SildaraHey all, any reason global themes wont apply properly?00:22
mmikowskiSildara: I've been working on that this week.01:35
mmikowskiIt appears that some global theme conventions are supported differently in 5.27.01:36
mmikowskiSo some older themes or those not recently updated might not work.01:37
mmikowskiSildara: is this plasma 5.24.7, or 5.27? Kinda got ahead of myself there, whoops01:38
mmikowskiIn summary, if you're playing with 5.27, see above. Issues with 5.24.7 LTS are probably as they have always been.01:39
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SildaraAh I only installed yesterday so I assume i'm running the latest01:53
mmikowskiSildara: What version of Kubuntu?01:54
SildaraKDE Plasma 5.25.501:54
mmikowski22.04 LTS = plasma 5.24.x, and most existing global themes that have been fairly recently updated should work.01:54
mmikowski5.27.x, in my experience, has issues with global themes.01:55
mmikowskiNot all, but at least some more common 3rd part themes.01:55
mmikowskiYou can check your plasma version under system settings > about this system01:56
IkeCan anyone help me set up japanese input?02:33
SildaraIt's Kubuntu 22.10 mmikowski02:55
mmikowskiSildara: Then 5.27?03:43
mmikowskiPlasma 5.27? See system settings check ^^03:43
SildaraSays Plasma 5.25.503:44
MeganMayis Kubuntu a joke or a real project?03:47
ahmedMeganMay: Real project03:54
mmikowskiIf you need a daily driver, I suggest a LTS system. Alternately, you might update to 5.27 in the backports. Plasma 5.25 is a transitional release, and you are better supported in either of 5.24.x or 5.27.x as those are both LTS releases.03:56
mmikowskiLong Term Support03:58
SildaraAnd yeah I just grabbed the stable release off the KDE website03:59
SildaraAny way to update without reinstalling the whole iso?03:59
SildaraOr downgrade even03:59
mmikowskiNot really; reinstall is by far fastest and most complete.03:59
MeganMaywhats with the K in Kubuntu?03:59
mmikowskiMeganMay: KDE04:00
mmikowskiit is also an actual word similar to Ubuntu in meaning.04:00
MeganMaywhats it mean04:00
MeganMayo nvm04:01
MeganMayI searched04:01
SildaraBloody hell. Alright i'll reinstall04:01
SildaraWhich version would you recommend>/04:01
mmikowski22.04 LTS04:01
ahmedSildara: What problem are you having?04:02
Sildaraahmed: None of my global themes are working properly04:02
SildaraAright i'll download that iso now04:02
mmikowskiSildara: You might TRY 22.04 on the live USB first and see if your themes work there.04:03
mmikowskiIf it does, then you can proceed with confidence.04:03
mmikowskiIf it doesn't, then it might be a waste of time.04:03
SildaraAbsolutely true04:03
mmikowskiSildara: ^^ and something completely different.04:04
SildaraI'll boot into live and see if it works that's brilliant advice04:04
mmikowskino point in reinstalling to get back to "still broken" :)04:04
mmikowskiCool, please let me know how it goes!04:04
Sildara22.04.2 or 22.04.5?04:04
mmikowskilatest should be 22.04 LTS. That has 3 years of support.04:05
mmikowskiI think you are seeing 20.04.5 LTS too, which runs out in a month.04:05
mmikowskior so.04:05
SildaraAlright it's downloading now04:06
SildaraWill fire up etcher04:06
mmikowskiThe KDE "startup disk creator" is even easier IMO.04:07
mmikowskinever had an issue with it.04:07
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SildaraYeah nah global themes still not working05:57
mmikowskisorry to hear that Sildara. what are you ugrading from? 20.04 LTS or something?06:15
mmikowskiAlso, as these themes you used before?06:15
SildaraNo i've only started using Linux since yesterday06:18
SildaraI'm updating all the software now maybe that was an issue06:18
mmikowskiThat might be. 22.04 LTS is pretty stable.06:18
mmikowskiMake sure you enable backports.06:19
SildaraWhat's a backport?06:19
mmikowskior you could just do this which sets everything up for you including backports and lots of other software: https://kfocus.org/reinstall.html06:19
SildaraSweet i'll do that06:20
mmikowskiWith that, you don't need to worry about it; it's just be set up for you.06:20
mmikowskiThat likely won't fix the themes, but it will give you a much bigger head start.06:21
BluesKajHi all12:18
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danielmwhat's up?13:27
danielmI don't like this kombat chatroom, I want another.13:29
BluesKajthis is kubuntu support chat13:32
IrcsomeBot<kgarba> Please I'm having trouble getting my login screen13:55
IrcsomeBot<kgarba> It get stuck here.13:55
IrcsomeBot<kgarba> Any help with this13:55
IrcsomeBot<kgarba> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/8083bdfd/file_64557.jpg13:55
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tomreynkgarba: if you're still there: boot to recovery and select the options enable networking and start a root shell, then run :   apt update; apt -f install; apt install kubuntu-desktop15:39
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode15:39
IrcsomeBot<osvmv123> hi guys17:21
IrcsomeBot<osvmv123> i was installing ubuntu and every time i try to boot from the usb i get a screen that says "welcom to grub" and nothing happen after that17:21
IrcsomeBot<osvmv123> NYO5 (re @join_captcha_bot: )17:29
IrcsomeBot<osvmv123> hi guys17:30
IrcsomeBot<osvmv123> i was installing ubuntu and every time i try to boot from the usb i get a screen that says "welcom to grub" and nothing happen after that17:30
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> Make bootable and do a boot repair17:36
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> see if it's solved (re @osvmv123: hi guys17:36
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> i was installing ubuntu and every time i try to boot from the usb i get a screen that says "welcom to grub" and nothing happen after that)17:36
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> I'm on opensuse and fedora | kde and xfce these days17:37
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> Ubuntu was very resource hungry in my case17:37
tomreynDPRanjiida: if you're looking for support with ubuntu, not kubuntu, try the libera.chat IRC network, channel #ubuntu (a webchat is available)18:12
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> After installing the codecs now MS font won't fully install and stuck here for too long. Any suggestions? : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/e72f6e0d/file_64569.jpg19:16
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/e9c91777/file_64570.jpg19:16
mmikowskiGecko250: Try again later. The upstream server might be broken.20:04
mmikowski^ temporarily.20:04
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Thanks I removed and reinstalled once again and now it's fine (re @IrcsomeBot: <mmikowski> Gecko250: Try again later. The upstream server might be broken.)20:25

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