nightstrike_does anyone know how to run a second instance of xquartz on a separate desktop so that I can use multipass to run KDE as the window manager on that other display server?05:30
LuisPearanda[m]Hi nightstrike_! I don't master macOS, I'd suggest you to go to xquartz.org and see how to do it. On the other hand, Multipass can run any display manager, as shown [here](https://multipass.run/docs/set-up-a-graphical-interface#heading--using-x11-forwarding). If I understand it correctly, maybe you don't need a second instance of xquartz to do what you intend.10:57
nightstrike_LuisPearanda[m]: x servers can only have one display manager at a time. So while I can open a window directly, I can't start for instance KDE. 14:37
nightstrike_Xquartz support is not too active these days. There's basically one person who has been working on it since it started. 14:38
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luisp[m]nightstrike_: I see your point now. Not sure how to do that on macOS. But if you need something with Multipass, don't hesitate in asking us again :)14:59
nightstrike_luisp[m]: can multipass access the host graphics hardware to run X natively? 19:55
luisp[m]nightstrike_: not yet. We planned doing that at some point, but there is unfortunately no ETA for that.21:08
nightstrike_luisp[m]: ok.  So I'm still stuck between with X server I can't talk to :(   It's interesting, because the multipass wiki talks about doing it, it just doesn't really work21:23
nightstrike_I guess to be fair, the Mac section punts to the Linux section ;)21:24
nightstrike_As an aside, you don't need to add the overhead of an ssh tunnel to forward X over a local connection like that.  You can just tell the X server to accept TCP connections, disable auth with xhost +, and then set your DISPLAY to the IP of the host...  as in, export DISPLAY=  // or whatever IP21:25
nightstrike_it goes a lot faster21:25
nightstrike_the fundamental issue, though, is that X servers can only have one window manager per instance21:25

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