guiverchttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2023-March/001331.html  Lunar in beta freeze  (won't be news to anyone...)00:42
* guiverc is going to find a jacket... yeah tis a touch cool; freeze maybe why :)00:42
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arraybolt3Great. The Lubuntu build failure is going to require qtwebengine to be rebuilt to fix it, looks like. Lovely, that means we probably won't have an ISO for a while.17:16
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kgiiiIt's close to release time, so I hope we get to do more testing. 22:45
arraybolt3Working on it!22:45
arraybolt3There's a fix for the ISO build issue in proposed and we just need it to finish autopkgtests and get into the release pocket.22:46
arraybolt3Once that happens I'll trigger a rebuild.22:46
* guiverc grumbles... my iso write is currently running, and now he tells me...22:47

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