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zhsjhi, could someone `./retry-autopkgtest-regressions --blocks golang-golang-x-tools` ? it looks like the usual flaky in vim-youcompleteme and ycmd packages.06:36
ginggszhsj: looking...06:38
ginggszhsj: .06:40
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holmanbrbasak: I was out Friday, responding now14:06
holmanbrbasak: There aren't any bugs related to this change, and I don't know of any historical bugs that led to this decision either - my assumption is that this is a risk mitigation and not high urgency.14:08
holmanbgoing to debian first with this change seems reasonable to me14:08
xnoxrbasak:  vorlon: le sigh w.r.t. distro-info-data => will write an email.14:44
rbasakholmanb: sure. Let me know if you need anything!15:10
vorlontjaalton: if lib*noop_drm_shim.so have no soname, why are they shipped in /usr/lib/$arch instead of somewhere else?  How are these binaries actually consumed?19:04
vorlontjaalton: (lintian reports multiple errors and warnings because of this)19:05
tjaaltonvorlon: that's a fair point, it should probably be under a subdir though libdir is where meson puts it. the consumer is either a tester or a CI system that would use an LD_PRELOAD to tell where the shim is20:33
vorlontjaalton: would it be too much trouble for you to move it?20:36
tjaaltonvorlon: nope, but do you want it before accepting the new binary? :)20:40
vorlontjaalton: as long as you're committed to fixing it, I'll accept20:40
tjaaltonsure, there's a new point-release next week, so at least that upload will have it20:41
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