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arraybolt3mrfellows: o/15:28
tomreynhi there16:09
joker5bbi need help loading kernel 6.2.616:12
joker5bbi get error bad shim signature you need to load kernel first16:13
joker5bbafter grub loads 16:13
gnrpbad shim signature?16:13
gnrpdo you need or want secure boot actually?16:13
tomreynalso, why do you need kernel 6.2.6?16:14
arraybolt3joker5bb: Also, what version of Xubuntu is this? A kernel that new sounds like either you're using 23.04 (not supported *yet*), an OEM kernel (supported), or a mainline kernel (always unsupported).16:14
joker5bbi have secure boot enabled in bios so i guess i need to secure boot16:14
joker5bbi used debian-uefi-certs.pem16:14
joker5bband also tried without debian-uefi-certs.pem16:15
joker5bbsame error 16:15
arraybolt3joker5bb: Right, but do you actually want the benefits that Secure Boot offers (which are not much)? And can you turn it off in the BIOS?16:15
joker5bbi cant turn off secure boot in uefi since i forgot admin password16:16
joker5bbi am using the latest xubuntu and i need a custom kernel for wifi injection 16:16
joker5bbso i want to compile the kernel for secure boot if that will make my error go away 16:17
tomreynand this won't work with the default kernel?16:17
joker5bbno need to patch the wifi driver 16:18
joker5bband i also want to test out the new kernel anyway 16:18
tomreynis that an in-kernel or out of tree driver?16:18
joker5bbthe steps that i use have always worked for me in the past i took the latest kernel i applied the patch to the kernel directory and installed the kernel without creating deb packages 16:20
tomreynalways, even while you were booting with secureboot on?16:20
joker5bbi did not have secure boot features before 16:22
joker5bbthe current machine is new16:22
joker5bbi ran custom kernels on older machines 16:22
tomreynif you have a system with secureboot enabled and no knowledge of the bios / mok enrollment password then you won't be booting a custom kernel16:23
tomreynnot until secureboot is reset to setup mode16:23
joker5bbidk how i can turn secure boot but default xubuntu kernel loads fine after i select it in grub 16:25
tomreyndefault (x)ubuntu kernels are signed with the microsoft key that's installed in UEFI by default16:26
joker5bbhow do i sign my custom kernel with that key 16:27
joker5bbis debian-uefi-certs.pem 16:28
tomreynjoker5bb: your latest xubuntu release does not provide a file debian-uefi-certs.pem16:28
tomreynyou should read up on secureboot16:29
joker5bbyes i downloaded it 16:29
joker5bbi see you know a lot16:31
joker5bbi just need steps to make my custom kernel boot up i dont see steps like this link https://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/compiling-linux-kernel-26.html16:32
joker5bbi dont really understand secureboot at all and i dont think people have encountered my error often to make a guide that is simple 16:33
joker5bbthis guide https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/kernel/build-custom-kernel/16:35
joker5bbi think shows you how to do this 16:35
joker5bbor this page https://ubuntu.com/blog/how-to-sign-things-for-secure-boot16:37
joker5bbmight be the right information 16:37
joker5bbso i dont need to recompile the kernel again 16:38
joker5bbcan you look at the steps of the last link i posted 16:38
rfmjoker5bb, you will note that they all include steps involving importing the MOK into the BIOS, which you can't do because you forgot the setup password.16:41
rfmjoker5bb, your fundamental problem is what you are trying to do -- boot random code on a machine you can't show you own -- is exactly what secure boot is designed to prevent.16:42
joker5bbyes but i installed linux after windows 16:43
joker5bbi should be able to fix this without changing the bios 16:44
joker5bbi see they have a script there 16:44
rfmjoker5bb, uh huh.  and the first step is "create and enroll MOK"  which requires knowing the BIOS admin password.16:45
rfmjoker5bb, your best path  forward is checking with your system manufacturer to see is there's a way to reset the admin password.  (Then you can just turn off secure boot which is easier than doing the kernel signing rigmarole)16:48
Giftelzwergcan somebody help me with hibernate on xubuntu?19:17
KuschelponyHallo Giftelzwerg, i think the other people in this room might need a few minutes19:23
arraybolt3Giftelzwerg: Is there a particular reason you need hibernation? Hibernate isn't very well-supported on Ubuntu from what I understand.19:28
gnrpGiftelzwerg:  What is the issue?19:31
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:31
GiftelzwergI'm closing my laptop often and I don't want to loose much battery. Hibernate did actually work for me via command, then I wanted to use the light installation and after that it didn't work anymore. The problem right now is after I set it to hybernate my screen just stays black after I open my laptop again19:33
arraybolt3The light installation? Are you using the Minimal Installation option in Xubuntu?19:36
Giftelzwergyes, indeed19:36
GiftelzwergI have already checked if the swap partition is working with swapon --show, after that i double checked if the UUID i got form "cat /etc/fstab |grep swap" is still correctly typed into the /etc/default/grub file and then I updated grub again19:40

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