apxseemaxHi there09:44
apxseemaxIs this the proper place to ask curtin questions or would I need to go somewhere else?09:45
meenaapxseemax: is there no curtin channel?09:49
meena(i know there's a large overlap between the developers, but i reckon not so much between the users)09:50
meenaand the devs are probably still asleep09:50
apxseemaxIDK let me check #curtin09:51
apxseemaxguess there is and off I am09:51
apxseemaxthx btw @meena10:01
aciba[m]apxseemax: I do not see an explicit #curtin irc channel but per the curtin's launchpad site, the driver is Canonical Server, so maybe the correct place is #ubuntu-server 10:03
apxseemax@aciba I will ask there as well, thx10:06
meenaplus,  #ubuntu-server has a slightly better timezone spread10:11
apxseemaxYes here I am to pester people from around the globe at 2am about absolutly userbound problems10:12

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