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Eickmeyerteward: For this next cycle, I want to attempt to start backporting into the *actual* backports repo for Jammy instead of relying on the PPA. Since you're on the backporters team, I thought I'd ping you and see what you thought about bug Bug 2012945 which I'm doing as a bit of a litness test to see how well it goes.16:31
-ubottu:#ubuntustudio-devel- Bug 2012945 in studio-controls (Ubuntu Jammy) "[BPO] studio-controls/2.3.9-0ubuntu2 from lunar" [Undecided, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/201294516:31
tewardit looks like we have a few imposters in here16:36
tewardEickmeyer: i'll wait for the opinion of the other backporters16:37
tewardnote that for every version you want backported you'd have to request the backport16:37
tewardjust an fyi16:37
Eickmeyerteward: That ThomasWard[m] is your Telegram.16:37
tewardhow does that work?16:37
EickmeyerBridged through Matrix.16:38
tewardthat took 30 seconds to copy over16:38
tewardand i don't like that16:38
tewardit should be my *username* not my display name on TG16:38
EickmeyerYeah, I think that's the bot.16:39
tewardthere go away foul demon16:39
EickmeyerI might be able to change an option on the bot to fix that.16:39
EickmeyerBut Idk.16:39
Eickmeyerteward: As far as every version, yeah, I understand that. Really no different than an SRU except no microrelease policy.16:41
ErichEickmeyer[m!tg config16:51
Eickmeyer[m]!tg config16:59
-TelegramBridge[m:#ubuntustudio-devel- That command is limited to users with puppeting privileges.16:59
Eickmeyer[m]!tg defaults17:00
-TelegramBridge[m:#ubuntustudio-devel- Unknown command. Try `!tg help` for help.17:00
Eickmeyer[m]!tg help17:00
-TelegramBridge[m:#ubuntustudio-devel- **This is a portal room**: you must always prefix commands with `!tg`.... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/38970863b14f4d6e09c619a195546ab7af023ab7>)17:00
Eickmeyer[m]!tg config defaults17:01
-TelegramBridge[m:#ubuntustudio-devel- That command is limited to users with puppeting privileges.17:01
Eickmeyer[m]!tg sync-state17:02
-TelegramBridge[m:#ubuntustudio-devel- Synchronization complete17:02
Eickmeyer[m]Honestly, I'll just remove the bridge.17:03
Eickmeyer[m]!tg delete-portal17:03
-TelegramBridge[m:#ubuntustudio-devel- Please confirm deletion of portal [!QrWnvkWVfvqDCEyhyI:matrix.org](https://matrix.to/#/!QrWnvkWVfvqDCEyhyI:matrix.org) to Telegram chat "Ubuntu Studio Development" by typing `!tg confirm-delete`17:03
-TelegramBridge[m:#ubuntustudio-devel- **WARNING:** If the bridge bot has the power level to do so, **this will kick ALL users** in the room. If you just want to remove the bridge, use `!tg unbridge` instead.17:03
Eickmeyer[m]!tg confirm-delete17:03
Eickmeyer[m]!tg unbridge17:04
-TelegramBridge[m:#ubuntustudio-devel- Please confirm unbridging chat "Ubuntu Studio Development" from room [!QrWnvkWVfvqDCEyhyI:matrix.org](https://matrix.to/#/!QrWnvkWVfvqDCEyhyI:matrix.org) by typing `!tg confirm-unbridge`17:04
Eickmeyer[m]!tg confirm-unbridge17:04
Eickmeyer[m]!tg confirm-delete17:04
Eickmeyer[m]!tg delete-portal17:05
Eickmeyer[m]Telegram group is no more.17:12

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