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Fallenyoungbin: re UbuCon Asia on events.c.c, I think that makes a lot of sense. I've created an UbuCon category specifically. Do you just want an entry pointing to your setup, or would you want to use the full conference management capabilities?18:43
Fallenahoneybun: where did you update the link?18:53
ahoneybun[m]A few weeks ago once arraybolt3 told me about it.18:54
ahoneybun[m]It looks like the link is completely gone now and not even with my own link.18:55
aaronprisk[m]ahoneybun: I notified the lead from our IS team who is working on Ubuntu Planet about the NSFW link and he temporarily disabled the link while he is working on the backend. Once they finish the maintenance, the aggregator will display it correctly again.18:58
ahoneybun[m]Ah no worries, I'd rather it be dead then NSFW!18:59
FallenThanks for the update aaronprisk , glad this is being handled!19:11

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