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fairyflossGM Fam! Still no work around to get the applications styles fixed?07:38
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BluesKajHi all12:40
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hagikehappyIs anyone here?14:19
hagikehappyJust to test the function14:19
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schulmangaI just accepted the updates (discover) and the system does not start kde anymore (after booting I have to operate "startx"). What can I do to solve this problem?14:41
elj0b1mhey !17:44
weedmicI am using the widget "html clock" (kde plasma) and have changed it to - "user defined" "https://pastebin.com/QuVgnBG9".  it works fine.   however, I really want to use the font "14 segment" with a background of some grey and the segments green.  I have tried variations this "https://pastebin.com/aVxvQrVV", but it is always grey with very thin black.  The font does get bigger or smaller (which is a plus).  Any ideas would be appreciated.19:08
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