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ecoopshi xubuntu universe.  what would i change. the edge select for resizing a frame in the default xubuntu window manager14:53
gnrpecoops: Sorry, I do not understand the problem. What do you want to change about the edge?14:54
ecoopswhen you select a specific program window in xubuntu ( i think xfce) , to resize the window . it is very difficult to select properly14:58
ecoopsthannks for responding @gnrp this space is new to me14:59
gnrpecoops: You have to hang around for a while to get answers here, btw. IRC seems real-time, but many don'T use it like that15:00
ecoopsya i was planning to file an issue request on the reqpostory for xfce15:00
gnrpactually, this is a problem that also always annoys me but I never bothered to change it15:02
gnrpone owrkaround is to define a button that you can use in conjunuction with right-click to reshape windows, that's how I do it normally15:02
ecoopshm ok..  I could dig around and find the code that sets the margin width in the gtk program15:03
ecoopsif its gtk..  ( check assumptions ;P )15:03
ecoopssubmit a pull request for improvement.. its a community driven initialtive , so im down with learning how to propose improvements15:04
gnrpI'd probably play around with the settings in ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml15:06
gnrpno clue if that's the place, but it seems viable to me15:06
diogenes_Vx15ecoops, you can try this theme: https://www.xfce-look.org/p/132677915:10
diogenes_Vx15it's just one of them which has larger margins.15:11
ecoopsthank you <diogenes_Vx15>18:03

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