webchat27hello test01:29
webchat27why isnt ubuntu detecting my speakers can anyone help me please01:29
webchat2717why isnt ubuntu detecting my speakers can anyone help me please01:31
arraybolt3webchat2717: Please don't crosspost questions, you're already getting help in #ubuntu.01:34
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kfankI'm using 22.04 and the Ctrl-Shft-A in a terminal is only selecting the visible text, not the scrollback.  Is there a way to select everything?21:25
ecoops_kfank - i usually highlight everything with the mouse to do this..21:29
kfankecoops_: That's what I've been having to do, but I have a lot of lines in the scrollback to grab so it's time consuming.  The Ctrl-Shift-A used to work for me; probably a previous version.  I'm monitoring the log output from a remote system.  I clear the terminal before I do something on that system, so I'm only interested in capturing that portion of the log.  Piping it to a file and having to dig through that is not what I 21:39
kfankwant to do.21:39
kfankI guess this has been reported as Ubuntu bug #192227621:54
-ubottu:#xubuntu- Launchpad bug 1922276 in vte2.91 (Ubuntu) "Select All (Shift+Ctrl+A) followed by Copy (Shift+Ctrl+C) copies only visible part of terminal output" [Medium, Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/192227621:54
krytarikHah, the behavior described in comment #5 there is even more fun.. >_<22:00
xbzCome mai Firefox è lenta su xubuntu?22:55
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