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donofrio_how do I set my timezone, my date shows 1:49am when it is 5:49am09:50
diogenes_Vx15donofrio_, timedatectl list-timezones09:53
diogenes_Vx15timedatectl set-timezone Antarctica/Mawson <--- for example09:53
donofrio_fixed (had to start systemd)10:00
donofrio_do you know how do I get my desktop to show currently it looks like this - https://paste.opensuse.org/pastes/866c1e62349310:02
diogenes_Vx15wtf, i see a windows machine there, on top of that it;s an insider prewiev10:06
donofrio_see the xfce bar at the top?10:10
donofrio_my setup (based off of my wsl1 setup at https://tinyurl.com/donofrioworkremmina2020) but now I'm using wsl2 and xubuntu 20.04.610:12
gregkI've an SSD I want to install xubuntu on.  should I wipe it clean with a disk utility first and then reformat it (ext4?) before installing the OS?17:37
krytarikNah, the installer can do this for you too.17:40
gregkok...but what If I want to copy an existing install from a smaller SSD to this larger one on the same desktop?17:42
gregkand the larger one has an old lubuntu install on it17:43
gregkI'd think a reformat would be the safest way to proceed, no?17:43
geniiFor that you could boot to a liveusb, dd the smaller drive to the larger one, then expand the partition space on it17:44
gregkI'll have to look up dd.17:45
xubuntuhi all17:50
gregkshould I use dd to copy an existing xubuntu install from a smaller drive to a larger drive, or is there a better way?17:53
gregkisnt 23.04 due out soon?  maybe a clean install of that is a better idea...18:05
gregk3 weeks...I can wait that long18:10
gregkthanks everybody18:11
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