exist anymore? I think you need to consider not using an ssh client that isn't supported nor available any longer13:57
Hack5190very true, thats why im asking here to see if there is any option13:57
tomreyntry using a newer client on mac os. there's a ##mac channel here (i think it's called that) where you can probably get software recommendations13:58
leftyfbHack5190: use the ssh client built into MacOS13:58
Hack5190ill figure it out, thanks13:59
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SlartibartFound this patch for apparmor. If you search for 'Duplicate hotkey for' that's the exact error that I'm getting. But I don't know the language, can you trace it backwards to see why that fatal_error is triggered? https://markmail.org/download.xqy?id=gcgc76ce5joxqhoy&number=114:16
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leftyfbHack5190: you used another client?14:30
Hack5190i achieved my initial goal ;)14:35
leftyfbHack5190: you should seriously consider not using antiquated, insecure and unsupported software and not poking holes in other software to let it continue working14:36
Hack5190Item # 3082 on my list of things to consider doing14:45
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th3-m0thHey I'm new what's going on?16:10
lotuspsychje!support | th3-m0th16:11
ubottuth3-m0th: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com16:11
theoremhey all, I seem to have an issue setting the default avahi-daemon domain resolve configuration.16:34
theoremI set "domain-name=.alocal"   in the /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf , and then avahi refuses to startup16:34
theoremI am trying to resolve a problem where the avahi daemon constant removes, then re-adds ipv6 addresses from it's cache , this , for example, is spamming my syslogs16:35
theoremMar 24 12:14:30 semiauto avahi-daemon[376835]: Withdrawing address record for 2600:4040:a93e:6000:52ca:82f0:f1f7:7276 on enx00e04cb9c457.16:35
theoremand immediately , 4 seconds later16:35
theoremMar 24 12:14:34 semiauto avahi-daemon[376835]: Registering new address record for 2600:4040:a93e:6000:52ca:82f0:f1f7:7276 on enx00e04cb9c457.*.16:36
theoremthis appears to happen at least every 12-14 seconds for at least 2 addresses.16:36
theoremwhat is going on ?16:37
theoremthe 2600:4040:a93e:6000:52ca:82f0:f1f7:7276 is the local IPV6 address on this machine.16:37
jhutchinstheorem: Is this causing any functional problems?17:15
rfmtheorem, I had something similar when my ISP for some reason configured the router to send ridiculously short lifetimes in the router advertisements.  "ip -6 a" will display the lifetime ("valid_lft") .. It should be like 3600 sec (an hour).17:59
theoremrfm: that's it !!?@18:03
theoremrfm: it's set to 20 seconds18:03
theoremvalid_lft 4531sec preferred_lft 20sec18:04
theoremthese are mismatched , I assume that's bad18:04
rfmtheorem, it's ok for preferred to be shorter than valid, but not that much shorter18:05
theoremno, preferred is longer18:05
theoremwhoops, yes you are right18:05
theoremwhere is preferred set ?18:05
theoremat the DHCPv6 ?18:05
rfmtheorem, it's specified in the router advertisements the network gateway sends out (this is because you've specified automatic [SLAAC} addressing)18:07
theoremrfm: I am a bit shakey on the ipv6 concepts at the moment18:07
rfmtheorem, it's still new for a lot of people.18:10
theoremrfm: I have a DHCP v6 client process running on my OpenWRT router requesting an ipv6 address upstream, I have applied a custom DNS server to this WAN6 interface.  I am trying to figure out how a client on the LAN requests a DHCPv6 address from the ISP -- does the router simply forward the request to the ISP ?18:10
theoremI was assuming I had some kind of control for the DHCPv6 addresses offered on my local lan ..18:11
theoremI do have a local ULA prefix defined, but that's not likely to be ... related .. ?18:12
theoremthe router is correctly tracking those hosts I have defined as "static" IPV6 addressing . however, this appears to be only the local ULA prefix address I set18:13
rfmtheorem, unlike v4, you don't need DHCP to do automatic address assignment because v6 has Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC).18:14
theoremhow do I determine what the ipv6 dhcpd is ?18:14
rfmtheorem, so you don't want to configure dhcpd on the router, you want to configure the Router Advertisements.  I can't remember where that's set up (and it might be different on OpenWRT anyway)18:15
theoremchecking for those ..18:15
theoremoh, these are ICMP packets, interesting ..18:17
rfmtheorem, something I did remember is there's a Ubuntu command, radvdump, in the package of the same name.  Run that and it will eventually dump out the content of the RAs18:18
theoremrfm: ^^18:20
theorem10 seconds on the dns entries, jesus, that's way too fast.18:21
theoremalso, weird clipping on the MTU , 1452 ...18:22
theoremlikely causing fragmentation problems since the local MTU is 150018:23
rfmtheorem, yes, that looks like it.  That "AdvPreferredLifetime 0" looks bad, I suspect radvd is clamping that at hard minimum of 30.18:23
theoremrfm: what sets that ?18:24
theoremthe ISP's 1pv6 DHCPD ?18:24
jhutchinstheorem: Any reason not to just disable ipv6 alltogether?18:24
theoremjhutchins: not a good solution.18:24
jhutchinstheorem: Because?18:25
theoremit avoids the problem, doesn't solve it.18:26
jhutchinsI would say it solves it.  The problem stops.18:26
theoremyour are welcome to your opinion.18:26
jhutchinsVery little on the internet is not ipv4 accessible.18:26
rfmtheorem, it's "Path MTU Discovery".  One of the improvements in v6 is it figures out the max MTU that can pass without fragmenting and sets that.  So v6 never has to fragment18:27
theoremrfm: going to dig into this a little more-  will have to call the ISP and might have to coach them on the right things18:27
jhutchinsrfm: Linux has always done that.18:27
jhutchinstheorem: What do you need iov6 _for_?18:28
theoremrfm: well, unfortunately the IPV6 address and MTU set on the ipv6 inteface is 1500 MTU18:28
theoremenx00e04cb9c457: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST>  mtu 150018:28
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rfmtheorem, I'm now out of my depth but it looks like Linux ignores the AdvLinkMTU. It's perhaps there to help zero-config devices get the MTU set right.18:40
rfmtheorem, looks like 1452 is the value to use for a PPPoE link, if your ISP supplies those perhaps that's why they picked that number.18:45
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aronsudo -i19:14
theoremrfm: interesting.19:15
rfmtheorem, if you just want to shut up the messages while you get the ISP sorted, you could change to a static ipv6 address (configure in netplan or connection editor, depending on what you use normally)19:34
rfmtheorem, might have to set net.ipv6.conf.enx00e04cb9c457.autoconf=0 in /etc/sysctl.conf, the kernel really really likes to do autoconfiguration19:37
rfmtheorem, there's also "accept-ra: no" in netplan, dunno about connection editor (or I guess Settings>network on a gnome system)19:38
pycuriousare there any recommendations for a ssh key rotation script/software I can use for a small team?19:39
leftyfbtrust your team and don't "rotate" ssh key pairs19:40
theoremrfm: i think it's actually throwing issues on my printer too ..19:40
pycuriousleftyfb: should i call it update ssh keys?19:41
leftyfbpycurious: there are several ssh key management solutions out there. Feel free to type "ssh key management" into google. Asking a support channel to list off several isn't going to help much.19:42
pycuriousleftyfb: I was hoping someone here is using one - and is happy with it - going to google now, thanks19:44
AAAAAAAAAAAAprint("Hello World!")19:47
rfm theorem it might be possible to disable ipv6 on the printer, if that works for you19:55
theoremrfm: that's stupid enough to work :(19:57
jhutchinsThat's like saying you can disable the GUI and still have a useful computer!19:58
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theoremunfortunately, no fix.20:03
rfmtheorem, printer clients might still have ipv6 mDNS service records cached.  Maybe give it a little time to settle after turning off ipv6.  (and I'm afk for a while, gl.)20:11
theoremrfm: thanks, it seems related to apparmor actually -- I disabled ipv6 on the printer though and I expect it'll get more stable.  since I know there are a lot of mDNS announces in the Bonjour and other auto-discovery protocols that were likely flooding the network.20:17
webchat58would this be the correct place to ask for help in creating a .sh script similar to a windows .bat file to load VLC on startup and play a VLC playlist, full screen in a continuous loop?20:44
leftyfbwebchat58: pretty sure you can just do that with a .desktop file in startup20:45
leftyfbwebchat58: https://wiki.videolan.org/VLC_command-line_help/20:46
webchat58would you be able to provide a sample? :-)20:46
leftyfbwebchat58: https://arcolinux.com/how-to-autostart-any-application-on-any-linux-desktop/20:47
webchat58ok.. I will try the suggested links and see how it goes, Thanks20:48
leftyfbthe vlc command would just be part of the "Exec=" in the .desktop file20:48
leftyfbsomething like vlc -fL /path/to/video.file20:48
webchat58this is what I am using on the win computers "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" --loop --fullscreen "C:\Clips for Giftshop\Gift-Shop-TV-Display.xspf" how would I write this for ubuntu?20:53
leftyfbI already gave you an example of how to do it20:53
webchat58thank you, but forgive me for asking a more specific question as I am very new to Ubuntu :-)20:55
webchat58No worries I will attempt to make it work with your example.20:56
tomreynwebchat58: you could do pretty much the same as you did on windows, just "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" becomes "vlc" and the path to the playlist file will differ20:58
webchat58Thank you all for your support. I will work on it on the weekend.21:00
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nitzHey guys, i had to install ubuntu twice on my computer after my original install got its drivers messed up. i now have two instances with two partitions installed on here.. is there a way to "consolidate" my installs into a single working os with my original files?21:45
theoremyes , however, it's kinda messy21:46
theoremopen up gparted21:47
theoremand nuke those partitions you don't need21:47
Habbienuking things is not step one to consolidation of data21:47
theoremthen reboot to a live CD, and run gparted again -- this time extend the partitions to expand to all of the space.21:47
theoremHabbie: 100% compression.21:48
Habbieyou don't need a live cd to extend partitions21:48
Habbietheorem, as much as i do think that's funny, we're here to give useful advice :)21:48
theoremHabbie: you don;t but it's pretty dicey if you don't have / mounted and are running gparted with / unmounted .. .21:48
jhutchinsnitz: What things are you wanting to save from the bad installation?21:48
Habbietheorem, i grow partitions on running systems all the time, it's fine really21:48
jhutchinsThese guys are talking about migrating binaries, which is a Really Bad Idea.21:49
Habbiejhutchins, what guys?21:49
nitz@jhutchins mainly my old software and downloads21:49
theoremHabbie: I didn't know you could do that21:49
Habbietheorem, most filesystems can be grown (but not shrunk) on a running system21:49
theoremyes, mount the old partitions then, and copy stuff off.21:49
jhutchinsIf you want to migrate applications, use dpkg or apt to list them, then do a clean install of them.21:49
jhutchinsnitz: The downloads you can just copy if you mount the partition they're on.21:50
nitzthank you. how do i remove the old instance after ive gotten the files and software?21:50
jhutchinsnitz: Something like mount /dev/sda1 /tmp21:50
Habbienitz, -that- is where theorem's advice comes in21:50
Habbienitz, but no earlier21:50
Habbiedo NOT run that command21:51
Habbiedo not ever mount anything on /tmp21:51
nitzwhich one?21:51
nitz ok21:51
theoremooh, never /tmp21:51
theoremalways make a new one, preferable off of /mnt21:51
jhutchinsnitz: Ok, for the pedants in the crowd: Create a mount point: mkdir /oldroot - then mount there instead of /tmp21:52
jhutchinsnitz: I often use /mnt, which they will also shriek about.21:52
Habbiejhutchins, you know, there's no reason to be like this21:52
nitzthank you guys, ill need to do some homework on that, thats pretty advanced for what i usually do but you have to start somewhere21:52
Habbienitz, yes, read up, be careful21:52
theorembe glad it's not dd :)21:53
nitz1. mount the other partition and copy files.21:53
nitz2. use apt on my other install to figure out what exactly was installed on there21:53
nitz3. remove the old partition using gparted21:54
Habbie(1) yes (2) dpkg --get-selections (use that as a google term perhaps) is nice21:54
Habbie(3) yes21:54
Habbieand then perhaps (4) resize the remaining one as theorem started with21:54
nitzgood tip on (4)21:55
theoremjust the tip21:55
nitzthats all i need<321:55
theoremyeah, see how it feels.21:55
nitzcheers, im off to potentially destroy this pc21:57
Habbiegood luck21:57
Habbiewhen in doubt, grab a usb stick and make another copy of things21:57
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rfmtheorem, back six hours ago before we got off on router advertisements, you were asking about "domain-name=.alocal" in avahi-daemon.conf causing avahi-daemon not to start. the problem there was the leading dot, just "domain-name=alocal" would have worked22:58

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