rboxmigs: and you use apt to install it?00:00
uhhhhdoes anyone know how to fix a specific issue of the 'microphone device' appearing as a playback device instead of an input device? i've googled it, read forums, checked the pipewire and pulse audio docs, and im fresh out of ideas00:07
migsrbox, yes00:08
migsso if it I use apt to install something it is generally safe?00:09
uhhhhnevermind i had to switch it from analog stereo output to analog stereo duplex00:09
rboxmigs: well then its supported by ubuntu if its in the ubuntu repos...00:10
rboxunless you installed some random repo00:10
rboxand its pulling it from there00:10
xrandrHi there. I know that ubuntu has the RDP toggle in settings. I enabled it, but when I RDP in, I get an XRDP session login window. Am I supposed to be getting a unity login window?00:25
rbox"the rdp toggle"?00:25
xrandrIn settings. There's a toggle you can click to turn it on and off00:25
tomreynxrandr: unity? what are you running there?00:36
xrandrI thought that by enabling the remote desktop under sharing in ubuntu 22.04, that it would bring me to the normal desktop login screen instead of Xorg.00:37
xrandrand im in00:37
xrandrhad to disable and re-enable00:37
tomreynenabing the desktop sharing feature provides an xrdp server which you can connect to and login, then access your standard desktop that way00:37
tomreynunity has not been the default ubuntu desktop for a good while. it was revived as a flavour a while ago, though00:39
tomreynubuntu uses gnome-shell / mutter since at least 18.0400:40
xrandrah ok00:40
xrandrI remember a while ago there was Wayland00:40
tomreynthere still is, and it'S the default, too00:42
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smallville7123_how do i build this?  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdk-pixbuf/2.42.9+dfsg-102:57
smallville7123_libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-0:i386 : Depends: libglib2.0-0:i386 (>= 2.59.0) but it is not installable02:57
smallville7123_libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-dev : Depends: gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0 (= 2.42.9+dfsg-1) but 2.42.9+dfsg-1ubuntu1 is to be installed02:57
rboxsmallville7123_: you need everything else it depends on03:10
* smallville7123_ attempts to build pixbuf from source03:14
* liowenex builds smallville7123_ from source using Meson & Ninja03:15
smallville7123_Permission denied at /usr/bin/dh_gnome_clean line 115.03:16
smallville7123_$ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b03:16
smallville7123_should i use sudo ?03:16
rboxyeah, lets jsut randomly run thigns with sudo03:17
rboxthat's always the answer03:17
smallville7123_sudo works :)03:17
smallville7123_now how do i install it03:21
smallville7123_found it in ..03:24
smallville7123_yay i can install gtk4-dev now03:24
smallville7123_libgtk-4-dev *03:25
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hiyaomg guys! while I was talking about malware with you, my computer froze and cursor in web browser where I type for IRC also stopped, it was blinkering rampantly.. also time from top bar was changing from 00:30 to 00:31 and back to 00:30 <-- was this malicious code?05:13
samy1028ElGrifo, hi05:13
hiyaHow to check? or was it a graphics driver crash as it is common for this machine with AMD 6850U05:13
hiyamalware with other guys on IRC*05:14
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hiyaI have a video too05:14
ElGrifoI wonder if Ubuntu can be used for ECT05:15
samy1028hiya, what site were you using for WWW<>IRC?  I'm assuming a libera chat gateway?05:15
hiyaI use a web client for weechat called glowing-bear.org05:16
samy1028ElGrifo, what is ECT?05:16
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ElGrifoelectro convulsive therapy05:16
hiyaI use linux-oem kernel c version05:16
hiyaMy hardware is Ubuntu certified05:17
samy1028hiya, perhaps it was just a JS bug?  Or trying to reconnect?  Attempting to handle a netsplit?  Don't know right off.  Was it continuous?  Did it go away after a page refresh?05:18
arraybolt3hiya: Sorta sounds like you ran out of RAM to me, maybe?05:18
samy1028hiya, could be a temporary browser issue and that's it?  as arraybolt3 said, memory issue?05:19
arraybolt3hiya: Do you have any particular reason to believe your system may have been compromised? Was it left where someone malicious could have access to it? Did you insert a suspicious USB device or download and install suspicious software?05:19
arraybolt3Are there any apps on your system you don't recognize?05:19
hiyasamy1028: it had to do hard-reboot after trying to get control for 10 minutes05:19
arraybolt3Yeah that's what happens when your RAM runs out and your system starts thrashing.05:20
hiyaarraybolt3: I got 32G DDR5 ram, it barely touches 6GB ever05:20
samy1028ElGrifo, I'm not certain what you are trying to accomplish with Ubuntu relating to Electro Convulsive Therapy.  Perhaps if you describe it we might be able to help out a little.05:20
arraybolt3Could have also been a GNOME Shell bug.05:20
arraybolt3ElGrifo: Use cases for Ubuntu are likely off-topic here. If something goes wrong with your Ubuntu system, you can ask for help here. That topic might work in #ubuntu-discuss, assuming you're not mentioning ECT as a form of trolling.05:20
arraybolt3ronson31[m]: o/05:20
hiyasamy1028: arraybolt3 both browser's cursor + Gnome shell's time in top bar, where acting up. Cursor was blinkering rampantly like | | | | | | .. and time was from 00:30 to :31 to 3005:21
ravagehiya: if a simple reboot fixed it: keep calm and carry on05:21
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hiyabut it could be a malware? Trying to hack me? Should I enable Ubuntu Pro?05:21
arraybolt3hiya: Strange behavior like that could be for any number of reasons. Bad RAM, random glitch, cosmic rays, user error, etc. I'd go with ravage's suggestion.05:21
samy1028hiya, what you've just described happens when I peg out CPU/RAM for too long on a VM.  Odd things start to happen that don't normally happen.  lots of odd UI bugs, random glitches in software that don't handle it well, etc.05:22
arraybolt3hiya: The question isn't "could is be malware". Yeah, sure, it *could*, but if you have no good reason to believe that you've been hacked other than your system misbehaving once, then you probably don't need to worry about it.05:22
hiyasamy1028: yes my laptop is always on until such things happen even for days or when I have some security update that requires reboot05:22
arraybolt3(Also Ubuntu Pro probably wouldn't help if you were hacked. If you have a good reason to think you were hacked, the best thing to do is a total reinstall and then restore from backups, or back up your data first and then reinstall if you don't have backups already.)05:23
arraybolt3But that's likely overkill since, from the info you've provided, you're probably not hacked.05:23
fluidI'm trying to start a program called "rigctl". If I type "whereis rigctl" it lists /usr/bin/rigctl. If I just type "rigctl", I get "-bash : /usr/local/bin/rigctl: No such file or directory"05:27
fluidWhat configuration have I messed up which causes bash to try and execute the program from where it's not?\05:28
ravagefluid: try to logout and login again05:28
fluidOh! well alright then. Thanks!05:28
linuxmint_Has anyone used the Ubuntu Pro support before? Is it good?  I've been working on my network and need support OR I setup a non Ubuntu machine?06:19
ravagei dont think Ubuntu Pro offers support for your network design06:20
UtnubuHola. Bit of a newb here, appreciate any help. Trying to get a readout of folder and file structure (i.e map of folders, subfolders and containing filenames) - I know that ls -R will just list all files in general with no context, so I'm wondering if there's a better solution)06:20
linuxmint_My network is https://i.imgur.com/z7aeWMf.png and these are some of the host machine's /etc/network/interfaces configs I've tried: https://dpaste.com/99S9W9E3C06:20
linuxmint_ravage: here's the network design so you have an idea.06:21
linuxmint_Pretty much just a virtual router.06:21
linuxmint_but the host won't ping the vm.06:21
ravageUtnubu: probaly "find"06:22
linuxmint_ravage: find?06:22
linuxmint_like grep?06:22
ravageUtnubu: or if you want an actual tree: use "tree"06:22
Utnuburavage that seems to work, unfortunately my current usecase is connecting through an Android device (adb)... adb shell does not ship with "tree", would there be any alternatives?06:24
ravageUtnubu: install termux on your android device06:25
ravagebut we cant support Android here. this is #ubuntu :)06:26
Utnuburavage I'm aware, just was a clarificatory question, thanks anyway06:26
ducassemorning gremlins07:05
hiyaarraybolt3: okay.07:11
|8lurry|Hi there, can anyone help me setting up a squid proxy?07:29
|8lurry|http traffic works with my current conf, but the https ones does not work07:30
|8lurry|squid access log says: 1679815763.904      0 NONE_NONE/000 0 - error:transaction-end-before-headers - HIER_NONE/- -07:31
|8lurry|http://0x0.st/Ho2o.txt , is what I get for the request: HTTP_PROXY= HTTPS_PROXY= curl -v https://google.com07:33
|8lurry|please help07:33
|8lurry|hi-ya, hiya07:34
|8lurry|can you help me with ^07:34
hiya|8lurry|: All good and you?07:34
|8lurry|yeah, good. only the squid thing is bugging me07:34
hiya|8lurry|: I see, did you try with public IP directly instead of local IPs07:43
|8lurry|I want it to run on the local network. wait let me try07:44
|8lurry|hiya: it's same, even with public IP07:47
ducassei think there's a squid channel, did you check alis?07:50
ducassetry /msg alis list squid07:51
ducasseone channel, doesn't look very populated07:51
|8lurry|yeah, only a handful of people, squid website says about the #squid channel on freenode, there's also only a handful of people07:53
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|8lurry|I see that the "--with-openssl --enable-ssl and such" configuration options are not available when I do "squid -v". Is there some way on ubuntu to have them enabled other then building from the source? I am using ubuntu-22.0408:24
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ychaouchehello #ubuntu09:11
ychaoucheI have managed to break python on my machine. I'd like to uninstall and reinstall it properly, but it seems to be too tight to the system to be uninstalled. Should I take any particular precautions before doing this?09:11
ychaouchetightly coupled*09:12
ychaoucheoh that was not python it was pip09:17
ychaoucheok nvm09:17
lotuspsychjewelcome ajabsandali09:57
ajabsandaliwhat is this?09:57
lotuspsychjeajabsandali: this is the Ubuntu support channel, where you can ask related questions09:59
forcconHello, how can I list all the available $DISPLAY are on my system?10:33
ychaoucheforccon: X or Wayland?10:35
forcconychaouche, Wayland10:35
ychaouchetry weston-info10:35
forcconychaouche, isn't that weston a compositor? I currently use GNOME Shell (that uses mutter).10:37
ychaoucheforccon: it's a simple wayland client that connects to wayland and logs all available displays, resolutions etc.10:39
ychaoucheyes it's a weston compositor10:40
ychaoucheon gnome you can use the UI10:41
ychaouche gnome-control-center display10:41
forcconychaouche, https://paste.centos.org/view/fd29a87e10:43
hiyaThis happened to me today while I was talking about Linus Tech Tips's malware on a web client for IRC: https://tmpfiles.org/dl/1171469/me-hacked-or-not.mp410:43
hiyaDo you think I ma hacked? Gnome Shell's top bar's time was going up and down10:44
forcconychaouche, How do I know what displays I am using from https://paste.centos.org/view/fd29a87e ?10:44
hiyacursor was also going up and down where I type in web IRC - rampantly blinkering10:44
ychaoucheforccon: you only have one display there: https://tinypic.host/images/2023/03/26/imaged9aff9d1d394c466.png10:45
ychaouchethe others don't seem to be connected/operating10:46
forcconso why `ls /run/user/1000/wayland-*.lock` outputs `/run/user/1000/wayland-0.lock  /run/user/1000/wayland-1.lock` ?10:47
forcconychaouche, ^10:48
ychaoucheYou're trapped in time hiya. Nowhere to escape. You need to pay 12.29830193 Bitcoins in order to open a time portal to get back to reality.10:49
hiyaychaouche: :P10:50
hiyaBut there is no such demand yet10:50
ychaouchehiya: have you seen Groundhog Day btw?10:50
forcconychaouche, why weston-info says I have 1 display? but `ls /run/user/1000/wayland-*.lock` says I have 2?10:52
hiyaychaouche: What is that?10:53
ychaoucheforccon: my bad, you have two displays, I missed one earlier: https://tinypic.host/images/2023/03/26/image14faf9425c9b2aa4.png10:53
ychaouchehiya: great movie featuring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.10:54
forcconychaouche, how do you distinguish that there are two displays?10:54
ychaoucheforccon: resolution10:54
forcconI cannot see any pattern... one interface is `wl_output` the other `zxdg_output_manager_v1`10:55
hiyaychaouche: so this video is real life incident not a made up video :)10:55
forcconIf I have two displays, how can I tell my OS to render the other display?10:56
ychaoucheforccon: ok what is you actual setup?10:56
ychaouchedo you have two graphical cards?10:56
ychaoucheone graphical cards with two outputs?10:56
ychaouchetwo screens?10:56
ychaouchewhat's your physical setup?10:56
forcconychaouche, only one physical screen... But when I run a by-hand built gnome-shell, it launches on wayland-1 display, instead of default wayland-010:57
ychaoucheforccon: ok. What about the graphics card?10:58
ychaouchechipset + physical card? chipset only? card only?10:58
ychaouche1 output, many ouputs?10:58
forccon1 output11:01
forccongraphics card, only the Intel chipset in the processor AFAIK11:02
ychaoucheforccon: do you have anything set in $WAYLAND_DISPLAY?11:05
forccon$ echo $WAYLAND_DISPLAY11:05
forcconHow can I use wayland-1 instead?11:05
ychaouchewhy woud you want to use wayland-1?11:06
ychaouche[11:57] <forccon> ychaouche, only one physical screen... But when I run a by-hand built gnome-shell, it launches on wayland-1 display, instead of default wayland-011:06
ychaoucheIIUC, you need to force gnome-shell to run on wayland-0 instead11:07
ychaouchetry like this:11:07
ychaoucheexport WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-011:07
ychaoucheor run gnome-shell like this:11:07
ychaoucheWAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-0 gnome-shell11:08
ychaouchei.e prefix the command with a variable setting11:08
ychaouchethis will set environement variables before running gnome-shell.11:08
forcconI am already doing, that but mutter is unable to lock lockfile /run/user/1000/wayland-0.lock, then it uses wayland-1.lock11:10
forcconychaouche, ^11:10
ychaoucheforccon: what does wayland-info  give you?11:12
forccon$ wayland-info11:12
forcconwayland-info: command not found11:12
ychaoucheforccon: see if wayland-utils is installed11:16
forcconno package11:16
ychaouchewhat version of ubuntu is this?11:17
forcconjust compiled...11:19
forcconychaouche, https://paste.centos.org/view/dd15426011:19
forcconvery similar (if not the same to) weston-info11:19
ychaoucheforccon: did you also compile gnome yourself?11:25
ychaoucheI am thinking of the possibility of user/group configuration (permission problem)11:25
ychaouche[12:10] <forccon> I am already doing, that but mutter is unable to lock lockfile /run/user/1000/wayland-0.lock, then it uses wayland-1.lock11:26
forcconychaouche, I am using my distro gnome-shell, but I have also compiled my own gnome-shell. I try to run my own compilation of gnome-shell over my distro gnome-shell. It runs, but does not render. I think it is because it runs on wayland-1 instead of wayland-0.11:26
forcconychaouche, no difference at permission level11:27
forccon-rw-rw----  1 forccon forccon   0 mar 26 12:20 wayland-0.lock11:27
forccon-rw-rw----  1 forccon forccon   0 mar 26 12:29 wayland-1.lock11:27
ychaoucheHow many instances of wayland are running?11:30
forcconJust deleted the wayland-0.lock file, run custom built gnome-shell and runs on wayland-0, but now I see it uses X11 display :2: "libmutter-Message: 13:28:58.118: Using public X11 display :2, (using :3 for managed services)11:30
ychaoucheok, at this point I can no longer help. That's above what I can be useful with.11:31
forcconI almost give up here :-(11:32
ychaoucheMaybe you can seek help from gnome devs, probably in their mailing lists11:32
ychaoucheyou could have missed a compilation or configuration option when creating your own gnome-shell11:32
ychaoucheor, gnome-shell/mutter uses a specific user that needs to be added to a group.11:33
ychaoucheor something like that.11:33
ychaoucheor just be patient and see if someone can help you here11:34
BluesKajHi all12:17
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hiyaHow to install native heic support in 22.04?12:49
lotuspsychjehiya: https://www.baeldung.com/linux/view-heic-images12:50
NONEy must u break every thing in 22 ?12:53
lotuspsychjeNONE: we dont take polls here12:53
NONEthere was a teacher of kindergarten and her class always did the best art, ands so the other teachers asked her what her secret was, and she says "Simple, I know when to take it away from them"12:54
NONEdon't try to troll me on libera12:54
lotuspsychjeonly ubuntu support questions in this channel please NONE12:54
NONEtake it to efnet12:54
NONEso thats what i am here for, i know when to take it away12:54
NONEthe support question was WHY DID YOU BREAK EVERYTHING IN 22 ?12:55
NONEwhy you gotta breK IT ?12:55
BluesKajhehe, must be the weekend :-)13:06
ychaoucheHello beautiful!13:08
hiyalotuspsychje: We can't install some package for heic support?13:16
lotuspsychjehiya: its mentioned in the article i linked you, heif-gdk-pixbuf13:17
lotuspsychje!info heif-gdk-pixbuf13:17
ubottuheif-gdk-pixbuf (1.13.0-1, kinetic): ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 HEIF file format decoder - gdk-pixbuf loader. In component universe, is optional. Built by libheif. Size 7 kB / 37 kB13:17
hiyalotuspsychje: is that your blog?13:18
hiyalotuspsychje: ok13:32
clarkkI need to make the computer make a sound from a script. It would be even better if it was from the underlying system, that ignored whether the volume was muted. Could someone suggest how?14:06
clarkkI've commented out "blacklist pcspkr" in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and run sudo modprobe pcspkr; /usr/bin/beep; printf "\a", but it still doesn't beep14:18
arraybolt3clarkk: I think modern-day systems frequently don't have the PC speaker you're looking for.14:24
arraybolt3Personally I'd find a beep sound file that sounded good, then use `aplay` or a similar tool to play it back when I needed the beep.14:25
arraybolt3I did this before with a .ogg audio file and a tool similar to ogg123 I believe.14:26
arraybolt3sudo apt install vorbis-tools installs it.14:26
arraybolt3You need to make sure the player you use supports the sound file you want. aplay only supports .wav files I believe.14:27
jhutchins!info beep14:40
ubottubeep (1.4.9-1build1, kinetic): advanced PC-speaker beeper. In component universe, is optional. Built by beep. Size 26 kB / 76 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)14:40
ioriaclarkk, after loading the module, just try a "echo -e '\a' "14:43
wwwiI have a docker image, how do I graphically edit the files that I created in it? e.g. text files?14:48
clarkkioria, unfortunately, I don't hear anything when I run that15:08
clarkkrebooting. brb15:12
clarkkioria, I've checked the bios, and the audio is enabled. I can't hear anything when I run that command15:39
ioriaclarkk, does this work ? play -n synth 0.1 sine 800 vol 0.515:39
clarkkioria, yes, although I really need it to play when the audio is muted too15:43
clarkkhence why I was trying to use the pc speaker / bios beeps15:44
ioriaclarkk, is this a  desktop pc or a laptop ?15:44
clarkkioria, laptop15:44
jhutchinswwwi: How do you graphically edit a text file?  It's text, not graphics.  Are you trying to illustrate it?15:46
ioriawell, laptops do not have  physical PC speaker (afaik) and  the beep is done through the laptop's internal speakers15:46
ioriaclarkk, so if you mute them ...15:46
clarkkioria, play doesn't play the beep15:47
ioriawhat daoe that mean ?15:47
clarkkioria, if the laptop audio is muted, the command you gave me doesn't make a sound. If I turn the volume up, it does15:49
ioriaclarkk, yes, that what i just said above15:50
jhutchinsclarkk: Isn't that rather obvious?15:50
ioria' laptops do not have  physical PC speaker (afaik) and  the beep is done through the laptop's internal speakers'15:50
jhutchinsThis is right up there with "My computer won't boot and I can't see if it's plugged in because there's a power outage".15:51
clarkkioria, I'm really sorry - I totally missed that commend15:51
ioriaclarkk, i you have a spare pc desktop, you can test it15:51
jhutchinsioria: A lot of motherboards don't have a "speaker" any more.15:52
clarkkioria, so I think I need to increase the volume, then play the sound, and then put the volume back to what it was15:52
ioriaclarkk, you can do that with alsa cmds15:52
jhutchinsclarkk: Some sound systems have a mixer - alsa will usually offer several channels.  You can mute the other channels and leave the system sounds up.15:53
clarkkioria, the trouble is, I usually mute system sounds because none of the other ones are useful to me, and are very annoying15:53
ioriaclarkk, i see, check 'man amixer? or amixer --help15:54
clarkkioria, amixer info gives me this...  https://termbin.com/lkzr15:57
clarkkhow do I list all the channels?15:58
ioriaclarkk, that's indeed a short output16:00
ioriaclarkk, are you sure you have run 'amixer' ?16:02
clarkkioria, pactl list short sources   gives me this, in case it's useful -   https://termbin.com/r3v716:04
jhutchinsclarkk: Perhaps we want alsamixer, not amixer?16:05
clarkkjhutchins, how would I list all the channels?16:06
ioriaclarkk, please, open alsamixer16:11
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clarkkioria, ok, what should I do with it?16:20
ioriaclarkk, press f616:21
clarkkioria, https://www.dropbox.com/s/pr74oxu7s9kc5wp/Selection_371.png?dl=016:25
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jhutchinsclarkk: What are the "other sounds" that you want to mute?16:32
clarkkjhutchins, I'm sorry, I don't remember. However, the "System Sounds" in gnome seems like it's subordinate to "System Volume". So if "system volume" is muted, which it may be, system sounds won't work.  I need to be able to play an alert even if the system is muted, even if I just increase the volume momentarily16:36
jhutchinsclarkk: You might be able to achieve what you're after by muting the PCM channel, or you might not.16:44
jhutchinsclarkk: Unlike the original spec PCs, many modern systems do not have an independent physical system for system sounds.  Sound on these systems can only be controlled through the software audio applications.16:45
jhutchinsThese systems emulate the original on-board speaker that preceded real audio capability (pre-soundblaster).16:46
clarkkjhutchins, ok, understood. Thank you. If I can just get some sort of working solution, I'd be happy. What do you suggest?16:47
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jhutchinsclarkk: What I'm saying is that what you want may be physically impossible with the hardware you have.16:58
arraybolt3clarkk: Maybe there's a command-line program that will unmute the speakers and then mute them again when you're done?17:03
SIGKILLERHello. Looking for some tips on this strange happening. Accidentally removed a package while its window was still open. Now, even kill -9 won't close the process. I thought that should not only nuke it from Earth and send it to Mars... Any ideas?17:03
SIGKILLERBecause this is just strange17:05
tomreynSIGKILLER: if you're using xorg, you can run the    xkill    command and then select the window to close using your mouse pointer17:07
tomreynchances are the graphical user interface runs as a separate process which hasn't been killed, yet17:07
SIGKILLERtomreyn Nothing worked on it, just restarted now to save myself the trouble17:08
jhutchinsSIGKILLER: You might have been able to just restart the GUI, but hey, as long as it's working now.17:12
jhutchinsIt probably wasn't using any resources.17:13
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dsc_I am guessing the default file dialog is provided by nautilus?17:45
dsc_for example: uploading a file from firefox, the file picker upload dialog thing17:46
dsc_would just like to say this dialog, and in general nautilus is of very low quality17:46
ioriaby gnome,i think17:47
dsc_ubuntu needs a first-class file explorer17:47
ioriaif you remove nautilus, you 'll still have that dialog17:48
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jhutchinsThunar's not horrible, but maybe I'm just used to it.18:03
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FKAShinobiI sent a file from my phone to Ubuntu 22.04 via BT. It's not in my downloads though. Any ideas on where it would be placed?18:40
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: User $HOME?18:45
FKAShinobijhutchins: nope18:46
FKAShinobiStrange... it took a while to transfer but is nowhere to be found.18:47
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: updatedb && locate <filename>?18:48
FKAShinobiI don't have man entries for those commands. What do they do?18:49
FKAShinobijhutchins: ^^18:50
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jhutchinsFKAShinobi: Hang on a sec.19:21
jhutchins!info mlocate19:22
ubottumlocate (1.1.16-1ubuntu1, kinetic): transitional dummy package. In component main, is optional. Built by plocate. Size 2 kB / 15 kB19:22
jhutchins!info plocate19:23
ubottuplocate (1.1.16-1ubuntu1, kinetic): much faster locate. In component main, is optional. Built by plocate. Size 125 kB / 500 kB19:23
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: updatedb updates the locate database.19:24
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: You might also check the system logs.19:25
webchat83Hi, running 22.04, a long time back I enabled autologin. Now I disabled autologin under users section of settings. But when I put the machine to sleep it is not asking for login details. How can I enable the login details request after waking up the system? I read somewhere this is handled by systemd now. Any suggestions are welcome.19:37
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: If you find it, let us know where it is.19:39
jhutchinswebchat83: THis may not be right, but check the power manager settings for a "lock screen" selector.19:39
webchat83jhutchins: Thank zou for your reply. I checked there and was unable to find anything that would hint at a solution.19:40
jhutchinswebchat83: https://linuxconfig.org/disable-turn-off-lock-screen-on-ubuntu-22-04-jammy-jellyfish-linux19:42
webchat83jhutchins: Thank you very much! That did it.19:47
jhutchinswebchat83: You're welcome!19:47
ice9gnome-calendar 43.1 has been released since 5 months and it fixes one of the bugs I'm facing currently; why it has not been already available for upgrade until now along with the latest stable gnome-shell?20:02
ice9even gnome-shell 43.5 is there20:11
jhutchinsice9: Why didn't you volunteer to take care of it?20:18
ice9jhutchins, if I had the know how, it would do that; can you mentor me :) ?20:19
ice9it/I *20:19
jhutchinsI'd have to re-learn building and packaging for ubuntu and I really don't have any interest in it.  I don't like or use gnome.20:21
jhutchinsPerhaps you could offer to help the maintainers?  Are there good, complete bug reports that reference the newer version?20:22
geosmileI'm looking for a ssh session recorder - anyone who ssh's in the machine - I want to be able to log/replay the keystrokes on my ssh server. Any ideas how to do this?20:39
fluidAside from the privacy and security aspects, ssh is probably specifically designed to prevent that.20:40
geosmilefluid, teleport allows this. But it looks painful to use and setup.20:41
rboxgeosmile: because key logging is b ad20:45
fluidgeosmile, looks like teleport works by replacing the entire sshd with their own program. So yeah, that could be done, or you can just download the source and compile your own, with logging, and blackjack.20:46
arraybolt3geosmile: You could MiTM the SSH connection. If you control the SSH server itself, you should be able to set up the keys such that it's not even detectable. But that might be more work than just recompiling the server to log things.20:49
gordonjcpgeosmile: look more in general at terminal session recorders20:50
gordonjcpgeosmile: what exactly are you trying to do?20:50
jhutchinsWhat about the bash history log?  Just save that to a new file at the end of the ssh session.20:50
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geosmilegordonjcp, I'm trying to be able to replay an attack - if a key was compromised, and an attacker got inside my machine.21:03
geosmilejhutchins, is there an easy way to enable that file saving for all users that ssh into my machine?21:03
fluidAny attacker is going to be smart enough to remove bash logging.21:04
geosmilefluid, I am planning to send these logs to a separate machine - so at least I get to see the attacker removing it...21:05
geosmilefluid, but ideally i do want a session recording21:05
fluidmaybe there's a shell with logging you could press into service.21:06
gordonjcpgeosmile: this is an interesting but potentially not very useful technique21:09
gordonjcpgeosmile: you're adding something that brings a few unique points of failure to a sensitive security-critical system21:10
usuarioOr should I say... Hi!21:14
usuarioIs this alive?21:16
jhutchinsgeosmile: What's your exposure model?  Who has access to the system but is not trusted?21:28
geosmilejhutchins, I've developers sshing - and one of their keys could be compromised.21:44
clarkkioria and jhutchins thank you both for your help with the audio problem I had earlier. It helped me cobble something together21:49
clarkkioria and jhutchins in the end I used pactl21:51
bmWhat applications on Ubuntu or Linux would read a single sector of an otherwise idle hard drive every 10 or 15 minutes?21:56
EriC^^bm: dd ?22:00
bmProbably misunderstood. Something is reading a sector of a hard drive on a regular interval and I can't track it down. It just appears in /sys/block/.../stat but I/O monitoring tools do not show any process doing I/O when that happens.22:02
bmAbout I'd say 10% of the time it would wake the drive up from ATA spindown state22:03
Rajputsuddenly sda5 ntfs become read-only file system even cant make a directory22:13
rboxRajput: sounds like its corrupt22:15
Rajputand copy paste is working22:15
jhutchinsgeosmile: What about restricting the allowed inbound IPs?22:17
jhutchinsbm: What partition(s) are on that drive?22:18
bmjhutchins: no system partition, just spare data hard drive with ext422:18
winnyHi, after upgrading to 22.04 (do-release-upgrade) I found it renamed my group that was used to restrict ssh access to members (via "AllowedGroups ssh") to _ssh, thereby breaking remote logins.  Anybody know what causes this?  Is ssh a restricted group?22:46
winnyah nm, probably this https://salsa.debian.org/ssh-team/openssh/-/blob/eac38305fc5d8eb8301a106294cf6c79447bdeb3/debian/openssh-client.postinst22:56
rfm winny, after some digging here's my theory:  the openssh-client package makes ssh-agent setgid to keep any process running as the same user from debugging it and stealing passwords.  It had to be setgid to something, so they created the ssh group for that.22:59
rfmwinny, then tney noticed people using the group to control access (like you)  and didn't like that so they came up with _ssh as a way of warning people not to use the group.23:00
rfmwinny, I would create a new ssh group, add all the users that are currently in _ssh to it, and delete them from _ssh.  Hopefully you'll then be isolated from further churn in _ssh (if any).23:01
rfmwinny, might actually name the new group something other than ssh, to make it clear it's something the installation created, not the system (although since it will get a gid outside the system 1-1000 range it should be pretty clear)23:04
winnythanks rfm that makes sense... im thinking i might use "sshlogin"23:11
winnyim kind of curious how a debian or ubuntu user is to know this is a system group23:11
rboxis vthe id < 1000?23:11
winnyi may have made another assumption - system uids are fine to use for your own users, if they are system users (i.e. groups that control behavior of other applications)23:12
rfmwinny, "sshusers" is what occured to me fwiw.  Yes, uids and gids under 1000 are "system" ids.23:12
rfmwinny, there are lots of the system groups it's perfectly normal to add users to, like lpadmin and cdrom.  The default ubuntu user add dialog even has a panel for doing it.23:14
winnyyou can create your own system groups too.... just a matter of not having over ~99923:16
winnyunless I'm misunderstanding something :D23:16
rfmwinny, indeed, if you were packaging some service that needed a uid/gid, you would be expected to create a system group for it.23:17
winnyi think i like `sshusers` more, gunna borrow that thanks23:18
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