TowserIs there any way to display battery percentage in the task bar near the battery icon08:28
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> You can right click upon the battery indicator and click configure, there you will get few available options under the icon option (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <Towser> Is there any way to display battery percentage in the task bar near the battery icon)08:30
TowserThere isn't a battery percentage option there08:31
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> There should be whats your lxqt version in mine its available (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <Towser> There isn't a battery percentage option there)08:34
Towserhow would I check that?08:36
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> In the menu, check the about lxqt tab08:37
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> By menu i meant main menu or application menu08:38
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> This is what you get on right click, now in the icon option there are options with percentage : https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/26eb89c1/2023_03_26_14_11.png08:42
Towser27Mine doesn't have a drop-down for different icons, only the option to use icons from theme or not08:44
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> You checked version ??08:45
Towser27last version 0.17.008:46
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/e239a289/2023_03_26_14_16.png08:46
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> well i recommend you to add the lubuntu team backports ppa and switch to lxqt 1.20 and check.. (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <Towser27> last version 0.17.0)08:47
Towser27How do I do that?08:48
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> Check this guide : https://lubuntu.me/jammy-backports-22-04-1-lxqt-1-2/08:48
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> If not clear, do the following :-08:50
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> 1) sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade08:50
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> 2) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-dev/backports08:50
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> 3) sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade08:51
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> 4) Reboot08:51
Towser27Still no drop-down 09:00
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> put the screenshot09:00
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> this shouldnt happen09:00
Towser27Oh it's still using the old version after updatinh09:00
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> reboot09:00
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> you didnt get any errors during upgrade right ??09:01
Towser27I did. .... Ahh during update it kept back some lxpt packages, that's probably why09:02
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> yes can i get the screenshot of them09:03
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> it happens, you will have to upgrade now by typing 1) sudo apt install (all the packages held)09:03
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> 2) reboot09:04
Towser27Now I have the drop-down menu to select an icon with the battery percentage thank you09:22
lubot[telegram] <BlackKnight987> welcome09:26

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