mmikowskiuser|76 what version of Kubuntu or Plasma are you using? I see previews in 22.04 LTS running experimental plasma 5.27, but I believe this also works in plasma 5.24.7 LTS.00:22
mmikowskiYou can check by looking System Settings > About This System00:23
mmikowskiMy guess is your system may be missing a configuration or plugin.00:23
mmikowskiPDFs preview fine here.00:24
mmikowskiIn Dolphin, See Menu > Configure > View Modes. Notice that icons must be a minimum size to show a preview.00:26
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Tweakhello. anyone know how to set up lattedock to have a different colored top panel than then bottom menu panel?00:51
user|76 i have 22.0401:35
user|76and the version of plasma is 5.24.701:37
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Tweakdoes anyone know how I could go about changing the name and logo inside the "about" program02:28
IrcsomeBot<Remindyourflow_Michael> I still run 20.04 LTS and want to upgrade to 22.04 LTS. I couldn't find instruction how to do? And may be I should do an image from my actual installation, before I start. Do you know a easy usable program to do this?06:10
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> What does sudo do-release-upgrade say?06:31
mmikowskihttps://kfocus.org/wf/reinstall <=  kubuntu focus, but probably a very good overview.06:31
mmikowskifor Remindyuorflow_Michael06:32
IrcsomeBot<Remindyourflow_Michael> Thanks a lot I check it later.06:37
IrcsomeBot<trevantee> Pls can someone tell me why Firefox uses so much ram?07:35
IrcsomeBot<trevantee> I don’t even use the snap one07:35
mparilloIt might be FF, but try loading a plain text web page that you build yourself. That way you can see if it is Graphics, JS, or FF.09:42
IrcsomeBot<Mahdi> Hi guys, im new to Kubuntu and ran into this! How can I solve it please?12:13
IrcsomeBot<Mahdi> E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock. It is held by process 2423 (packagekitd)12:16
IrcsomeBot<Mahdi> N: Be aware that removing the lock file is not a solution and may break your system.12:16
IrcsomeBot<Mahdi> E: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/12:16
IrcsomeBot<Mahdi> i run into this when i want to update my system through terminal12:16
mparilloThat may mean that Discover is holding the lock in the background.12:26
BluesKajHi all13:13
IrcsomeBot<Amagu4Dolla> Hey,16:14
IrcsomeBot<Amagu4Dolla> What is the group all about?16:14
diogenes_Vx15!topic | Amagu4Dolla16:15
ubottuAmagu4Dolla: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic16:15
LiftLeftI'm using kde with Ubuntu 20.04.5. How do I get the screen to be grayscale?16:41
LiftLeftKDE PLASMSA version 5.18.816:42
fusionfutureTelethere is a shader plugin but I can't find the link atm16:43
LiftLeftfusionfutureTele, https://store.kde.org/p/1263836 this?16:50
LiftLeftI can't get it to work16:50
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> /topic@IrcsomeBot16:54
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> /topic@IrcsomeBot16:54
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Guest3373kubuntu 22.04 ships with a buggy release of plasma-nm that wasn't fixed until 5.27. Can I disable plasma-nm from starting and just use a different applet for the tray? I don't want a conflict between two different network manager applets.18:42
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