cariboublackboxsw: thanks for the precision07:37
shindis there a way to use "ca_cert" trusted but from an existing file instead of having an inline certificate?09:39
shindthe scenario is to use "bootcmd" and call "aws secretsmanager get-secret-value", parse it, save it as a crt file and then install it using the ca_cert.09:39
shindi know i can just use the built-in linux command of updating the ca but i wanted to check it cloud_init supports reading from files09:39
surfzoidI'm trying to build a deb of my qt project on launchpad, locally on m RPI400 it compil perfect, but sound like launchpad don't manage well rpath : https://launchpadlibrarian.net/657995979/buildlog_ubuntu-kinetic-amd64.qtvsplayer_1.0.39-0~202303271523~ubuntu22.10.1_BUILDING.txt.gz i'm a pure noob with deb and launchpad, is there a easy workaround in the deb files?16:07
minimalsurfzoid: that doesn't appear to have anything to do with cloud-init16:20
surfzoidminimal: i see i see it too late sorry16:21
sbrazhi, i just filed this bug downstream for fedora 37 but i thought maybe someone here had an idea of how to avoid this kind of problems with NICs taking a long time to come up → https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=218217318:46
-ubottu:#cloud-init- bugzilla.redhat.com bug 2182173 in Fedora "cloud-init-local.service fails with 'Unable to find a system nic' with some Mellanox NICs" [Medium, New]18:46
meenasbraz: which Mellanox NICs? what DataSource?18:47
sbrazmeena: connectx-4/5, NIC details are in the bug report, datasource is a configdrive18:48
sbrazmeena: but i don't think the issue is specific to this nic model, it's more of a "how to ask cloud-init to start when the NICs are actually available" question, and i don't really know18:50
minimalseems like your change to re-add the udev-settle is the right way18:55
sbrazminimal: i just don't understand why i'm not hitting this issue with e.g. debian 11 which doesn't use udev settle18:55
sbrazgotta run, i'll read all this later/tomorrow, thanks for the feedback :)18:55
minimal(or equivalent that isn't deprecated)18:55
minimalsbraz: when comparing Fedora and Debian I assume they are both not using the same kernel version, same versions of other software - i.e. too many variables to properly compare18:57
waldisbraz: AFAIK, fedora shuffles around when they run stages19:10
waldiearly boot is not stable and cloud-init got some problems there anyway19:11
sbrazwaldi: what do you mean exactly?23:19
sbrazminimal: that's the thing, i don't know that there is a non-deprecated equivalent23:19
minimalsbraz: I don't use systemd so can't suggest any alternative to udevadm settle23:42
minimalI'm guessing different MLX cards take different amounts of time to initialise (e.g. some of them are IB only, some support IB and ethernet). It's been a while since I've played with MLX kit23:43
minimalI just remember some cards using mlx4 driver and others using mlx5 lol23:44
sbrazminimal: it really is a matter of seconds, the connectx-3 using mlx4 is fine for instance; maybe i could try to move the driver to the initramfs to speed up its loading time, i'll check23:54
minimalsbraz: that might reduce the likelyhood of the race condition but it's unlikely to guaranteed its elimination23:56
minimalI was using MLX cards with cloud-init and don't remember this sort of problem....but that was 5+ years ago lol23:57
sbrazyeah the correct fix is to wait for nics to be ready, and that's it, no hack or anything23:59

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