fsflp23I'm using Kubuntu 20.04 for now, I'll be updating in the next day or so, end of support is ~20 days away.  I have tried to install 2 apps via Discover and get the message Couldn't open appstream://...... I was trying to install Tokodon and Kaidan.  Why is this msg appearing?  Is it because 20.04 is so old?  Do newer versions support appstream and will allow me to download?  Do all versions share the same repository or does that vary depending on the07:30
fsflp23version?  I'm trying to figure out if I need to find a different distro or not.  Thanks for any help!07:30
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guivercUbuntu uses a stable release mode... thus 20.04 represents the ~best that was available prior to release at 2020-April...   Some later software is avaliable via backports; snap packages allow later programs etc.. I did an `apt-cache search kaidan` first as I was unfamilar with the app, then did a `rmadison kaidan` to see what packages were available for what releases..   what i see is roughly equivalent to https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywo07:54
guivercrds=kaidan&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all if searched online with a browser (only I can see ESM releases; ie. trusty & xenial details)07:54
guivercfsflp23, ^07:54
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fsflp23Thanks for helping me!!  I think going forward I'm not gonna be so lazy and will upgrade more often instead of waiting this long.08:09
fsflp23I'm using the LTS.  If I use the option to upgrade with the pop up msg I'm getting, will that upgrade to the 22.04 LTS since that is the current LTS version?08:16
guivercUbuntu 20.04 LTS (including flavors) will upgrade to the next LTS; ie. to 22.04 LTS  (upgrade paths are to the next release OR the next LTS; next release being 20.10 which is EOL thus upgrade will not be there..)08:19
guivercI'd suggest reading the release notes first; inc. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JammyUpgrades08:19
guivercfsflp23, ^08:20
guiverchttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/JammyUpgrades/Kubuntu  esp.08:20
fsflp23Thanks for the info & links, I'm gonna read thru them now.08:23
Guest7917Good morning folks... Anybody does happen to know how to blacklist a package in Packagekit? I've managed to blacklist the package in APT config, but somehow pkcon can still install it. I'm looking of course for a definitive way to disable snapd. Apt gets it fine, and returns that the package can not be found, but pkcon can (and will) install it09:10
Guest7917without any trouble, so snapd will always find it's way in with the updates...09:10
BluesKajHi all12:53
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SimekDobrý den17:15
Simekenglicky v terminologii IT neumím, je možné požádat o podporu v češtině??17:16
Simek hello17:50
Simekcan you help me anyone, please??17:50
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> And folks here using the latest snapshot of kubuntu 23.04? Does the build feel good enough to use on main desktop?18:10
mparilloI am, and yes. Of course, you are confident of your backups.18:21
fsflp23Hi!  I'm about to build my 1st computer & never thought about the following before this....  Does the distro detect/install updates for the CPU & GPU?  What about the bios, will i need to do that manually?  Any other updates I need to know about?  Thnks!19:25
tomreynfirmware updates for dedicated graphics cards are usually only procided in the form of blobs loaded by the graphics driver. those are provided through the "linux-firmware" git repository, which most distros make use of (and provide updates from)19:31
tomreyn'bios' upgrades are either automatic through fwupd, if provided by the board manufacturer, or need to be done manually by you.19:32
tomreyncpu microcode updates are distributed through distros as well and usually loaded during early boot19:33
tomreynintegrated gpus also get their upgrades through a combination of bios and those microcode updates19:34
tomreynso all you really every need to do is manual bios upgrades where they are not automated.19:34
tomreynand when i say 'bios', i mean uefi. ;)19:35
fsflp23Thank you so much for helping me with this!19:49
fsflp23A little nervous I'm going to miss something this first time around......19:49
RoeyI'm having trouble accessing my microphone and camera in Facebook on Firefox.  Kubuntu 22.10 here20:16
Roeyis this a known issue?20:16
Roey(is anyone here?)20:29
mparilloYes, but probably no facebook users who can answer your question.20:50
mparilloBut first debugging path would be to try the same website on a different browser. Or try using the microphone and camera on the same browser but a different website.20:51
Guest18I have a question about ibus. I needed to install ibus to install the Zoom client. But I'd like to stop ibus from automatically during boot. (And only start it as needed.) Can you help?21:50
Guest18I checked the "autostart" area of KDE's system settings and there was no entry for ibus. I also checked the directory "/home/username/.config/autostart/" but I found no file for ibus.21:51
mparilloNo idea if any of this applies, but there is a section on autostart and KDE in: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/IBus21:54
Guest18mparillo: Thanks for the suggestion, I did check the article about ibus from Arch Linux, but I'm not sure if it would apply to Kubuntu. (Since Arch and Ubuntu have a lot of differences.)21:55
geniiSystem Tray settings22:07

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