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mmikowskiThanks to lots of help from arraybolt3[m] with guidance from Eickmeyer, the unified power tools is now available in packages and from kfocus-source.07:30
mmikowskiAny feedback is welcome!07:30
santa_clivejo: ack, thanks a lot for the info11:01
ahoneybun[m]Nice to see you again clivejo o/12:51
BluesKajHi all12:53
mparilloDid the first LL beta candidate just drop? I must have missed it. http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/444/builds/275011/testcases15:16
ahoneybun[m]I guess it did.17:13
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clivejoahoneybun[m]: hi Aaron o/18:11
clivejocongrats BTW18:11
clivejoall the best in your new life together18:13
clivejodoes Ovi One still frequent this parts?18:13
ahoneybun[m]Thanks! I haven't seen him here.18:21
clivejomust catch up with him18:27
mmikowskihey ahoneybun[m], have you been made a respectable man now through matrimony?18:39
ahoneybun[m]No? I would never.18:39
ahoneybun[m]lol we're not married yet.18:39
mmikowskiIs it a June wedding?18:40
mmikowskiHey, did you see the power widget above? I know that's old hat, but was sorry missing on KDE. It can be upstreamed!18:41
mmikowskiThe coolest part is to  open it up, unplug the laptop, and watch it change to maximize battery life.18:43
ahoneybun[m]mmikowski: No 4/20/24.18:44
mmikowskiah, well best wishes to you!18:45
mmikowskiSorry, I didn't write down the date ahoneybun[m]. :\18:46
ahoneybun[m]No worries it's not really important of a date to folks who aren't going.18:47
ahoneybun[m]Aren't planning on going.18:47
mmikowskiSure ahoneybun[m], but it's nice to offer congrats when the deed is done :)18:56
clivejoare you still with System76?19:02

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