fmlatghorwould it be bad if I changed my apt sources.list to an older release?00:18
fmlatghorI changed it to lunar and I think I want to change it back to jammy00:18
fmlatghorI've heard that it's a potentially bad idea and could mess with things on my system00:19
tomreynfmlatghor: temporarily replacing your apt sources by an older release should not do harm since those older releases should provide earlier versions of software. but if you then install software from there it could cause apt resolver conflicts. moreover, you really, really should not do this in the first place, since mixing apt sources for different releases (without also ensuring you're only cherry picking single packages from there which you00:36
tomreynknow for sure are going to be fine) is generally a bad idea.00:36
tomreyn"lunar" is not an older release than jammy, though, it's a newer release. and that is an even worse idea than temporarily using an older release.00:37
tomreynit's really recommendable to just stick to the release you have installed.00:38
tomreynif you seek a certain software or even a specific version of software that's not available in your ubuntu release, use snaps, PPAs, flatpaks, app images, or build it yourself.00:41
migsis this channel active?00:46
Bashing-ommigs: It can be :D00:48
migsBashing-om, I am trying to convert a bunch of mp3s in one folder to m4bs, in the terminal. I found a way to do it combining all mp3s into one, then converting it to m4a then changing the name to m4b. But i want to convert each mp3 to m4b00:51
tomreynm4b as in "mpeg-4 audiobook" file format?00:53
migstomreyn, yes audiobook format for apple audiobooks. This is a summary of what I have done: https://pastebin.com/mJdPS8bi00:55
migsI can´t just change the file extension apparently00:55
tomreynffmpeg is probably the right tool. i wouldn't know which options you need to use00:55
tomreynhuh so just the "mv" command is failing?00:56
tomreynno, ffmpeg is failing00:57
tomreyni don't know how to solve that, try with a single file first00:57
tomreynhttps://gist.github.com/butuzov/fa7d456ebc3ec0493c0a10b73800bf42 claims they have a way to convert to this file format that works.00:57
tomreynbut you may need a newer ffmpeg version00:57
tomreynwhich may or may not be available as a snap, ppa, flatpak, appimage.00:58
migstomreyn, yes I did that in that website you just provided. It only combines the mp3s and converts the combined mp3 to m4b01:00
migshey tomreyn for some reason all of those "T"user names showed up does that mean that I tagged everyone?  I will send a imgr link01:02
tomreynmigs: you only wrote "tomreyn", so only i was 'hilighted' / 'mentioned'01:02
migsSo you just start writing the name and hit tab right?01:03
migsI am just new to this, or I used to use hexchat a while ago so I don´t remember some of the functionality01:03
tomreynyes, and when you hit tab twice it'll list all possible matching names, but not send that to the channel01:03
tomreynthat's how it works with some irc clients anyways01:04
tomreynincluding hexchat01:04
migsYeah but all of the names just stay there so it is a nussance if I want to scroll up to find a message or somethign because it just takes up so much space01:05
migsso I didn´t tag all of those people in my message?01:06
tomreynmigs: no, you did not01:07
tomreynif you have questions on how to configure hexchat, there's also #hexchat01:07
migsoh ok01:07
tomreynand probably also #ffmpeg01:08
migstomreyn, oh ok thanks good to know01:08
tomreyn!alis | migs01:08
ubottumigs: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»01:08
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migshey tomreyn I have another question. In Ubuntu I have preinstalled "simple screenrecorder"but when I launch it it says "You are using a non-x11 window system(e.g. Wayland"Whatdoes this mean? here is an imgur link https://imgur.com/a/3hd0mkc01:12
fmlatghortomreyn: too late. I switched from jammy to lunar a few weeks  a go01:13
fmlatghoryes I know, lunar is newer, that's what I was trying to say01:13
fmlatghorlesson learned, don't change releases01:13
leftyfbespecially one that isn't released yet01:13
fmlatghorexcept changing to testing on debian seemed to be fine01:13
leftyfb!next | fmlatghor01:13
ubottufmlatghor: Lunar Lobster is the codename for Ubuntu 23.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.01:13
fmlatghorwell it comes out in less than a month01:14
fmlatghorwell I guess that was a stupid decision01:14
tomreyn!wayland | migs01:14
ubottumigs: Wayland is a display server protocol (an alternative to X11) and library. Unlike Xorg, Wayland provides no central server component, but desktop environments' compositors make use of it (e.g. mutter, kwin, weston). For more info, see https://wayland.freedesktop.org and !xwayland01:14
leftyfbit's still not supported here yet01:14
fmlatghorit least I didn't install bedrock or use multiple package managers on the same distro, that would have been even messier and worse01:15
fmlatghorperhaps I should have just used containers or built packages from source01:15
fmlatghorinstead of switching releases to get newer packages01:15
fmlatghorI didn't realise that would break some things as well01:15
rfmleftyfb, why not?  it's the default since 22.04 after all01:15
tomreynmigs: it's not entirely correct, but for the purpose of simplicity, think of xorg and wayland as two competing "graphical desktop foundations". ubuntu switched to wayland as a default for newer releases.01:16
leftyfbrfm: Ubuntu 23.04 isn't released yet and is still under active development. All support is done in #ubuntu-next01:16
peteI need help budgie 20.04 ...Software center lost the catagories at the bottom02:12
tomreynpete: can you show a screenshot (imgur.com)? any idea what may have triggered this?02:17
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peteit happened after i signed up for ubuntu pro02:18
tomreynhmm, i would assume that's not related02:19
petePro added alot of sources to the list02:19
tomreyni think what you call 'software center' is the ubuntu-software *snap* on 20.04. but i can be wrong, thus asking for a screenshot02:20
tomreyni'm not so familiar with budgie. (there is probably #ubuntu-budgie , too)02:21
peteyou are right about the snaps02:22
tomreynthen it should be mostly unaffected by ubuntu pro, which is shipped through apt.02:23
petethanks will try budgie channel02:23
tomreyni see you (?) also posted to https://discourse.ubuntubudgie.org/t/software-center-problem/663702:23
tomreynpete: about the cd-rom error message, you can just remove or comment out the cdrom line in /etc/apt/sources.list02:24
petei cpommented it out02:24
tomreynso this error message shold be gone on the next   sudo apt update02:25
petethanks tomeyn yes it was gone02:26
tomreynpete: oh, you should probably also upgrade to 22.04 soon, since 20.04 will be end of life next month, i would think02:26
petethis is a 14 yo laptop 22.04 would not load02:28
peteHP DV402:29
tomreynyou tried? maybe try a lighter distribution then02:29
tomreynor different hardware, if possible.02:30
peteI have used puppy for about 10 years but wanted bluetooth02:32
tomreynpete: try #linux to discuss different distributions02:32
petebluetooth om budgie works perfect02:32
peteI am not good with linux but I can stagger thru it started with ubuntu 6.0402:34
tomreynwell, unless you have more ubuntu support qusestions - the other channels will be better,02:36
petewill try the budgie thanks02:36
StupidLikeAFoxIs there a way to disable audio routing to a device that should never had audio routed to it?02:53
StupidLikeAFoxMy computer has recently decided to start piping sound to my video card02:54
StupidLikeAFoxI acutally can't get audio into the headphones at all now03:02
ruenoakHave you checked your Output device in Settings- Sound ?03:05
StupidLikeAFoxI think an audio driver is crashed or pulse is somehow broken- my usual usb soundcard produces distorted sounds and somehow lags video playback, but on this box only03:13
StupidLikeAFoxand the altrernate I was using just stopped working- before sound came out of my monitor- for the first time in the years I've had the monitor and gfx card03:14
StupidLikeAFoxdfidn't know displayport could carry audio, nor did I know my monitor had speakers03:14
StupidLikeAFoxanything short of a reboot I can attempt to fix pulseaudio? just killing it's daemon and letting it come back up, or loggoing out of XFWM4 and abck in didn't do much03:16
securityOnionCan someone please walk me through the process on how to install an Ubuntu Pro license on all five workstations at work tonight? This is my first day and I'm nervous... We went over it during training but I have ADHD.03:18
TuxTamerhello anyone installed bigbluebutton 2.5.6 in ubuntu 20.04?03:26
vardhanSo I am stuk with this issue for some time. apt-get install always gives an error in the /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/debian/deb822.py in the 'import six' statement. I have installed the 'six' python module already wit pip - both in general and in a pyenv. I am still getting the same error. If I run a python repl and 'import six' it works.03:27
vardhanPleease help. Googling gives the same 'solution' - pip install six, which I have already done.03:27
rboxwhat version of ubuntu03:28
rboxand what did you do to break your python?03:28
rboxand installing things in a pyenv has no effect on your system python modules03:29
vardhanubuntu 20.04.6 LTS03:29
vardhanbut I am trying to install in a pyenv activated03:30
rboxwhat if you apt install python3-pip03:31
vardhanTraceback (most recent call last):03:31
vardhan  File "/usr/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloader", line 24, in <module>03:31
vardhan    import debian.deb82203:31
vardhan  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/debian/deb822.py", line 240, in <module>03:31
vardhan    import six03:31
rboxdont flood the channel03:31
vardhanModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'six'03:31
vardhanif I try that I get the same Error03:34
rboxoh, cuz apt is broken03:34
rboxback to the original question03:34
rbox[08:28:51 PM] <rbox> and what did you do to break your python?03:34
rboxwhat about sudo pip3 install six03:34
vardhanreporting some issues in installing grub-pc now03:36
Unit193Mixing package managers isn't ideal, would be better to either remove update-notifier, install six, then re-install that or just download manually and use dpkg.03:37
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vardhanso I am having issues with grub-efi etc. I (follishly) tried to purge them to reinstall03:53
vardhannow I am unable to install them again (due to module six issue in apt)03:54
vardhancan I download the python six module and install it with dpkg?03:54
longwhy install it03:56
vardhanI have installed it with pip. But in apt install I am geting an error: 'no module named six' so apt install and upgrade are failing04:00
vardhanimport six works in python repl, but apt gives this error.04:00
rboxthe apt error is from python304:01
vardhanbut I have python3 as the default version. And module six is installed for python304:01
rboxyou still havne't answerd the question04:03
rbox[08:34:49 PM] <rbox> [08:28:51 PM] <rbox> and what did you do to break your python?04:03
vardhansorry I dont get the question. I think I changed the version of python to python3:ln -s python3 /usr/bin/python04:04
rboxoh, that sounds like a great idea!04:04
rboxchange files from underneath the system04:04
vardhanI thought so :( guess it is not recommended.04:05
longyou try to upgrade apt or  change apt's edit-sources04:05
vardhanI did this because when I tried apt install from a pyenv I was still getting the module six error04:05
vardhanI did apt upgrade04:05
vardhanwhat to change in the apt edit-sources?04:07
vardhandpkg: error processing package grub-efi-amd64 (--configure): installed grub-efi-amd64 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1004:08
vardhanthis is the error when trying to install grub-efi now04:08
longthe file is /etc/apt/sources.list ,but i'm not sure it work or not04:12
longwhere are you from ?04:13
vardhanIf I am able to fix the module six issue, I can reinstall grub-efi or any other package.. the module six issue is stumping me, dont know what to do04:13
vardhan@long from India04:13
vardhanhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/1241362/fix-package-post-installation-script-subprocess-returned-error-exit-status-10-fo - Im afraid to do this04:16
ravagevardhan: you can try to extract the package manually04:17
ravagecd ~/Downloads/;wget http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/main/s/six/python3-six_1.14.0-2_all.deb; ar x ython3-six_1.14.0-2_all.deb; tar xf data.tar.xz; sudo cp -r usr/* /usr04:18
ravagethere is a p missing04:19
ravagetry to run the commands one by one. ar x python* ist the right command i mean04:19
vardhanok, will try04:21
vardhanI did that, but I'm now stuck with the error for grub-efi-amd64 (exit status 10)04:27
ravageuse a pastebin to show the error04:27
ravageand also the URL that you get with "sudo fdisk -l | nc termbin.com 9999"04:28
lotuspsychjegrub-efi-amd64-bin grub-efi-amd64-signed are still in phased updates for me in jammy04:29
ravage\o lotus04:29
lotuspsychjehey ravage04:30
vardhanhttps://termbin.com/pzy2z (and also the URL that you get ..)04:31
ravagei dont have grub-efi-amd64 installed04:31
ravageog so the system is actually EFI. thats what i wanted to check04:31
vardhanMy arch is x86_64. I dont know why it tries to install grub-efi-amd64 - isnt it for amd64 arch?04:32
ravagevardhan: sudo apt install grub-efi-amd64-bin grub-efi-amd64-signed04:32
vardhanhttps://pastebin.com/v30yxBbD - same error04:34
ravagehm. i know that 20.04 had some issues with the signed efi images04:34
lotuspsychjeravage: vardhan im seeing bug #2012748 recently04:36
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 2012748 in grub2-signed (Ubuntu) "package grub-efi-amd64-signed 1.187.3~22.04.1+2.06-2ubuntu14.1 failed to install/upgrade: installed grub-efi-amd64-signed package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 32" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/201274804:36
Bashing-omravage: security has released the fix for that: https://ubuntusecuritypodcast.org/episode-191/ - update should resolve ?04:36
ravageBashing-om: yes that may be the one i thought of04:37
ravagevardhan: do you have secure boot enabled?04:37
vardhanNo, its disabled04:38
ravagethen try to install grub-efi-amd6404:39
ravagewithout the signed04:39
vardhanSame exit status 10 error for --configure on grub-efi-amd6404:40
vardhanCan I install grub-efi manually? Not able to find the right package04:41
ravagethe configure script for tha package fails04:41
vardhanhttps://packages.debian.org/sid/arm64/grub-efi-arm64-bin/download - this is for amd64 only? Im on x86_6404:41
ravagei just dont know why04:41
ravageamd64 = x86_6404:42
TuxTamerPipelining commands on a Redis instance is deprecated and will be removed in Redis
TuxTamerredis.pipelined do04:42
TuxTamershould be replaced by redis.pipelined do |pipeline| pipeline.get("key")04:42
ravagevardhan: this is more or less just guessing but you can "sudo nano /var/lib/dpkg/info/grub-efi-amd64-bin.postinst" and put "exit 0" in line 2 and save it04:45
ravagethen try "sudo apt -f install"04:45
vardhan@ravage: https://pastebin.com/8RmX8HTm -I get an installation error for the package with amd64 arch04:45
ravageyes you want amd64. and not arm6404:46
vardhanoh sorry04:46
TuxTameranyidea what is this regarding?04:46
vardhan>> then try "sudo apt -f install" : same error after this04:51
ravagevardhan: ls -al /var/lib/dpkg/info/grub-efi-amd64*04:53
ravageif there is a grub-efi-amd64.postinst try the same for that file04:54
ravageTuxTamer: maybe if you describe what you are trying to do and when that error occurs someome is able to help04:54
vardhan@ravage: that seems to have worked04:56
TuxTamerI'm trying to ibstall bigbluebutton -2.5.6 in ubuntu20.04 I'm getting this error while trying to record a meeting and the meeting download will not be processed due to this.04:56
ravageTuxTamer: this does not look like an Ubuntu issue but an issue with that software?04:57
ravagevardhan: ok. nice. so "sudo apt -f install" finished?04:57
ravageefibootmgr | nc termbin.com 999904:58
TuxTamerseems like an issue with rubygems in ubuntu20 i think04:58
TuxTamerBTW do we have a channel for BigBlueButton ?04:59
ravageTuxTamer: never used that tool. cant help much with that sorry05:00
ravagevardhan: ok that looks ok. Ubuntu is selected05:00
ravagevardhan: sudo update-grub205:01
ravagefind /boot/efi/ | nc termbin.com 999905:01
vardhandoes that need a sudo?05:02
ravageno. but thats not so good05:02
ravagemaybe that was the problem with your grub install05:02
ravagedoes "sudo mount /boot/efi" do anything?05:03
vardhanmount: /boot/efi: /dev/nvme0n1p1 already mounted on /boot/efi05:03
ravagehm. but i guess even with sudo /boot/efi is empty?05:03
vardhan no it has EFI and then BOOT grub ubuntu dirs05:05
ravageok then do the command with sudo again05:05
ravageand show the output05:05
ravagesudo find /boot/efi/ | nc termbin.com 999905:06
ravageok that looks nice05:06
ravageand "update-grub" found your ubuntu kernels?05:06
ravage(with sudo lke above)05:07
ravageif that all looks ok i cant think of anything else to check and you may try a reboot05:08
ravagemaybe have a usb drive with 20.04.6 ready in case it does not work as expected05:08
vardhanyes, it seems to pass without an Error05:09
vardhando I need to check anyting (e.g. dpkg -C) to check for grub packages?05:09
vardhanbefore reboot05:09
vardhanalso the module six not found seems to have gone.05:10
ravageYou can try "sudo apt --reinstall install pyrhon3-six"05:11
ravageJust to make sure that's setup correctly05:11
vardhanyes, seems ok, installed05:12
vardhanshould I reboot? I dont have a 20.04 USB05:12
ravageAnd also "sudo grub-install /dev/nvme0n1"05:12
ravageDoes that work?05:12
vardhandone, yes05:12
ravageThen a reboot should work. But a bootable USB is always recommend:)05:13
vardhanOk. Thanks you SO much! would never have resolved without this help. Lots to learn!05:14
ravageyw. but dont thank me yet. come back after your reboot :D05:15
vardhanIf I can bother you more :) https://pastebin.com/9yL3J4d0 this is what I always get nowadays when doing an apt install. Had tried goolging, but havent found a solution. Any pointers?05:16
ravagefor package in $(apt-get upgrade 2>&1 | grep "warning: files list file for package '" | grep -Po "[^'\n ]+'" | grep -Po "[^']+"); do sudo apt-get install --reinstall "$package"; done05:17
ravageyou can try that05:17
ravageyou can remove packages you dont need from that list before05:17
ravagemy guess is that this are manually installed packaged that are not part of the ubuntu archives. at least some of them05:19
vardhanI get the error for >100 packages. Trying your script - has some errors, will try to fix05:21
vardhansudo apt-get upgrade 2>&1 doesnt list any packages/errors05:22
ravagebut that script only loops over those really05:23
ravagebut try to clean up those packages05:23
vardhanyes, I mean the script doesnt list the errors I got while doing an apt install05:23
ravageremove what you dont need05:23
vardhanyes, got it05:24
ravagebest would be all of course. but do them one by one05:24
vardhanwill get a dump and extract and loop over packages05:24
ravageand check if it does not want to uninstall half of your system :)05:24
vardhanlooks like it though :) I dont know why it is unhappy with so many. I also dont know if I need them05:25
ravageon a normal apt install you get a list of over 100 packages with that error?05:25
ravagemaybe it is a good time for a backup and a fresh install of 22.04 soon :)05:26
vardhansomething broke sometime and I started getting these05:27
vardhanyes, good idea05:27
vardhan>> on a normal apt install you get a list of over 100 packages with that error? : no it seems it is 2509 packages!05:33
ravagereinstall that system soon :)05:37
vardhandoes a reinstall keep/upgrade the existing packages?05:39
ravagethats why i said backup your data :)05:40
ryzendaWhat do I need to install on Ubuntu to get this usb ethernet adapter to work? 0fe6:9702 ICS Advent USB 2.0 10/100M Ethernet Adaptor https://i.imgur.com/WzO1BqB.png06:18
ravageryzenda: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1453021/i-have-an-usb-to-ethernet-adapter-model-no-vk-qf9700-can-someone-have-driver looks like there is no linux driver yet06:19
ryzendaravage, Thanks. I'm trying to help someone to get this to work, and I guess it doesn't work then. I'm considering to order a USB ethernet adapter for them, but do you have any recommendations on which one is 100% guaranteed to work in linux?06:23
ravagei have an anker a8341 adapter UUSB-C06:26
ravagethat works06:26
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matrixyryzenda, vantec cb-u300gna works on ubuntu and manjaro06:54
matrixyeven works on triskel06:58
ryzendamatrixy, lol what is triskel?07:03
matrixyits like one of those free software distros07:03
matrixyi dont use it anymore but tried it07:05
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clarkkperiodically, my laptop running Ubuntu 20.04, which is connected to the network via wifi, and is always active on the network, disconnects from the network for apparently no reason. For instance, it disconnected at 6:38 this morning, and didn't reconnect to it until I entered my password to the locked screen saver. Then it automatically reconnected without any other action from me.  Which log files should I inspect to try07:54
clarkkto find the cause of this?07:54
clarkkNote that my IP address did not change during this outage07:56
UndrWaterclarkk: sounds maybe like a power saving feature? you could check dmesg or journalctl -x08:01
clarkkUndrWater, thank you.  I've uploaded syslog to https://termbin.com/ljivl  Note that the system went offline at 6:38, and re-established the connection at 7:44.  Also, I've resolved the hosts entry that it was complaining about (I don't believe that's related to the problem). Can anyone suggest a solution?08:33
clarkkI have software running that relies on the network and is constantly downloading data. When this happens, it causes big gaps in my data.08:34
clarkkAlso note that I've disabled ipv6. I don't know why ipv6 addresses are being logged08:36
UndrWaterclarkk: ugh...i have those acpi spam messages as well! anyway, are the fwupd messages happening after you log in?08:39
clarkkUndrWater, you mean, when I log in for the first time after a reboot? Or when I enter my password to open a locked screen (which is what I did this morning)?08:48
UndrWaterthe later08:49
clarkkUndrWater, then the syslog should cover that. I can see one at 07:47:4108:49
UndrWaterso...what that might indicate to me is a possible issue with the firmware and linux support. at least it's something to look into.08:50
clarkkUndrWater, ugh, it's a fairly old laptop. So, if there's no new firmware available, then will I have to live with it? :/08:53
UndrWaterclarkk: look into the specific chip. there may be some issues, but perhaps some resolutions for what you're experiencing.08:56
UndrWateri'd help you out, but i'm TUI at the moment08:56
clarkkUndrWater, ok, thanks. It's beyond me, I'm afraid. I'll come back tomorrow to see if anyone can help.  As a workaround, do you think restarting the network manager via cron when there's a disconnection for a period of time would resolve it?08:59
UndrWaterperhaps set your system not to sleep or log out?09:00
clarkkUndrWater, all that is disabled09:02
clarkkUnder Settings > Power, there are setting "Wifi can be turned off to save power" and "Bluetooth can be turned off to save power". I don't want or needs these. However, if I disable them, then it enables Airplane mode and disables the wifi. So, I disable airplane mode. It doesn't enable wifi, so I enable wifi. Then, when I check the power settings again, they are both enabled.  :/09:07
clarkkSo, I can't disable this features09:07
UndrWateryeah...that's beyond me at this point. i don't have an ubuntu UI machine to check.09:09
clarkkIf I just disable "Wifi can be turned off to save power", it disables wifi but not airplane mode. If I enable wifi, it enables "Wifi can be turned off to save power" again09:10
clarkkUndrWater, np. Thank you for your advice.09:10
UndrWater:D good luck!09:10
clarkkThanks, just hoping someone else will respond09:10
clarkksame problem as this https://askubuntu.com/questions/1098101/how-to-turn-off-the-wifi-power-management-in-ubuntu-18-04-live09:13
clarkkI'll try that solution09:13
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clarkkI'll try that, and return if it happens again09:25
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Samborambo Hi there, I have a Laptop with AMD a9-9425, it has windows 10, when i try to upgrade to windows 11 it says my cpu isnt supported?11:00
gartral[m]This isn't a Windows support room. Sorry about your luck with crappy OSes though.11:02
Samboramboim making a ubuntu usb to try it11:03
Samborambocan you use netflix etc on ubuntu11:03
Samboramboim confused how i buy a HP mainstream laptop and i cant use windows 1111:04
=== pop-os is now known as mandrak
matsamanSamborambo: yes you can use netflix11:09
matsamanSamborambo: probably your HP laptop was designed and built before Windows 1111:09
matsamanthe reason you can't straightforwardly install Windows 11, is a great one to avoid that OS for though11:10
SamboramboIm making an Ubuntu usb to try, if it does everything i need ill use it11:10
Samborambois there a good book to learn ubuntu11:11
matsamanthere probably is, somewhere11:12
matsamanbut, I would probably just sit in here and ask your questions11:13
tomreynSamborambo: if you need any help with the ubuntu usb and testing ubuntu, please don't hesitate to ask here. we're all volunteers, but are usually happy to support you on your first steps. i'd recommend writing the ubuntu desktop iso file using the "balena etcher" software, it's the easiest wayx to do it right.11:57
BluesKajHi all12:19
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dazeTrying to get subtitles in streamlink. Would this be right?14:42
dazeTrying get get subtitles in streamlink. Would this be correct.14:42
daze<daze> streamlink -p mpv -a --mux-subtitles https://www.youtube.com/@NBCNews best14:42
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UbuntuChevalierHello mante15:09
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gartral[m]hey guys, got a liveUSB setup here and trying to image a drive. sudo apt install gddrescue says the package can't be found. What can I do when there's no way to install the OS to this system? I can't install because the person I'm doing this for doesn't want the OS installed on her system.16:12
tomreynyou can run   sudo apt update   before you run    sudo apt install something16:13
gartral[m]effectively I'm imaging a damaged disk to her existing windows install. There's space available for the image for sure, so I'm not concerned about that16:14
gartral[m]I did that16:14
ravageare universe packages enabled on the live usb?16:14
ravageif not you may have to do that first16:14
ravagesudo add-apt-repository universe16:15
gartral[m]universe is the baseline set of packages, aren't they?16:15
ravageif that tool is installed16:15
gartral[m]guess not, thanks for the promt help!16:16
ravageyq. good luck with the rescue process :)16:17
tomreynanother option would be to actually install ubuntu to the usb stick (but you'd need to run the installer on a VM or other system for that)16:17
ravagenever used the gui version. i usually pipe it to a gzip file or so16:18
gartral[m]Gddrescue isn't a gui app16:20
ravageoh. g is for gnu. never mind16:20
gartral[m]It's short for gnu ddrescue16:20
ikshanNICK akshu16:59
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gartral[m]OK, so the drive is coming up completely 0b with all the tools... I'm stumped.17:07
tomreyngartral[m]: i don't think anyone here will be able to comment on this unless you provide a lot more details (and output on a pastebin). that's if you're looking for assistence with whatever it is you're trying to do.17:11
tomreynwell, you did write that you're trying to create an image of a "damaged disk" (damaged how?) to an existing file system which should have sufficient capacity to store that image.17:12
tomreynand that you're using (g)ddrescue for it (but not how)17:13
gartral[m]I have a friend who's in another country, this is her fault in it's entirety. She ignored warnings that her laptop's hard drive was dying, has no backups of her work for the past 9 years, and now I'm trying to recover the data for her. So far, I've had to buy an external SATA<->USB adapter and walk her through the process of carefully pulling the drive, and setting up a live USB to boot Ubuntu with. I've walked her through setting up SSH and17:15
gartral[m]I'm on her machine remotely where I've installed gddrescue and when I try to image the disk with --idirect --sector-size=512 it "completes" after reading out exactly 0 bytes.17:15
gartral[m]it's a 500gb disk and her desktop has a 1tb drive with enough room for the image.17:16
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gartral[m]the kicker is that 0b size... I've never seen a drive report like that before17:23
gartral[m]it might be the adapter in a "waiting for disk" state.17:25
lotuspsychjewelcome Synthachak17:29
SynthachakI'm not sure why I'm here but I am17:29
lotuspsychjeyou can aks ubuntu related question in this channel Synthachak17:29
SynthachakKewl ^^17:30
tomreyngartral[m]: hmm, what kind of drive is this? classic HDD, SSD, NVME?17:32
gartral[m]tomreyn: It's a crappy seagate SSHD. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/654102641500094512/1089235687062122506/20230325_181304.jpg?width=410&height=54717:34
tomreyni mean classic SATA/SAS HDD, SATA/SAS SSD, PCIe NVME? M.2?17:34
tomreyni see17:34
tomreyngartral[m]: is smartctl -x able to report anything about it?17:35
tomreynand does it report with proper capacity in journalctl / fdisk -l?17:36
gartral[m]that I can answer now: No.17:37
gartral[m]smartmonctl is throwing a "not ready" error: Read Device Identity failed: scsi error device will be ready soon17:37
tomreynsee https://www.smartmontools.org/wiki/USB and https://www.smartmontools.org/wiki/SAT-with-UAS-Linux17:39
tomreynit's usually a matter of a bad / specific usb/sata translation chipset17:39
spinningCati think bluetooth drivers of ubuntu sucks17:40
spinningCatmy headphone is never disconnected on windows17:40
spinningCatbut constantly disconnected on ubuntu17:40
tomreynspinningCat: if you have a support question, this is a good place. if you have quality feedback, not so much.17:41
spinningCatI see17:41
oerheksi usually set BT via commandline, scan, pair, trust, done17:42
oerheksyou miss the trust part, i guess17:42
oerheks* once trusted, the gui tool works fine17:42
geosmilewhen i ctrl+v from my keyboard, I get a different paste, compared to mouse right click/paste. Any ideas how to fix that?17:43
lotuspsychjeblueman is pretty decent17:43
oerheksyes, blueman givest that option too17:43
oerheks'star'  it17:44
gartral[m]strange. smartctl -d sntjmicron -x /dev/sdg still shows the "not ready" error from before17:50
gartral[m]same with -d sat -a17:51
jhutchinsgeosmile: I just live with it.  It's not terribly predictible.  Sometimes it's the GUI clipboard, sometimes the app, sometimes the shell.17:51
jhutchinsgeosmile: There's also the middle mouse button (often emulated with both buttons on a 2 button mouse).17:52
oerheksgartral[m], if you have UEFI, disable secureboot perhaps?17:53
jhutchinsgeosmile: Ctrl-V is probably the shell, while the mouse buffer is the GUI.17:53
jhutchinssecureboot has a major security vulnerability that's largely un-patched.17:54
jhutchinsDisabling it is a good idea in general.17:54
tomreyngartral[m]: i'm not sure which of the questions i asked you responded to when you said "that I can answer now: No" - so i'm not sure whether the disk actually shows with proper capacity in fdisk -l18:01
gartral[m]tomreyn: No. the disk doesn't show it's proper capacity anywhere18:02
tomreynif it doesn't show with proper capacity there then chances to get smartctl work properly with different protocol translators is not very likely to succeed. and even if it will, you'd still not be able to use ddrescue through this bridge then.18:02
gartral[m]it also isn't responding to smart with the quirks set for the device, nor does it respond with the correct USB bridge passthrough settings.18:03
tomreynyou could maybe try to get it to work with libata or usb module linux command line parameters, but i'm not even sure which ones to try there.18:03
gartral[m]I know it's doing something because she says it's humming and clicks when I run the smartctl command18:03
tomreynif that's an option, it may be best to try the disk directly on another computers' sata bus18:04
gartral[m]That's not possible18:04
tomreynor use another usb bridge18:04
tomreyni mean a different18:04
jhutchinsHumming and clicking does NOT sound like an SSD.18:05
tomreynso HDD with extra flash cache18:06
gartral[m]No, it's not possible without buying her a new computer. her desktop is a pre-built that's 12 years old and only has the one sata port on the board. it doesn't even have a DVD rom.18:06
gartral[m]And sourcing another bridge that I can afford, and confirm has a better bridge chip is... difficult in the extreme because I'm not sure which ones WOULD work, and then there's the issue of shipping to Sweden.18:07
jhutchinstomreyn: Ah.18:08
gartral[m]she's cripplingly agoraphobic and would have a nervous breakdown if I sent her out to buy one locally, and I think the nearest computer parts store that might have anything like that is 2 cities away with her without a vehicle. This situation is crap all around >.<18:08
jhutchinsgartral[m]: What about her shipping just the drive to you?18:10
gartral[m]I asked and she flipped out... this is her only copy of her art... she's extremely protective and said the only way she'd do that is if she physically brought it, and that's beyond prohibitively expensive for us.18:11
gartral[m]and we already had an issue with a shipper losing the first bridge device and having to go through Amazon support to authorize a replacement.18:13
jhutchinsgartral[m]: At some point you have to weigh the fact that it's quite probably not recoverable at all against the idea of shipping it with a small chance of recovery.18:15
jhutchinsgartral[m]: What about a commercial recovery service?18:16
gartral[m]if we HAVE to, we'll do that. I know that doing a transplant is the best option, but I'm doing my best to do this without that, because a professional service will have the same issues with shipping and her concerns will literally cause her so much anxiety that she won't eat for a week.18:19
tomreyngartral[m]: fwiw, this is what this disk model would normally look like in smartmontools: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/722110/smartmontools-should-i-replace-my-sshd18:25
tomreynapparently this one was directly connected to a sata bus, though18:26
tomreyngartral[m]: is connecting the disk to the laptops' sata bus not an option either?18:27
tomreyn(and then booting off the ubuntu usb stick again)18:27
gartral[m]tomreyn: it *is* but then there's nowhere to dump the data to.18:28
tomreynwhat about a network storage device, the internet, a writable partition / file system on the usb stick?18:28
tomreynplus there's the chance the currently connected sata storage device would work fine over the existing usb-sata bridge18:29
tomreynhowever, "humming and clicking" does sound like a broken hdd head18:30
tomreynreplacing that would probably make the data accessible again18:30
gartral[m]the drive is entirely knackered in the laptop as well, and while I thought about dumping over SMB, I'm not so sure about doing that with a 500gb image. and having her break apart her desktop to get the hdd out of IT will put her in hysterics... again18:31
tomreynsorry to hear about this siutation you two are in. i'm afraid we won't be able to find a solution for the non technical parts here either (but wish you all the best).18:33
EriC^^gartral[m]: probably if the data is very important you want to send it to a recovery place and refrain from testing more, i guess it could damage more and make it harder or impossible to recover19:10
EriC^^on the other hand, ive read about people using the 'freezer method' to get more life out of an hdd or placing it in a small refrigerator/container while getting the data, it's probably a long shot, and also has the potential to make stuff way more damaged and unrecoverable as well as problems with humidity and whatnot too19:12
geosmilehttps://dpaste.org/t7CdH https://dpaste.org/t7CdH - how do i clean these unused kernels in ubuntu 20.04LTS?19:50
jhutchinsgeosmile: What have you tried so far?19:53
jhutchinsgeosmile: Have you tried apt autoremove?19:54
geosmilejhutchins, i have - it does not remove anything!19:54
leftyfbgeosmile: you know those aren't installed on your machine right?19:57
geosmileleftyfb, I'm trying to run through a security scan - and its complaining that there are too many kernels installed on my machine19:58
leftyfbgeosmile: (cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ; ls -l /boot/vml* ) | nc termbin.com 999919:58
leftyfbgeosmile: or (cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ; apt list -i linux-image* ) | nc termbin.com 999919:59
geosmileleftyfb, https://dpaste.org/QPo2920:01
StupidLikeAFoxis there some reason why USB audio devices would stop working through a hub, but work plugged directly into the box?20:03
rboxStupidLikeAFox: what errors are in dmesg20:03
leftyfbgeosmile: ( apt list -i linux-image* 2>/dev/null|egrep -v "Listing|$(uname -r)|5.15.0-60") ) | nc termbin.com 999920:05
geosmileleftyfb, https://dpaste.org/dsVHo20:06
leftyfbgeosmile: you know this would be much easier for you to just copy and paste the command I gave you and post the URL here20:07
geosmileleftyfb, If you look above, I had asked the question about my machine having cut and paste issues. So I have to type your commands manually!20:08
leftyfbgeosmile: for kernel in $(apt list -i linux-image* 2>/dev/null|egrep -v "Listing|$(uname -r)|5.15.0-60|linux-image-generic-hwe-20.04"); do sudo apt remove --purge --autoremove $kernel ; done ; sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-20.0420:09
geosmileleftyfb, -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `do'20:12
leftyfbyou didn't type it in correctly20:13
leftyfbthe command works, I've tesrted it20:13
geosmileyes - i did not20:13
EriC^^geosmile: you probably misssed a ";" before done maybe20:13
geosmileleftyfb, E: Release 'focal-updates,focal-security,now' for 'linux-image-5.13.0-44-generic' was not found20:14
geosmilelots of those20:14
geosmilelinux-image-generic-hwe-20.04 is already the newest version (
leftyfbplease take a picture20:14
geosmile0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.20:14
geosmileleftyfb, https://dpaste.org/EoUCF20:15
leftyfbah right20:16
geosmilegeosmile, sorry if i mistyped again20:16
geosmileleftyfb, ^20:16
leftyfbgeosmile: for kernel in $(apt list -i linux-image* 2>/dev/null|awk -F/ '{print $1}'|egrep -v "Listing|$(uname -r)|5.15.0-60|linux-image-generic-hwe-20.04"); do echo sudo apt remove --purge --autoremove $kernel ; done20:17
leftyfbmy bad20:17
leftyfbyeah, run that, it will tell you what it's going to do20:17
leftyfbbut won't actually do it until you remove the "echo"20:17
geosmileleftyfb, https://dpaste.org/j4A0B20:18
leftyfbyep, remove the echo and hit it again20:18
geosmileleftyfb, done - letme rescan/reboot- thanks!20:20
geosmilehttps://dpaste.org/m4J4x - how do i disable these modules in my machine? I just created this file.20:32
geosmiledo i just do "modprobe -r dccp"?20:33
rboxyou want ouse 'blacklist modulename'20:33
geosmilerbox, lsmod does not show those anymore - does that mean it worked?20:37
rboxwell it means they're not loaded20:37
geosmilewhere do you put blacklist ... ?20:38
clarkkI have "gnome-shell[12471]: Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file: No such file: (null)" throughout my syslog file. Is there any way to resolve it?21:37
clarkknote that $FONTCONFIG_PATH is configured with the correct path /etc/fonts21:37
EriC^^clarkk: does /etc/fonts/fonts.conf exist?21:42
EriC^^and what are the permissions of the file21:42
clarkkEriC^^, https://termbin.com/86ln21:43
EriC^^looks good clarkk21:46
clarkkEriC^^, thanks for looking at it. Can you think of anything else?21:47
tomreynclarkk: which ubuntu version is this?21:53
EriC^^clarkk: maybe it's specific to a certain program, what happens if you run gedit while doing 'sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog' in a terminal?21:53
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clarkktomreyn, sorry, should have said. 20.0422:58
mekhamiTrying to update my nvidia drivers (because for some reason my monitor shuts off when I full screen anything). I'm running into 'the following packages have unmet dependencies' and a long list of packages23:00
mekhamithis when i try sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall23:00
mekhamiI have a geforce rtx 206023:00
mekhamion ubuntu 20.04.623:01
clarkkEriC^^, doesn't happen with gedit, I'm afraid23:01
EriC^^clarkk: try to pinpoint which program it's happening with23:04
asearerjust moved to 22.04 MATE, and I'm loving it! last time i was using Ubuntu was around 2010.23:33
clarkkEriC^^, how can I do that? I am monitoring syslog using tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep -i fontconfig, but I still only see the output after the fact, when I explicitly look at the terminal (and see 5 messages, for examples)23:36
EriC^^clarkk: run tail -f and try a few gui programs you usually use and see if it pops up on any23:37
migsare netstat and nethogs still supported in Ubuntu23:58

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