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santa_hi everyone09:57
santa_RikMills: I have been pushing to git that draft of gbp-kci I have been working on. I already discovered some interesting things09:59
santa_one of them is this kind of change in many frameworks: https://invent.kde.org/frameworks/attica/-/commit/12a81830cbfb516895d905579b6b139047985f8d10:01
-ubottu:#kubuntu-devel- Commit 12a8183 in frameworks/attica "Mark private methods of public classes as unexported"10:01
santa_this would result in these FTBFS: http://tritemio-watertown.duckdns.org:81/build-status/buildstatus_ubuntu-exp/ubuntu-exp_status_frameworks.html10:01
santa_so I will re-create the kubuntu_unstable and kubuntu_stable branches and work on this kind od things10:03
santa_also I think it would be nice if we had PPAs for this kind of work, so I wouldn't be the only one being able to build packages in this way10:04
santa_RikMills: so do we still have the kci PPAs? if not, would be possible to re-create them?10:05
santa_also some notes:10:10
santa_- please keep in mind the gbp-kci is still a draft, I have a bunch of things to adjust there10:12
santa_- one of them (the selction of the upstream branch to build the tarball from git) depends on the existence of the kubuntu_unstable and kubuntu_stable branches10:13
santa_- another one (adjustment of uploadsource to upload to the proper PPAs) depends on the existence of KCI PPAs10:14
santa_- this gbp-kci comes with a refactoring of the code to build packages, I think at some point I will do a refactoring of the other gbp-* commands based on the new design (which is still a draft)10:19
santa_- the refactoring mentioned above would allow us to build packages that are not in git (e.g. rebuilds of packages depending on qt private abi, that would be convenient in case we want to backport qt to provide newer versions of plasma and such)10:21
BluesKajHi all12:40
ahoneybun[m]heyo BluesKaj 13:34
BluesKajhey ahoneybun[m]13:34
clivejosanta_:  the KCI used to push packages to https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable which looks to be still there18:52
clivejoand stable branch went here - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/stable18:54
clivejoI also seem to remember us having to request more storage space to fit the stack, so might be better to re-use these rather than create new ones and having to request more space etc19:10

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