vpa1977Hi, if someone has a bit of time would it be possible to take a look at jsurf-alggeo patch here https://code.launchpad.net/~vpa1977/ubuntu/+source/jsurf-alggeo/+git/jsurf-alggeo/+merge/439875 This package autopkgtest blocks openjdk from time to time and the patch solves race condition in the failing test. Thank you!!!!!!02:37
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ahasenacksergiodj: hi, you did openldap uploads in the past14:51
ahasenackI'm struggling with this exim4 tls error in dep814:51
ahasenackin this case, for kinetic14:51
ahasenackbut the history of that test is bad14:51
ahasenacklots of retries, most fail, but a migration-reference/0 passed in the first attempt14:51
ahasenackI have a ppc64el vm, and that test runs just fine there14:51
ahasenackhave you investigated this further at some point in the past, for your openldap srus, or just hammered the retry button?14:52
sergiodjahasenack: hey.  I haven't investigated this problem yet; I was just hammering the retry button, as you say.  this seems to be related to openssl3 and not openldap, though.14:55
ahasenackoh, I take it back, it fails with the updated libldap14:56
ahasenackjust on ppc64el14:56
sergiodjhm, really?14:58
sergiodjso it may be something related to openldap after all14:59
ahasenackyeah, but this is basically an openldap rebuild as far as exim4 is concerned14:59
ahasenackit's the gcc flag change for the sha2 module, which is not even loaded14:59
ahasenackI mean, slapd is not even installed (which is what has that module)15:00
ahasenackso it's something else15:00
sergiodjthis is strange.  this openssl error reminds me of those EOF problems we sometimes encounter15:02
sergiodjahasenack: can you give me access to the ppc64el machine?15:33
sergiodjI'd like to take a look at the problem15:33
sergiodjahasenack: I downgraded libldap to 2.5.14+dfsg-0ubuntu0.22.10.1 and could still reproduce the problem15:51
sergiodjahasenack: I found some interesting stuff.  I'll ping you when I get back from lunch16:46
ahasenacksergiodj: did you restart exim4 after that downgrade?16:49
ahasenackgnutls assert17:45
ahasenackunknown error code17:46
ahasenackhelpful as ever17:46
ahasenackoh my, what aberration is this: libgnutls-openssl27 :)17:48
ahasenack"This package contains the runtime library of the GnuTLS OpenSSL wrapper"17:48
tobheif you like the worst of both worlds17:49
ahasenackso with the previous gnutls, the test passes18:04
ahasenackgnutls had a security update18:04
ahasenackI wonder if the exim4 tests passed when that security update came out18:04
ahasenack...and now the test is passing18:17
* ahasenack scratches head18:17
vorlonahasenack: libgnutls-openssl27> omg is something actually using that? in the archive?18:40
vorlonwe should really kill it, it's incomplete and useless18:40
vorlonalso it's the only part of libgnutls that was licensed GPL instead of LGPL, out of spite18:40
vorlon(which is why nobody cared about making it good)18:40
ahasenackvorlon: yeah, in kinetic at least, where I'm troubleshooting something18:43
ahasenack$ dpkg -s libgnutls28-dev | grep Depends18:43
ahasenackDepends: libc6-dev | libc-dev, libgnutls-dane0 (= 3.7.7-2ubuntu2.1), libgnutls-openssl27 (= 3.7.7-2ubuntu2.1), libgnutls30 (= 3.7.7-2ubuntu2.1), libgnutlsxx30 (= 3.7.7-2ubuntu2.1), libidn2-dev, libp11-kit-dev (>= 0.23.10), libtasn1-6-dev, nettle-dev (>= 3.6)18:43
tobhejust wait until openssl sunsets 1.1 in september and everyone is forced to switch to gnutls-openssl ;)18:45
liushuyuHi there, I need some help with retrying the autopkgtests, the links follow:20:07
liushuyu-- end of links. Thank you!20:08
rbasakHow is podiff not packaged? https://man.gnu.org.ua/manpage/?1+podiff20:22
rbasakhttps://github.com/amandasaurus/podiff might be easier20:25
enr0nbdmurray: do these denylisted tests actually block migration? Or is this something the update-excuses page just doesn't know about? https://ubuntu-archive-team.ubuntu.com/proposed-migration/focal/update_excuses.html#systemd21:06
vorlonenr0n: they do block migration barring an SRU team override21:13
vorlon(this is a think I don't like about autopkgtest blacklist entries, they fall out of sync with the hints files)21:13
vorlonenr0n: I'd be more worried about the non-blacklisted kernel autopkgtest regressions listed, tho21:14
enr0nvorlon: thanks for the info. And yeah I'm trying to sift through the noise21:16

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