daftykinsback to the ol' game "Messiah" on my win98 PIII, been so many months i'd forgotten the controls :D23:33
zxmpii love when that happens. fire up the zx spectrum emulator and try and work out the controls from scratch :-)23:35
zxmpizx... nope... op.... nope... qw? what the flip...23:36
daftykinsthis one is odd in that it's cursor keys control, but zx to strafe23:36
daftykinsmouse aiming works but is optional23:37
* zxmpi glares at the games that only 67890 controls... 23:37
daftykinsi just got to this little sequence: https://youtu.be/-NkUWLpj_9o?t=577923:37
daftykinsi'm feeling adventurous, let's crack open that second chocolate orange i picked up at the time of that one i found really bad23:38
daftykinssurely it'll be a one-off, right?23:39
zxmpiliving dangerously23:39
penguin42well, if it hasn't walked off yet23:45
daftykinsthat's the benefit of my one partner in crime lacking opposable thumbs!23:45
penguin42tell that to an octopus23:48
daftykinsi'll be sure to drop you an email the day one raids my kitchen :D23:49
daftykinswell it looks and smells good...23:53

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