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surfzoidcjwatson: after so many test, i got a lot of source pkg in my ppa, is there away to delete them or do i need to delete recipe?07:48
surfzoidi find it! sorry for distrib07:59
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surfzoidBuildlog is slow , so it become useless13:19
surfzoidwe see a very litle part and refresh 2 or 3 time dring te bhild13:20
cjwatsonThat's https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1617809 (which I would love to fix, but it's quite a big project)13:34
-ubottu:#launchpad- Launchpad bug 1617809 in Launchpad itself "Show the full log during builds" [Low, Triaged]13:34
surfzoidcjwatson: well we could imagine keep this small size but refresh "in real time"13:36
cjwatsonI can imagine lots of things :-)13:36
cjwatsonBut buildd-manager polls the builder for updates every 15 seconds at present, so there's no point in the web interface refreshing more frequently than that.13:37
surfzoidcjwatson: well there is more than 15 sec, you use tail -f or it is a sql db?13:39
cjwatsonbuildd-manager currently fetches the last 2KB of the build log from the builder and stores it in the Launchpad database.  We recognize this design isn't ideal, but it's a fair bit of work to change.13:41
cjwatson(When the build completes, it fetches the full log.)13:41
surfzoidcjwatson: i guess 2kb to increse network traficc?13:44
surfzoidcjwatson: about drop *.so, is the following workaround isn't too mutch dirty https://git.launchpad.net/~surfzoid/+git/QtVsPlayer/tree/debian/rules 13:48
cjwatsonIt certainly doesn't seem like a good idea to attempt to fetch the entire build log from all of our hundreds of builders very frequently.  But mostly it's just an old design.13:49
cjwatsonA workaround like that is certainly one I considered, though I thought it was too ugly to actively recommend to you13:49
surfzoidcjwatson: i'm agree you need only the display rea not the full log13:50
surfzoidcjwatson: now i don't understand ow to overwrite prefix of bild/install13:51
cjwatsonI'm sorry, I don't have time to help with that kind of detail13:52
surfzoidcjwatson: oki13:52
cjwatsonToo busy trying to wrap my head around a tangled mess of service redeployments13:53
surfzoidis it possible to build aarch64 with launchpad?15:11
cjwatsonyes, it's called arm6415:12
surfzoidcjwatson: it throught the control file or with somewhere in launchpad front end?15:13
surfzoidit  is through the control file or  somewhere in launchpad front end?15:19
cjwatsonsurfzoid: "Change details" on your PPA, look for the list of checkboxes under "Processors"15:29

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